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People To People

No description

Joelle McIntosh

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of People To People

People To People
Business and Entrepreneurship Summit

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Something you feel
Something you have the
to see through
Something you have the
to fight for

is your

Create something NEW
Improve something OLD
Buy into a Franchise
Create a Non-Profit Organization
Spearhead a Social Enterprise
So what does it take?
So are
ready to do this?

Of course you

You were
for this!
Your idea has options?
Answering the following questions will help you determine your target market.

1. Who do you SEE using your service or purchasing your product?
2. Gender?
3. Age?
4. Activities/Hobbies?
Other preferences you think would apply to YOUR ideal customer?
Using the information about your target market to create the desire within customers to purchase your good or services. .
The Marketing Plan
Main Street
Wall Street
Think about the following questions?
1. Is it something that people will need?
2. Is it something that people will want?
3. Is is something that people will purchase to use personally?
4. Is is something that people will consume?
5. Is it something that businesses will use?
6. Is it something that will improve the quality of a person's life?
Your product or service should solve a problem! Whether real or perceived!
The Business Plan
Requires thinking, research and planning
Serves as a guide to opening and operating a business
Communicates your seriousness to banks and potential investors
Writing it is time consuming
Writing it requires a great amount of guess work
Writing it highlights many opportunities AND many challenges.
1. Explain Entrepreneurship
2. Inspire a Entrepreneurial idea that is fueled by your passions
3. Guide you through planning and writing a business plan outling
Presenter: Joelle MW McIntosh, MBA
So who would be interested in your business?
“people don't know what they want until you show it to them.”

― Steve Jobs
Marketing Strategy includes:
1. Price strategy (How much will the customer pay?)
2. Distribution & Sales Channels (How will the customer take delivery of the product or service?)
3. Advertising & Promotion (How will the customer know that your AWESOME product or service is available?)

is defined by Mariam Webster's dictionary as the effort of two or more parties acting independently to secure the business of a third party by offering the most favorable terms.
The Operating Plan
The Operating plan should serve as a road map providing information on how the business should run daily, monthly, and annually.

In the beginning, it may be nothing more than a checklist, however as the business evolves, the plan will also.

The operating plan is a living document!
Items that should be covered in the Operating Plan are:
1. Management Team (Whose in charge of....)
2. How will the product be manufactured?
How will the serviced be delivered to target market?
3. How will the business be evaluated for quality service?
4. Goals with a timetable
The Financial Plan
The Financial Plan involves understanding all the cost involved in marketing and operating the business.
The plan should include information on the following:
1. Start-up cost
2. Three to five year estimated income and expense statement
3. Break even analysis
4. Pricing strategy for a product or service
An ELEVATOR PITCH is a compelling story that gives the customer the why of the business with key details in less than 2 minutes
An important component of your business plan is understanding who your competitors are and what are their strengths and weaknesses.
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