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Famine and Disease in Africa

No description

Barbara Castro

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Famine and Disease in Africa

Food Scarcity
Conflicts In East Africa have worsened the situation
Refugee camps are in poor conditions
inadequate health care
Roads in bad conditions
NGO's have been prevented from doing their job

Solution #2: Direct Investment

North Africa can be used to highlight the severity of drought in Africa.
Happens due to Insufficient rainfall and dams drying up (low water reserves)
Water Scarcity leads to Food Scarcity - cyclical problem
Solution: Desalination, Harvesting Rain Water, Trading Water
Famine and Disease in Africa
Disease - AIDS
HIV/Aids is a major public health concern, primarily in Southern regions
It is spread through
forms: Sexual Contact, Exposure to infected areas and fluids, and through Vertical Transmission (pregnancy)
Exacerbated by conflict
Family Planning
World Health Organization and other NGOs, establishing sexual health and family planning programs
Awareness Campaigns
Policy Recommendation: 3 Pronged Strategy

Direct Investment

Family Planning
Solution #1 Peacebuilding
Conflict-Poverty Trap
Climate Change
Water Scarcity
Food Scarcity
Vicious Cycle
Food shortages fuel conflict
Resource Conflict
Conflict Recurrence
Sierra Leone Civil War 1991-2002
Ethnic Conflict
Pre-Conflict Peace Building force: UN and African Union personnel
Sierra Leone as a template
Need for strong security apparatus
Rule of Law
Water Infrastructure
Agriculture Technology
Natural Resources
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