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Ticket Dispensing Machines at Movie Theaters

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Trine Duong

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Ticket Dispensing Machines at Movie Theaters

Ticket Dispensing Machines at Movie Theaters
What is the economic impact of this automation?
The economic impact of this automation is negative because of the price. The usual price of this automation can go up to $1000 and more, per machine. Also including the fees for installing them, it'll be very expensive. There are tons of these at the movie theaters as well! I'd say they should just increase the employees so I'll be more efficient and could save a lot for other purposes at the movies other than spending it on machines.
What is the environmental impact of this automation?
The environmental impact of this automation is very large because it requires a lot of electricity. Also some machines have battery but they don't last very long. It'll all end up in landfill because its not useful anymore, which causes more pollution and its toxic to the environment & humans. All you can do is replace a new one. Plus printed paper would be wasted as well since we all would just throw it away in the end.
How was this task accomplished before it was automated?
Back then, ticket dispensing machines at movies weren't invented. Customers would wait in line to obtain their ticket by an employe. When its the customers turn in line, they would tell the employe what movie they want to watch and how many tickets that are needed. The employe would then put the information into the computer and calculate the cost. After paying the price for their tickets, the customers would be given their tickets printed out from the computer.
How was this task accomplished with automation?
The way it was accomplished with automation was instead of waiting in line, the consumers could just go straight to the automation movie ticket dispenser and select the movie that is self service. After choosing a movie, you insert your credit card to pay your tickets. Then it would print out your ticket and it would give back your credit card.
What is the social impact of this automation?
The social impact of this automation is positive and negative. Its positive because it makes work a lot easier for the employees since the ticket dispenser is self service system that's touch screen. Plus the customers wouldn't have to wait in line. Its negative because employees could be slacking off. Everyone would be using the machine instead of the old fashion way. There would also be less contact between people.
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