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Fashion Media Laboratory- Ideas development

No description

Melanie Dagher

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Fashion Media Laboratory- Ideas development

you Fashion Media Laboratory- Dressed to Kill Juan- editor The main goal at the beginning of the project for me was to grasp the essence of each ensemble as arranged by Larissa. A talented stylist in her own right, Larissa brought together a myriad of garments that inspired me to push my verbiage into the horizon! The whole process was quite enjoyable. Working with a team of strong, talented women who created a magnificent aesthetic and workability was the quintessential mixture for group project success.
As the editor I:
- Created the headlines, introductions, about and verbiage for the whole website
- Adding key descriptive elements to the situations
- Described the featured products in a stylish, fun manner
- I brainstormed new, and relevant situations for the reading public to enjoy. A- art director As an art director at first I design the layout and corporate identity for the website. I design the logo and also art direction for dress to kill is fun quirky creative so we decide to use the fashion illustrator as a key visual for feature content. The layout we want to keep in clean and simple because we want to focus on the content and picture. The fashion looks we use collage style as a medium to represent mix and match style.
As the art director:
-create layout, logo, corporate identity, theme, font
-put all image and text in website
-brainstormed the website structure that easy to understand for user Larissa- Content creator What to wear to a funeral ?
What to wear for a job interview in a fashion magazine? What to wear for being photographed by The Satorialist during fashion week? What to wear on a sunday
rainy afternoon? What to wear when you know you're gonna see your ex? What to wear to Coachella? Melanie- Developer As a developer, i followed the whole process from scratch. After having a common decision about the project idea, i managed to run through everyhting. We created the content and layout together and then i made sure that it was still related to our first idea. I went through the technical parts and learnt how to use the softwares.

- set the content with the editor
- did the illustrations
- choosing layout, typographies, and images
- followed the user developer's
-went through the wordpress experience by having some tutorials
- helped with the collage
- gathered all the infos and managed to spread them on the interface. Visual inspirations : Funny typography, maybe illustrations. Outfit collages, moodboards and pictures of the situation. Dressed to Kill
Dressed to Kill is an online platform that Yanwen Zhu, Mélanie Dagher, Worakan Wongprecha, Juan Fonseca and Larissa Nicolato Defilippo are creating. The website is to help you figure out what to wear in life's endless streams of ubiquitous situations. Wether you're fretting on what to wear for a funeral, or debating wether you should wear rubber boots or pumps for your first butter churning class we have got you covered. Both men and women can use us as a resource for the sporadic style dilemmas life brings hoists upon our day to day lives. All of it will be presented in a funny way, by light, illustration and animation. Goals
-Promote fashion and make people laugh.- innovative way to communicate fashion brands and styles through a funny mood, and presented it less serious than all the fashion blogs that already exists? The primary message is to be creative and funny. -exagerated situations that maybe won’t actually never happen to the consummer; but it's making the business and buying part more fun.-The whole concept is a new idea from scratch. We are designing a visual identity that gathers some texts about each situations, a lots of collage and illustrations and a simple layout (mostly black and white) that correspond to a light and humoristic mood. The consummer can also interact by sending his/her own stories. ● The target would be teenagers from 30, as the website is proposing men and women outfits it will go for both. People can visit this website for fashion purpose, but also for illustrations and for good time. All the content is treated with humour, the stories are funny to read, people can just visit the website to have fun, to follow a celebrity as we feature some fashion tips given from them, but to also get some advices on what to wear in a specific situations. Our stylists still treat the fashion part seriously, with real trends and brands from all kind of price range. So that is why, luxury lovers can find what they are looking for, as much as a student with low budget. It’s all about the mix and match. Target My project was the comic version of standard magazine editorial section "what to wear". In a website/ blog format we publish our work at Wordpress platform. We named our project of " dressed o kill..." and we present different situations including news present in our everyday media.
With the role of content creator/ developer ? I worked alongside the editor Juan to present looks that could work well in those situations. The main idea of the website is to don't take fashion to serious and just have some fun time while checking some new products of the season. So for every situation that we proposed I put together 3 looks for a girl and 3 for a boy.
Because I've been working as a stylist I managed to get clothes from different PR's labels and put two days shoots together. I casted peers from the course to be my models and did the styling and photography. I don't have any digital background so working with the editing of those images on adobe photoshop software was a real challenge. As the intention was to manipulate the images in a fun way and since I am not able to draw I opted for playing around with "collage". So I cut the images and past them in a background of collage to achieve a bit non sense, almost tack look. Wendy- user developer As a user experiencer, I figured out the target market and test the acceptance through doing survey. Also, I was working with Mel and A to support them to define the best layout and art design to make our website be user friendly and more acceptable. In addition, I also supported them on some aspect such as logo design, our figure out some technical issues of the website. Overall, my role is to support the website to be more reasonable and acceptable for the target consumer.
So: As a user experiencer, I
Figure out the target market , doing survey to test the acceptance
Support producer and art director, to judge the web design in the functional, aesthetic level in the perspective of users.
Support on some technical issues. The Team
Juan - Editor
Melanie- Developer
A- Art Director
Wendy - User developer
Larissa- Content creator
Technology used : Wordpress
Theme : Triton
Interactivity : gifs, simple navigation that is concentrated on the home page
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