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The Business of Travel and Tourism

No description

Tina Tanner

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of The Business of Travel and Tourism

You have one minute to write down as many examples of Travel and Tourism Businesses as possible.

BA -Business Aims
Be the airline of choice
for longhaul premium
In pairs, take one of BA business aims and think of ways and methods that could be used to fulfill theses aims.
We will share our ideas at the end...
The Business of Travel and Tourism
Understand how travel and tourism organisations gain competitive advantage to achieve business aims.
What is a business aim?
Take a minute to consider what a business aim is?
Then on the post it note write down a sentence or couple of words to represent your ideas and stick it on the board.
We will discuss these as a class...
Define a business aim.
Identify key business aims within British Airways and review/discuss the methods used to gain competitive advantage.
Deliver an outstanding
service for customers at
every touch point…
Grow our presence
in key global cities…
Build on our leading
position in London…
Meet our customers’ needs and
improve margins through new
revenue streams…
What methods could be used to fulfill these aims?
Peer Review -Question Time

Functional Skills
To take part and contribute in class discussions.
Give own point of view and listen and respond to other learners point of view.
You will now need to think of a question relating to today's lesson and ask a peer.
Once you've answered your question, you will then need to nominate and ask peer...
What is competitive advantage?
Now that we have looked at business aims and methods used to achieve the aim, what is
competitive advantage
In groups of
you will be given an airline that flies long haul.
You will then need to decide
your airline has a
competitive advantage
over the others.
We will share our ideas at the end.
Key Methods
Providing added value
New & innovative products
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Excellent customer service
Training and development
Targeted advertising & promotion
innovative pricing policies
Sales techniques
Round Robin
Around the room are various
You have to decide what each method
and how it will help
competitive advantage
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