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Forever Healthy

No description


on 4 December 2010

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Transcript of Forever Healthy

Service Concept Opportunity “What can we do to help the medical tourist decide Singapore is the right place for him or her and what perks can we give them for choosing Singapore?” Service Package Tradeoff IDEAS Kept IDEAS Dropped Service Outcome Service System Design “It was so easy for me to determine that Singapore was the right medical destination for me and I loved the perks of being a medical tourist in Singapore!” One-stop online portal

Discussion Forum

Health Dollars rewards system

Cheap accommodation tie-up with HDB

Cheap accommodation tie-up with local hotels/ hostels

After care management services

Online Medical Tour Budget Planner

Orientation service

Food catering

Discounted tours

Admission tickets to local festivals and events

Medical tourism expo

Medical tour seminar

Medical Tourist Association of Singapore

Personal concierge services

Buddy service Provide information on hospital profile / doctor profile / treatment provided.

Tie up with hotel and hostels to get discounted rates for the customers.

Partner with HDB to get short term lease for cheaper / no-frills accommodations.

Provide online medical tourism budget planner (airline, hotel, hospital).

Provide forum for feedback and review for potential medical tourists.

Health Dollars rewards for medical tourists

Provide interpretation service.

Provide personnel for after care services. Service
Idea Emotional
Benefit Service Attribute Informed,
peace of mind

Value for money

Value for money





Comfort Detailed information on the available hospitals, doctors and treatment procedures.

Lower costs for hotels and hostels.

Cheaper accommodation at the heartlands.

A online planner to help plan the trip.

A forum for customers to voice their feedbacks.

Health Dollars reward system when they take up membership and participate in forums and redeem e.g. health supplements for redemption delivered to their doorstep.

A personal interpreter.

Professional staff to take care of the patient after the surgery Product Backlog Prototype Demo Lessons Learnt FOREVER HEALTHY Value Proposition “We provide our customers a one-stop online portal which presents them with all the information they need to seek a holistic, affordable and enjoyable medical vacation in Singapore, and discounted health supplements delivered right to their doorstep as perks for being a Singapore medical tourist.” THANK YOU! S-D Logic Symmetric Information.

Process of Serving


Relational, Operant Resources


Intangible The prototype / designed service should focus on the delighter ideas, rather than basic ones.
As we implement the project, the ideas evolved constantly, which may bring more opportunities.
The prototype helped to validate the feasibility of our ideas.
We should be open to other tools and not be constrainted by the recommended tools
We should not lose our focus in the technical aspect such as coding when generating services - the focus should be on the services themselves
Medical tourist: Forever Healthy Medical Provider: I have just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Where can I find the most suitable place for my treatment? How can we better educate the public with the treatments we provide so that we can save more lives? Our Partners: How can we promote our products and increase sales? Singapore Government We want to become a global medical hub. Team F Li Pengfei (Scrum master)
I Wayan Tresna Perdana
Tee Wei Yaw
Teng Boon Wee
David Lee
Clarine Ho
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