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Funding Technology Through Community Resources

This Prezi will walk teachers and administrators through the different ways to raise funds for technology to placed in our schools.

Brett Darling

on 28 January 2011

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Transcript of Funding Technology Through Community Resources

Funding for Technology There are plenty of places in each community that want to help the local schools. The
problem that most businesses and community leaders have is that they do not know how to
help or what is needed. Lets find some of those individuals who want to help! There is a huge need for technology in so many
schools that they must seek outside help to obtain
it. But where do schools go to obtain these needed
funds? Who do they ask? What do they do? Funding options in the community Local businesses Car dealerships can raffle used cars to be used to
provide funds for new
technology. Local resteraunts can provide
food to used to help schools
raise awareness to their needs. Clothing stores can donate
returned items to the school
to be sold at school garage
sales. Community Leaders Community Leaders can match
money earned by students
dollar for dollar to put towards
new technology. Community leaders can
also team up with the
schools technology unit
and help map a course
to raise money through
his or her contacts Who are the Community Leaders
and Businesses that can Help us? They are Jim Cliick He has donated cars
and helped raise money
for the poorest schools
in Tucson, AZ. Has donated food and provided They are Blimpie's Subs They have donated food for fundraising functions
They have provided coupons that can be used to
raise money. They are Jon Volpe He has provided countless funds
to help technoogy and sports
programs in our district, which
is his old district. These are the people and business
that want to help us. These are the people and business who will benfit
from helping us. All they need is a plan to be provided to them. All they need is to
see the need!
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