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Seminar Project 2013

Emily Lowery

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Bioenergy

BIOENERGY: Useful, renewable energy produced from organic matter. The conversion of the complex carbohydrates in organic matter to energy (organic matter available on a reusable scale) Some scientists estimate we'll run out of fossil fuels in as soon as 40-50 years at the rate we consume them today, so what will we do when the earth is barren of our leading energy source? (Taylor, Fossil Fuels) Bioenergy... How Bioenergy works: Biomass Fuels. (2001). In R. Robinson (Ed.), Plant Sciences. New York: Macmillan Reference USA. Retrieved from http://ic.galegroup.com:80/ic/scic/ReferenceDetailsPage/ReferenceDetailsWindow?displayGroupName=Reference&disableHighlighting=true&search_within_results=&action=2&catId=GALE%7C00000000MWDI&documentId=GALE%7CCV2643350027&userGroupName=fl_sarhs&jsid=da2c125bda15346c885b664f7b6231a1

Biomass. (2011). In Environmental Encyclopedia. Gale. Retrieved from http://ic.galegroup.com:80/ic/scic/ReferenceDetailsPage/ReferenceDetailsWindow?displayGroupName=Reference&disableHighlighting=true&zid=&search_within_results=&prodId=SCIC&action=2&catId=&documentId=GALE%7CCV2644150172&userGroupName=fl_sarhs&jsid=69ce0725e1256b83659d143d22b5c1f8

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http://www.altfuelsgroup.org/sandecaplin/about_us.html Bibliography: http://www.fanpop.com/ http://www.greenpassport.us/pollution-chronic-malady.html How can we rotate bioenergy into our everyday lives? Currently, Biomass Power plants are being planned and built in Gainsville, FL, with more research and support we can increase the amount of power plants worldwide We can use used cooking oil from restaurants and make biodiesel through specialized programs
http://www.altfuelsgroup.org/sandecaplin/about_us.html http://www.amrenewables.com/biomass-energy/ Fossil fuels vs. Bioenergy www/ducksters.com www.freereporter.info Coal
(Taylor, Fossil Fuels) Bioenergy Biomass:
organic matter used as fuel Biofuel:
fuel derived from organic matter http://nugget.tripod.com/fossil_fuels.html COAL netrightdaily.com Oil csmonitor.com grist.org http://www.bluffton.edu/courses/TLC/MontelA/Montel/Alternative_Energy_Website/final.gif GENERATION COST Biomass energy cost per kilowatt hour (kwh) is about 5 to 10 cents, which is $1500- $1800 per kilowatt peak (kwp) or the highest possible output.
Cost of electricity also depends on the type of biofuel used, methods used to generate energy, and size and system design of the power plant (Karthik, 2010) BIOFUEL COST Estimated costs for producing ethanol is about $1.10-$1.43 per gallon
Gasohol; ethanol mixed with gasoline (10% ethanol, 90% gasoline) is another type of biodiesel (Karthik, 2010)
Other types of Biofuel include waste vegetable oil at $0.50 per gallon, Methanol at $1.00 per gallon (Biodiesel Energy Revolution, 2010)
Biodiesel made from soy beans costs about $1.50-$1.80 per gallon, petroleum diesel averages at $2.10 per gallon while the average price of diesel is about $3.97 per gallon, which is almost twice as much as some biodiesel Don't be a fool, use biofuel!
Don't be a mess, use biomass!
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