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Biomimetics Presentation

No description

Irina Dubrovina

on 27 July 2010

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Transcript of Biomimetics Presentation

Cacti-Pump Cacti-Pump Inspiration Cacti-Pump has a very similar function to a cactus. A cactus has long roots which are able to grow their roots deep into the ground in search of water. The Cacti-Pump also has roots which shot into the ground in search of water.

When water is finally found the roots pump the water up to the cactus where the water is stored. This is excactly what a cactus does when water is found.

The Cacti-Pump water chamber is covered with a special material which covers the cactus to keep the water inside the Pump from evaporating. Cacti-Pump is an special pump which will inable you to gain water from beneath the earth.
It is very useful if you are traveling on dry land, and unable to reach water yourself. The Cacti-Pump has long 'roots' which are able to dig deep into the ground and gain water.
When water is gained the roots shoot back to the Pump and the water is stored inside the
Cacti-Pump water chamber. What It Does At the top of the Cacti-Pump there are three glass widows
that alow you to see if the water chamber is full or not. There is also a Solar Energy system instaled on the Pump.
To operate it all you have to do is unfold the panels and press
the button 'Energy Boost'. There are six buttons on the Pump which enable you to turn the
Pump on and off, send the roots off insearch of water and bring
them back, turn the Solar Panels on and pump the water out of
the water chamber.
At the bottom of the Cacti-Pump there are three holes which send the roots out of the Pump and into the ground for the search of water. Cacti-Pump Description
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