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Electron Configurations

No description

Khaled Awad

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Electron Configurations

electron configuration
Place electrons into the orbitals in order of increasing energy level.
only two electrons of opposite spin could occupy an orbital
Pauli exclusion principle
Electrons (arrows) are placed into the orbitals (circles) by filling the lowest energy orbitals first. An energy sublevel must be filled before moving onto the next higher subleve
aufbau principle
Hund’s rule
Learning Check
Learning Check
provide information about the first two quantum numbers, n and l
If you have several orbitals at the same energy (e.g., p,d, or f orbitals),one electron is placed into each of the orbitals before a second electron is added. In other words, spread out the electrons as much as possible horizontally before doubling up any pair of electrons.
Hund's Rule
Energy-Level Diagrams for Anions
add the extra electrons corresponding to the ion charge to the total number of electrons before proceeding to distribute the electrons into orbitals
Learning Check
Draw the energy-level diagram for the sulfide ion.
Creating Energy-Level Diagrams for Cations
You must draw the energy-level diagram for the corresponding neutral atom first, and then remove the number of electrons (corresponding to the ion charge) from the orbitals with the highest principal quantum number, n.
Learning Check
Draw the energy-level diagram for the zinc ion.
Explaining Ion Charges
Learning Check

what is the e- configuration of Silver Ag
Kr 4d10 5s1
Kr 4d10 5s1
Learning Check
what is Electron Config of the ion Mn2+
Chromium at Ground State: [Ar] 4s13d5
Copper at Ground State: [Ar] 4s 3d
Cu2+: [Ar] 4s 3d
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