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US response to Soviet Aggression

No description

Amber Ladd

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of US response to Soviet Aggression

What is the difference?
Before WWII
What is our fear of Communism?
What are satellite nations?
To Contain
What does it mean to contain?
Impact of Atomic Weapons
As a result of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Soviets developed atomic weapons of their own and we begin a race...the arms race... who can build the better weapons.
***Education in the US moves to Science and Math...technology to build better weapons and win the Arms Race and the ... Space Race.
The Soviets try to spread communism throughout Europe.
***The communist in Greece try to overthrow the leadership. Greece needs money to fight off the communist and turn to the US when Great Britain runs out.
***Turkey needs assistance when the Soviets try to take over a portion of their land.
Our response and Truman's answer???

Marshall Plan
Who is George Marshall? remember WWII
Berlin Airlift
With the success of the Marshall plan, the Soviets became very frustrated so they implemented a blockade of all the roads, canals, and railways into Western Berlin.
Now the US needed to focus more than money and financial aid to stop Communism and NATO was created
Early Cold War Policy
US response to Soviet Aggression
Satellite nations are countries that are a buffer zone for the Soviet Union between Eastern Europe and Western Europe that are pro-communist. Churchill called the Soviet Union the "Iron Curtain?
What is the policy of containment?
To stop the expansion of communism.
After WWII
What was the impact of Potsdam?
Truman Doctrine - Truman's policy to send financial aid to Greece and Turkey to keep communism and the Soviets out.
What is his plan?
Marshall's plan was to give money to European nations in the west to rebuild so they wouldn't fall to communism.
In response, the US developed the Berlin Airlift.
***They flew over Berlin and dropped food and supplies into Berlin for 10 months. They carried over 2 million tons of food and supplies. This was successful.
Because of the success of the Berlin Airlift the Soviets made Eastern Germany into the German Democratic Republic and keep it split for 40 years.
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
***NATO was developed in 1949 and 9 Western European nations joined Canada, the US, and Iceland in a military alliance. They pledged defend each other if attacked. Dwight Eisenhower would be the Supreme Commander and the US stationed itself in Europe giving lots of aid to its allies.
***In response, the Soviets developed the
Warsaw Pact - made up of Eastern European nations.
The Cold War has just begun but will last until the 1980s.
The next stop is China and Korea.
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