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The Importance of Youth Insight

Sport and Physical Activity designed for the customer

Julia Robathan

on 26 April 2018

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Transcript of The Importance of Youth Insight

Introduce the concept of 'Youth Insight' and the reasons for its consideration

Explore the emergence of youth boards and councils and look at some sport specific examples

Draw upon literature from alternative sectors to understand the benefits and drawbacks of youth insight

Understand Sport England's advice on 'Youth Personas'

Use Sport England's Youth Insight pack to support a sports related funding application for the target group ages 11-25.
Learning Objectives
What are the benefits and drawbacks?
Sport England Youth Insights
The birth of youth insight companies
It has become 'fashionable' for bodies to create avenues for young people to have an involvement in the decision making process
The reasons behind this are aimed at increasing the involvement and therefore benefit for our next generation who are increasingly marginalized
'Youth Insight' is a concept which targets young people to foster their thoughts, perceptions and opinions in order to better inform direction and decision making.
Youth Insight companies have evolved to advise bodies on how best to engage with young people
The Importance of Youth Insight
Sport England have identified 6 'youth personas'
Sport England's Youth Personas
Talk to us, not about us.........
Camino, L & Zeldin, S (2002) From Periphery to Center: Pathways for Youth Civic Engagement in
the Day-To-Day Life of Communities.
Applied Developmental Science
, 6, (4) pp:213–220

Collins, M, Augsberger, A & Gecker, W (2016) Youth Councils in municipal government: examination of activities, impact and barriers.
Children and Youth services review
, 65, pp: 140-147.

Fenton, G (2014) Involving a young person in the development of a digital resource in nurse education.
Nurse Education in Practice
14, pp: 49-54.

Sport England (2014) The challenge of growing youth participation in sport: youth insights pack. Sport England: London.

Sport England (2016) Youth Persona's: Under the skin. Sport England: London.
What are the key messages with these sport specific examples?
Key considerations

Companies can be criticised for engaging with young people in order 'tick a box'
They may wish to make their objectives look current and foreword thinking or to receive more funding/resource
Young people see YC involvement as a means to make contacts or add to their CVs rather than purely wanting to effect change
Young peoples involvement and input can and is heavily directed by those who oversee them
Their influence can be escalated or withdrawn without consequence or reason
Youth input can come in the form of:

youth councils
youth forums
youth participatory research

Collins et al (2016)
highlight participant experience (service user)
good ideas! effective contribution
Opens funding doors
feelings of empowerment, competence and connection for the young people
Career development and employment ready skills
Increase the want for engagement in community service
foster more efficient and effective policy

Collins et al (2016)
The UK government has demonstrated a commitment to service user involvement with the creation of independent consumer champion. This ensures the voices of consumers are heard and acknowledgment as part of commissioning services.

Fenton (2014)
This is an emerging area that is not going away and very topical within physical activity development.
The pack is a resource for professionals that has been created in order to understand young people and how we might engage with them
It explains how the pack was compiled through direct engagement and listening to young people themselves
It contains some challenges to consider, young peoples context and identity
It gives us a nod towards what occupies their time
Including an indication of gender differences
Be familiar with the SE documents
In a small group take a project scenario or your own idea
Choose which youth persona(s) could be targeted and detail specifically WHY and HOW (using 'under the skin')
Detail 3-5 points from the SE youth insight pack that would support the understanding of your project
Evidence the demand/need for this project USING your key points in a small paragraph
Share back
(Sport England, 2014)
a few examples of innovation........
What is your understanding or prior knowledge of Youth Insight?
Open Day Task
Create an idea for an activity day that encourages physical activity or sport
This idea needs to be created for YOUR target group (youth persona)
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