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An Insight Into Zomato's Marketing Strategy

No description

Raghav Sarda

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of An Insight Into Zomato's Marketing Strategy

Zomato is an online restaurant discovery guide providing information on home delivery, dining-out, cafés and nightlife in cities of India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Chile, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.
The Journey So Far.....
Marketing Turnaround
Overall Strategy
The Future of Zomato
Zomato plans to expand to the International Market and give the investors and the company a clean and profitable exit route. . The international is very different from th Indian market and has more competitors in the same field such as, in the UK - Zagat & Just-Eat, in the Us Yelp (80% market share).
Marketing Turnaround
Overall Strategy
The key to Zomato's Success has been its Marketing Strategies and Competitor Knowlege. Zomato aims to be the place where Foodie’s hangout. In fact, it had rechristened itself as a Food Network last year.

ZOMATO has a deep presence in the
Social Media, i
t is leveraging 3 primary platforms to power its own Food Network: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest which have been crucial element for their success. They have been consistent about the underlying principles with their approach to social media.

The Focus has always been around food & nightlife and they extended that to social media as well. The posts are related to food & nightlife, product launches, and updates on ZOMATO. They do not advertise the clients through Twitter or Facebook. They are much relevant to recent happenings. Zomato has alway
Stuck To It's Domain

An Insight Into Zomato's Marketing Strategy
Food Network
It is one of the most talked about ‘Food Discovery Platforms’, Zomato has ensured that it creates a passionate community around itself. It’s not uncommon to find a Zomato fan on Twitter or Facebook these days.

Zomato, a Start-Up launched in 2008 in country like India which has the most disconcerning consmer behaviour, and has now achieved the status of the 25 top most used networks of the country.Although, this journey has not been without struggle. Initially, when Zomato was called ' Foodiebay.com ' it did not see much success but after rebranding, Zomato has seen exponential growth.

The turnaround strategy owes a share of its success to the advent of smart mobile telephony and the internet in India. The upper and middle class people who were increasingly gravitating towards comfort and convenience increasingly adopted technology. With right time to market, one such idea of getting convenient access to details of all nearby places to eat without having to collect huge stacks of menu cards, gave birth to this business model. The lateral thinking put in the model was innovative and way different from way of operating of traditional companies.
ZOMATO does not believe in spamming the timeline, which is why you will see that they limit their updates to when necessary. Posts are limited to 5-7 per week. They believe and implement their policy that

ZOMATO enjoys having fun conversations with their users on social media network and it always interacted like friends and this worked best for them.
Keeping User's Engaged

Zomato's development team react to the needs of the customer as soon as possible. The increasing number of users are no less than an asset to Zomato. Users encourage, criticize, suggest ways to improve products, ask for help to find the best places to eat around them and ZOMATO always made it a point to listen and respond to what they have to say as quickly as possible. This struck a chord with them. Zomato has been a
Customer - Focused Organization

Zomato has invested heavily in
SEO's, SMO's
and has always make the concious decision of improving its UI and also moving towards a more Social Food Platform. Zomato has also recently started investing more on
TV ads
to create buzz about Zomato as they plan to move to a international platform.
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Platform Wise Strategy
Though Zomato has a strong Facebook community, it can be seen from the stats below that it is seriously lacking in engagement.

Platform Wise Strategy
The page doesn’t have regular updates going out. Only a handful go out each month. But whatever content they share, they do a stellar job at it. These content pieces get amazing traction and response from the community. Which is why it surprises me when I don’t see a lot many of such awesome content being shared.
Twitter is primarily being used as a conversation platform and the brand is doing an excellent job at engaging in conversation with the people.

They are keeping a close tab on all the mentions of Zomato and are responding to each and every one of them. Even people are tweeting questions to them asking for restaurant suggestions.
A visual treat and a foodie’s true delight, the content shared on their Pinterest channel is simply amazing! Though the account doesn’t boast of a huge follower count, the content is simply amazing.
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