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this presentation is created by kizza

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Howard Battersby

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of this presentation is created by kizza

future phones
my topic is about phones and how they will be advanced in the future
what makes a future phone speacial
Smart Future Phones

pictures of phones
phones have changed our life's before we couldn't call our friends and either had to walk to there house or send letter and is your sick you cant call the school or your boos while at the shops
This presentation is created by kizza
these are just some of the maybe future phones that will we get later on
the future phones will be helpful because it could be used for more stuff than just calls and games and other things and they will come with more than

in 1973 a man called martin cooper in April 3rd
what phones used to look like
how phones have devolped our life
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