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Gabby Douglas: A Life Story


anyla fulton

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Gabby Douglas: A Life Story

Gabby Douglas:
A Life Story By:Anyla F., Kayla S.,Katrina H. Early Life (part 1) Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas also known as flying squirrel was born on December 31, 1995. This
young achiever started gymnastics at age 8. Growing up she always had the support and help of her family, coaches and her host family in Iowa. Early Life
(part 2) In 2012 Gabby moved to Iowa to live with her host family and pursue her dream in training for gymnastics and becoming a future Olympian. When she made it to the olympics she was the first african american to win an olympic gold medal in an all around individual event. Achievements Gabby Douglas had a lot of achievements. For example, in 2010 at the Japan championships she won her fifth gold medal at the age of 14. Another achievement that she had was when she was apart of the team that won a gold medal in Tokyo Japan. She also had some failures like when she did the individual uneven bars and bean events and she failed when coming in seventh and eighth place. Fun Facts Resources
Timeline (part 1)
Timeline (Part 2) Vocabulary Conclusion THE
END Thanks for watching our wonderful prezi about Gabby Douglas. We hope you learned a lot about her achievements, early life, and her life back at home and in Iowa.
The Creators,
Katrina Are resources were www.biography.com/people/gabby-douglas-20900057?page=2 Book Grace,gold,and glory
Gabby Douglas Website Book Numerology for
Gabby Douglas search engine google images gabby douglas childhood gabby douglas December 31 1995:Born
April 2 2002: Training
June 17 2003: Championships
September 23 2005: Deployment overseas
November 9 2007: Meets liang chow March 3 2010: Moving
May 18 2011: U.s. gymnastics team
July 29 2012:London olympic games Gymnastics-Exercises developing or displaying physical agility and coordination

Resources- A source of supply or support.

Biography- A usually written history of a persons

Numerology-the study of the occult significance of numbers

Deployment-The act of deploying. * Gabby was the first ever African American to win GOLD.
* This isn’t the first time Gabby struck gold. When she was 8, Douglas won an all-around gymnastics award at the 2004 Virginia State Championship.
*She’s from Virginia Beach, Virginia, also the home of rapper Pharrell Williams.
*She was born on New Year’s Eve in 1995.
*In a recent interview, Gabrielle said that she trains six days a week for three hours per day.
*She mastered her first handspring at the age 3 QUOTE "Hard days are the best because thats when champions are made.If you push through the hard days, you can get through anything.
~Gabby Douglas
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