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Photo Essay 1920's

By Frankie Imparo

Frankie Imparo

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Photo Essay 1920's

My Photo Essay!
By Frankie Imparo 1920
Swastika: Adopted by Hitler as symbol of the Nazi Party.
The Swastika was Adopted by Hitler and the Nazi Part in the 1920's. He used this symbol so people would recognize his group of people from others. Hitler made this symbol make people think of Nazism. 1921
Inkblot Test: Developed by Hermann Rorscharch In the 1920's Rorshach wrote a book about this Inkblot testing on patients. Rorshach did choose ten inkblots to use with patients but unfortunately passesd away. Rorshach thought this was a way to study what patients see in the inkblot and interpet that into what they are really feeling. 1922
Mummy case of Tutankhamun: Discovered by Howard Carter When Howard Carter discovered this tomb in 1922 the whole world was abuzz with the discovery. This sparked a whole new interest in Ancient Egypt. That discovery still effects this world today. People are constantly looking for more. 1923
Marie Curie, Discovering Radium Marie Curie's discovery of radium in 1923 was incredible. This discovery led to a breakthrough in major scientific findings. This finding led to major technical development that is affecting my life today. 1924
Hollywood Sign: Hollywoodland Real Estate In 1924 they started building a place called hollywoodland. This was going to be the first themed neighborhood and was going to be great. It was originally for rich people from the east. These people could select what kind of house they wanted and it would be ready for them next season. 1925
Screaming Nurse: From the movie, Battleship Potemkin In 1925 a movie by the name of Battleship Potemkin was made. This movie showed the tragedy that happened when in 1905 when the crew of the Russian battleship Potemkin rebelled against their officers of the Tsarist regime. 1926
Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees In 1926 Babe Ruth's carreer really started to take off. He had 47 Home runs. He really sparked an interest in baseball with everybody. He has affected the way baseball is and will be. 1927
Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis in Paris In 1927 Charles Lindbergh flew the very first international flight in his plane Spirit of St. Louis. He arrived in Paris to a crowd of people cheering him on. This was significant because no one has ever crossed an ocean on a plane by themselves before. 1928
Chrysler Building under construction by Lewis W. Hine Construction on this building started in 1928. An astonishing 3,826,000 bricks were manually laid. They were trying to have the tallest building in the world. There was a race to prove to each other who could construct better. Suprisingly nobody died while building this building. 1929
Al Capone Al Capone was an american mobster in 1920's. In 1929 though Al Capone commited one of the worst acts in his life. This was called the St. Valentines Day massacre. Capone was trying to get rid of some enemies but everyone else was not happy.
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