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legacy f Vietnam war

No description

Tak Shinmi

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of legacy f Vietnam war

Regacy in vietnam war veterans from Vietnam War As the vietnam war approached to the end, the TV started to broadcast the serious scene of vietnam war as such as using of Argent Orange and due to it, the opposion movements to the Vietnam war gradually increased. Therefore, nevertheless, the solders were supported by citizens, they eventually got be fall into disfavor of citizens. Then the most of vietnam veterans are excluded from the march of ANZAC day.
Combat stress reaction― that was the biggest threat of the veterans who experienced Vietnam War.
After the retreat, many solders had come back from the war. However, due to the cruelty and grievousness of theWar, many solders were plagued by the Combat stress reaction.
However, despite the duty of tour in Vietnam was limited by a year, the solder who are sufferd by the combat stress reaction was fewer than ohter wars.

Combat stress reaction is a harmful psychic reaction which is posed by war.
After the WW1, the form of war changed to long drawn-out battle from decisive engagement due to the development in tactical weapon and the change in Military doctrine, and it breaks solders up moreover than before.
The main symptoms are alcohol dependence, loss of concentration, memory impairment, ademonia, vomiting, speech disability, detachment from reality, etc. The biggest symptom is the sleep deprivation. Especially the sleep deprivation in 1a.m~6a.m cause trouble in abilities of judgment and memory.
The weapons also could be a reason of stress. Because of its destructibility and accuracy, the weapon could expose the solder to the threat of death. therefore, the troops that had been hardlt fighting for 5 to 10 days probably got be Combat stress reaction even if they sleep and eat enough. what is combat stress reaction movies that shows attitude to VIetnam war full metal jacket FULL METAL JACKET is the typical film of
ant-vietnam war which is made in 1987 in US.
The half of this movie are describing the traing of characters who enrolled in Marine. The traing of Drill Sergeant, Heartman, was such a cruel. Everyseconds, there are severe dressing-downs from sergeant Heartman. Then there were the discipline posed to collective responsibility and bullying between the trainee. These situation gradually suffering boys physically and mentally. So, before the tour of Vietnam War, some of them were got out of order mentaly. So, the first half of the movie shows the seriousness of training for Vietnam War.
In another half of this movie, the actions of the characters in vietnam war are shown.
The protagonist had passed the training and participated the tour to the Vietnam War.
One day, he got a mission in vietnam and he and his troops went to the battlefront to
investigate to make sure the backwards movement. But they got an attack from Vietnam
troops and the troops are raveled. In this scene, the seriousness of Vietnam war are shown.
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