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Copy of How to write an informative essay

This prezi was done for speech and debate class.

Josh Reppenhagen

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of How to write an informative essay

Informative Essay It will be on the PSSA.
DO YOUR BEST! A 5 paragraph informative essay consists of an: Introduction informative essay informative essay informative essay informative The goal of an informative essay is to inform your audience on a topic. You CANNOT GIVE YOUR OPINION! First step to writing an informative essay on the PSSA:
How to write an informative essay Next, brainstorm what YOU KNOW about the topic.
Your only information will come from YOUR BRAIN - it's important to figure out what you know. essay info three body paragraphs and a conclusion Now that you have all of your information, you can create an outline. An outline is a shortened version of your future paper. In an outline, you are writing the main ideas of your paper. The outline helps you get the main idea of what your future paper is going to be like and it is going to help start you off. In the introduction, you will write your opening sentence (which will grab the attention of your audience). Then you will state your (three) supporting details. Each of these "supporting details" will be mentioned again in the body paragraphs. Now that you have finished with your introduction, you can move on to your body paragraphs. Your first body paragraph will further explain the first supporting detail you stated. This is the same for your following (two) body paragraphs. Since this is your outline and not your final and completed essay, you do not have to write a full paragraph. Just write the main things you are going to be expressing in your essay. Finally, you can finish off with your conclusion.
A conclusion is the last paragraph in your essay. When you write it you are wrapping up everything you said in your essay. It is like your introduction in other words. Make sure that it is not long and that it does not include any extra information not stated in the paragraphs before. After you are done with your conclusion, you are done with your outline! Now that you are done with your outline, you can write your essay! All you have to do is re-write your outline or draft, adding a few more sentences that supports your paragraph, and YOU ARE FINISHED! Here is a guide to writing an informative essay. How to write you will do great just try your best! :) You WILL do awesome on the PSSA! an IDENTIFY the TOPIC. BRAINSTORM! *You could also make a web, chart, or draft. Protip: TAG Turn the prompt into your opening statement.

Answer the prompt.

Give supporting details & conclusion.
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