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Smoothie Presentation

No description

Summer L

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Smoothie Presentation

Smoothie Presentation
Fruit and vegetable
Vitamin or protien
Weight gain or loss
Gender smoothies
Immune boosting
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A thick cold beverage made with fruit, vegetables, milk, juice, or yogurt mixed together
Smoothie DOs
Non-fat dairy
Frozen fruits and vegetables
Protein powder, whey, hemp, and brown rice proteins
Flax seeds or chia seeds
Berries for fiber
Fresh fruit
Use natural flavors
Use non-fat greek yogurt
Better Engine/ More horsepower, better made, higher quality material
Easier to Wash
Metal blades
More settings used to make different consistencies of liquid
Longer warranties (blendtec has a 7 year warranty)
More reliable, in which they last longer and can cut and chop more dense and hard chop ingredients
Easy to wash pitcher
Easy to disassemble and reassemble
Louder due to a more powerful engine
Harder to store under cabinets
not as colorful/all metal no fun involved
Only a few top of the line models
Blenders continued...
Cheap to buy and replace
Variety of models and colors
Good for people who don’t drink a lot of blended drinks
Easy to Store and find in stores
Quieter due to smaller engines
Less settings only used to make 1 0r 2 kinds of blended drinks
Warranties are short or nonexistent
Plastic blades
Less reliable
Harder to wash pitchers
hard to assemble
Takes longer to blend due to weaker engines

1930’s: West coast health foods stores sell them based on Brazilian recipes
1940’s: Blender cookbooks first used the name smoothie
1960’s: Smoothies became popular because of macrobiotic vegetarians and Hippies popularize the name
1970’s: First trademark fruit slush was called “California Smoothie” by the California Smoothie company in New Jersey. Simple smoothies made of fruit, fruit juice and ice
1980’s: First smoothie bars opened
1990’s: Companies started using frozen yogurt
Smoothie Don'ts
Don't use too much fruit
Don't use too much protein
Don't use too many ingredients, too maximize nutrition
Ice cream
Fruit juice
Flavored yogurt
Canned fruit
Soy protein
Brown sugar
Summer, Reilly, Wally, Jordan, Jakob
Group 1
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