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IGCSE Physical Education - 2.1. Health

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Rob Myatt

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of IGCSE Physical Education - 2.1. Health

British School of Valencia

IGCSE Physical Education

Unit 2.1. Health

Who are W.H.O. ???
We use the World Health Organisation's definiton of 'health' as it's the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system.
"A state of complete
Health and fitness.
Physical well-being.
Mental well-being.
Social well-being.
Can you be fit and unhealthy at the same time?
Able to cope with stress.
When do you/sportspeople feel stress?

Can control emotions.
When do you/sportspeople feel stress?

Feel good about yourself.

All body systems work well.
Which 4 systems have we already studied?
Free from injuries and illnesses.
What are the effects from some examples that you can think of?
Able to carry out everyday physical tasks.
Name a few examples.
Have essential human needs.
e.g. food, clothing, and shelter.
Have friendship and support.
Why are these important?
Have some value in society.
What would give a person 'value'?
Able to mix with others.
Humans are PACK ANIMALS!
The need...
for a healthy lifestyle.
to eat a balanced diet.
to take regular exercise.
to avoid drugs and pollution.
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