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Jacquez Milles

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Nike Outlet Location Production Competition Business Plan:
In our business, we sell all kinds of decorative socks, and sock related items. This is more of an athletic store, but it could take away all of our customers in th e athletic section. The Product Walmart is the leading seller in almost everything which means we're going to have a tough time competing against them! Sexy Socks Budget: $500.00/m
Loan: $250.00/m
Electricity: $120.00/m
Employees: $5200.00/m
Advertising joins the section of employees. Business form & type of business Advertisement We get all of our sock drinks from Coca-Cola. Their delivery trucks all around the country bring them to us, to give them to you. Products: We sell ...
~ Premium Dri-Fit socks $15.00- Sports, non sweat-inducing socks guarantee to prevent excessive sweating

~Regular $5.00- Ordinary woven wool socks in all sizes and styles

~Ultra soft $8.00- Plush Egyptian Cotton Socks in all sizes and styles
~Sock Gummies $1.00

~Sock Soda $8.00- A Coca-Cola brand soft drink of your choice served in one of our patented drinking socks (Drinking socks are manufactured by the Coca-Cola company and are machine washable, but not microwavable)

~Fire Proof Socks $85.00- Can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit Product & Services Resources Ross: A worthy opponent who is big on selling clothes. Benefits & Market Jacquez A. Milles
Emery S. Wooten The people wearing our product will feel cool and stylish.
Socks are totally in style now-a-days. You can wear socks all year around. We even out all of our prices to where if everything was bought once, or profit would be a total of $9.00 ! Management Our manager is a college graduate of atleast 5 years. He/she will have to have a clear background, and atleast 2 years of previous management experience. The manager works the cash register, customer, and finances. Our advertisement includes having a flipping sign man, and a mascot (which are our employees) who are getting paid minimum wage... They only skills they need are to be somewhat athletic, and to have a lot of energy! : Our location would preferably be close to many other competitive stores in an urban area, or where we could make the best profit by beating the competitors, and not wasting a lot of energy trying to figure out what their prices are. Our prices are not set-in-stone, because our pricing strategy is to drop our price whenever the leading competitor does. We do not bring the items to you, you come to us! Prices Our store will cost us a total of $6070.00 every month. We have 2 employees outside, one flipping a sign, and the other dancing in a sock costume. The manager works the cash register, while the other employee stocks the shelves and such. We have a total of 4 employees, costing us $5200.00 per month.
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