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Tiana Osborne

on 18 February 2017

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ninja im waiting for you! :)
*out of breath* holy crap shade... you give a really good hand job...
i wasnt giving you a hand job i was getting my friggin phone back!
still... i almost lost it. i almost-
dont finish that friggin sentence!
on your hand...
What's he talking about, Shade?
she stuck her hand down my pants.
... WHAT...?
in order to get my phone and text germany i had to do that! its not my fault!! please dont hate me!
I won't...
But I WILL punish you later. *walks away*
ooooh i wonder whats in store for U later shade >:)
you retard! who KNOWS whats going through that demons mind right now...
*In other room* Ninja is here...
Hi :)
HI!!! wow i is so loved...
isnt this sooo much better? its only till meg can make one for us :)
ok i going to be this color thow...
to save time?
that and the purple is kinda hard to see with this background...
yeah, sorry i just clicked templates and picked one ^_^ i lazy.
its ok... :) so what we do now???
i dunno 0_0 i just knew we needed a new prezi, i didnt think about what we needed it for...
hey shade...
i took your phone again.
gah! where is it you moron give it back!!!
*looks down*
u perv...
shade ill buy u a new phone so u dont have to tuch it again..
... keep it.
thankyou! you are a life saver!!
man that takes all the fun out of it. i dont really want this...
*grabs sanitary wipe* hand it over.
yep ^-^ but i know nameless is going to bug me bout it now...
yep >:)
go away D:<
NINJA!!!! *hugs*
at least go put on a towel jeez...
oh crap! sorry ninja! *runs away*
uhh..ya pleas..
he just got out of the shower.
whoa what a view.
is ok i is french to...so sokay
perv >:|
ok so why nameess being such a perv today??
havent... had sex... in... two... MONTHS... 0_0,
wow! thats a new record!
wow...talk bout rehab..
*walks in* Why do you suddenly have morals?
Raggy...* hugs*
Ninja. *awkwardly pats head* Get off.
O_O...have u gotin.....taller????
Perhaps. Or maybe you've shrunk.
*@ Nameless* So you just don't have anyone stupid enough to sleep with you?
no...i dont shrink..im finaly cetching up to my mom... ^-^ so u got taller...poor shade..
well u and shade r doin shit and shade will kill me if i go near gaylord so what the hell am i supposed to do??!?!?!!?!
yes, poor shade indeed ;_;
hello again <3 eeeeew!
ur hand.....lol...
ive BEEN doing that nonstop but once you taste sugar youll never go back to salt if you know what i mean.
What do you mean?
your too tall dammit!
Why is that a problem?
cuz even if i stand on my tip toes i can only reach your chin!
thats a good metaphor...
made it up just now.
that and men grow everywhere...wen on a growth spirt..
anyway im so... backed up that i might just go insane.
This is true.
ok so how bout a blow up dall thing..?
wait... you grew THERE TOO?!?!?
some men do..and i only know this cas my brother.. he talks loud..
a blowup doll? what do you take me for?! besides the eyes creep me out.
ok...well i cant help you...
eeew... Ragnorok did you...?
I don't pay much attention to that particular spot but you could check if you wanted to...
or can you?! >:D
Can't blame a man for trying.
*wispers to shade* run...
*whispers back* i think ill be fine, he hasnt done anything... awkward... lately.
no...im saving that for the special someone in my life...if i don't die a virgin...
well thats good then... :)
pleh. fine then. ill just hafta find someone as desperate as i am....
yeah thats why i didnt notice his growth spurt till you said something. we havent been that close in a while :)
u say it likes its a bad thing... shade *wispers in ear* are you falling in love with raggy??
*walks over* Did you break Shade? *puts hand on head* Are you okay?
i cant find my list of charicters that i put on one of the prezi's do u remeber witch one i put it on??
i didn't brake her..
uuuh nope i dont remember...
perhaps that is what i will do. i dont particularly like deb, but he has an ass right? he will do for now.
im fine! i am so totally fine right now! *runs off*
ima go thru my collection of sexy clothes now. try an find something deb will think irresistible.
aaaaaah! what?
why are you doing this nameless?
cuz i wanna fuck thats why. *going thru clothes*
why do you want to do that so badly?
i cant find it and think it got delited... :(
a virgin wudnt understand. *holds up shirt* waddya thnk of this?
no way! ill look too.
frenci it's best to just leav him be...
its ok i looking ..
0_0 is that a shirt or a handkerchief? it shows off way too much skin!
found it! its on chat prezi 2!!
i just found it too...lol
ur right. ill just go shirtless. *takes off shirt*
aaack my virgin eyes! *covers eyes*
lol lol lol :)
im not even looking... *covers gaylors eyes* come on lets leave the perv in peace
wait! uh, i need to umm.... help him choose something to wear! theres no way im letting him go out like that! (why did i say that? whats wrong with me right now?!)
ur not "letting" me? ur funny.
no! i just- *gets out of ninjas hands, walks into room, goes through pile of clothes on the ground* why not this one?
cuz that one covers everything.
yeah, but you should make him work for it right? you dont want to look too desperate or he might...
might what?
nameless... *lowers head* i dont want you to see debbie.
i dont want you to do that with debbie! what if he wants to be the one on top and he hurts you?!
ive bottomed before gaylord its nothing new. besides i dont think debs a semi.
really? i dont care! i still dont want you to go with him!
why the hell not? i wanna fuck and hes the only other total perv on this thing so...
cant you just, you know... do it yourself a lot of times until you get bored of it?!
i AM bored of it! thats why im going to deb!
but but but--!!!
gaylord if theres no one to do here then obviously im gonna go somewhere else right?
i just dont want you to be taken advantage of!
its just a quickie!
how can you just DO that with a person you dont even know?!
im a whore.
u knew i was a whore so dont look so suprised. i know im one so i can just say it without being embarrassed.
well, i mean, what if there WAS someone here who would let you do that, would you still go?
guess not. but there is no one so...
what about me?
what ABOUT you?
what if i... i...!
*walking away to leave them in peace* Nameless u should be called clueless.
??? *watches ninja leave* what was she talking about?
*watches from around door*
*peek round shoulder*
*Also watches*
i... well, what if i were the one?
*wispers* do you think hes finaly going to realise that gaylord likes him??
the one what?
NAMELESS I LIKE YOU!!!! *throws self at nameless*
Aww... <3
... I didn't expect that.
bout time...so sweet..should we leave them in peace?
huh? wha??? since when?!
i wanna watch just a little more <3
Pervert. I'll be in our room
Since always! *cries little bit* but you were always after ragnorok and didnt even care about me even though i gave you a million different signs!
signs? thought you liked rag...
constant squabbling, defending you, taking your abuse without fighting...
... oh.
so... what do you think?
about what?
(oh my god seriously?!) what do you think about me being your... umm...
you wanna be my boyfriend dont you.
*blushes* Ah-! um well- i mean--!!!
*puts hand on head* be quiet and let me ask you a serious question.
you want this to be more than just sex, right?
Err... i guess yeah, i do...
you want lovey dovey shit and all that?
well it doesnt have to be like that! i just dont want to be just a toy thats all!
but you do understand what I want too, right?
... yeah....
and your okay with it, right?
yeah! im REALLY okay with it!!!
umm... well, i always listen to you talking about it and stuff and ive always been curious...
*wispers* looks like his maid outfit will finaly be to his advantige...
... okay then...
since ur so curious i think i might teach you... >;)
this is the part where i LEAVE. *leaves*
t-teach me?
hay wait up...*folows*
yeah. "teach" you.
ok..so ive been having bad dreams latily and having hard time sleeping in the tree cas its right next to the big windo right..and the dreams have gient man eating sasquatches that are trying to eat me so... can i sleep in your room tonight and see if they go away...i think with raggys presince in the same room the nightmear will go away...
wow that was random 0_0 sure you can sleep with us! itll be just like when gaylord has bad dreams and crawls in bed with us at three a.m.! :D
well ill sleep on the floor...at the foot of the bed..
we have a memory foam thing for you to sleep on :)
Ragnorok! Ninja's gonna sleep with us tonight!!
kool..is it like a footan?
yeah! and you can roll it up in the morning and put it in the closet. Rag's had to use it a couple times when i was pissed at him :)
not like gaylord! she gets the futon k?
Oh... I suppose that's fine then. But why...?
(read above)
Oh, okay. Does that mean...?
Of course idiot!
Hmm. Are you sure?
By the way, did you want me to make that thing up there *points at the censored sign* a story or what?
if you wnt..
"yes" to what?
to hear the dream description!
some of it is fuzzy so sorry...ok well it stated with some old man climing a cliff and he had this long rope that went all the way up this moutin that was compleatly covered on snow. so he was climing and found a cave and just went in and then there was nothing but screaming in the dream then his head went flying out the cave and it had no face.
so then it goes black and then i see myslef with some guy (didn't see face) and were unloding our riding horses and all our saplys into the cabin we rented for the time. and the sherive pulls up and stared talking to the guy and sed that there were some missing people in the area and "stray dogs attacking" is what they thinks going on.
So it goes black again and its nightfall and the cabins pitch black sept the fire place and i start hearing the horses freaking out from somthing so the guy tells me to call the sheriff and he puts his boots on and i get up to call but the lines dead and theres no reception on my cell. so he goes outside and soon returns saying it was just a nabors dog spookin them.
so skip to the next day were sadilin up the horses to go out on the trails and the sheriff pulls up sayin the nabors were found dead and there dogs were loose and someone cut the phone wires off the pools and there going to do a serch for a missing body. so the guy volinters to go with the sheriff to serch for the body and leaves me in the cabin alone...
and a zombie eats you!!!!!! D:
so the dream follows the serch teem and well they split up the serch team to find the body befor a blizzerd thats coming hits . black out and were back to me in the cabin thats being hit with teh blizzard and im putin my boots on and cote to bring the horses into the cabin to keep them from freazing and wen i open the door theres a HUMUNGAS white thing blocking my path so i think its snow and an redy to dig threw it but if started to growl at me and then i saw red eyes and HUGE FANGS so i slamed the door and hid under the table.
oh. go on :)
next think i know its morning and wen i open the door again theres body parts scattered across the lawn (witch is covered in snow) and all bloody and there the bodies of everyone who volintered to help with the rescue so i start to pack all my things and the horses into the truckd and hores traler and am redy to leave wen somthing hits the winsheld and then a keep waking up......
okay... keep going...
all i can think bout is thos eyes and the full body of white furr and huge teath and it dosent help that theres snow outside the windos... :'(
D: thats the worst freaking dream ever!!! forget the futon your sleeping with us!!! *shoves ragnorok over, pats spot*
its ok raggy can have that spot ill sleep on the futon.
noooo theres room for all three of us!!!!
u sure???
*pats spot*
*rolls over in sleep* Zzzzz...
ok...*hops in to spot without moving matris* night...
yay! by the way ragnoroks like a living heater so i usually just cling to him all night. *clings*
ill let you sleep next to him so ur in the middle ok
nighty night! wait, i forgot to feed the cat! ill be right back!!! *jumps out of bed, runs into kitchen*
ant that way my klostaphobia dose kick in...
*Awesome curls around neck*
squee! sniff sniff sniff squee!
Awesome: squee!
mew mew. meeeooowww...
o...god.. u scared me..
shade befor i help them on the bed do they sleep with you too??
*lays on back* cat.
*pounces on rags chest*
*crawls up, lays on head*
purr purr purr...
okay im ba- oh i see rag already got the pets all in order.
aww..they like you...hmm i wonder where the new cat is..
okay, NOW im gonna sleep! and the new cat is the one that nameless got me!
purr purr purr mew...
she LOVES ragnorok. i dont know what his deal with animals is, but they love him.
squee... Zzzz...
like father like possum <3
ya but wasent there another one in the bag...one crawled in and i found it wen i was puting the cat toys away..hes been folowing me around and hiding wen nameless is near..
aww....so cute..
is that it?
meow meow meow *purrs, gets on ninjas head*
ya...he keeps sleepin on my face wen i wake up..so werd..everytime i get a cat they sleep on my face..
Zzzz... *snort* Too many animals... Zzzz....
at least your cat likes you! little Rose here wont give me the time a day!
hmm..wonder what nameless and frenchee's up to???...O_O..nevemind..
hehehe yeah.... :3 unless you wanna watch the frenchis first time, you sicko.... :D
do you know what race raggys demon blood is??
race? i thought they were all basically the same...
im thinkin cat demon.
isnt he a dragon? he can turn into a dragon and has claws... and breaths fire...
and yes posims are a cozzen to cats...and rats..but more of a cat.
o ya...forgot..
wow..its almost midnight..lol
A balaur diavol is what they would call me.
my physical self isnt gonna sleep till like six a.m.
aahh...i thought u were sleeping.....dont scare a ninja wen shes not awake....
Sorry. *sleeps*
ive turned nocturnal. i stay up till 6 a.m. then sleep the whole day and usually wake up at 6 p.m.
shes an owl...lol
No, if she were a demon she would be a panther.
those are my favorite animals ;_;
internet dont fail me now!!!
Don't shout.
sorry i just got so excited...
but im worried cuz my internet usually turns off WAY before now... what if it turns off before i can see debbie?!?!?!
O_O don't think negative just hope it works...
OKAY! positive thoughts!!!! hey i should invite him here too... or you should if it doesnt- oh shit! i just lost a bar on my internet thing!!!
hes not on yet but ill make sure he makes it here...so you don't have to try to get on the other one..kay.
come on, come on.... im holding my laptop in the air to get waves... i wanna see debbie before my laptop gets taken! noooooooo!!!
oh hey i got one back!
is he there yet?
Lord Debbie
ya and now hes here...yay
so me, shade, rggy, nameless, and frenchee's been on for like 2 and a half hours now...lol
lollollol nameless...
really?! where are they now dammit?!
WOW. that. is. a. looooong ass time.
she was loosing internet wen she remembered you were getting on at 12:15.. she sed if she wasint on to day "HI!" for her..
she may still make it thow...
thats awesome im gonna steal that saying now.
those are expensive.
i DO have an ass...
try something with leather.
wow gaylord knows me very well...
i am.
yeah... i am a perv huh?
im flattered.
haha! nameless got told.
i always thought it would be hot for an uke to wear something like this to please his semi.... >:)
lol why you yelling at your mom?
i finally got on... its 4:55 a.m....
also, i got a new Japanese name. it's Kaoru Kitano, but you dont have to call me that :)
m,ines Yoishiki Kawagushi.
Takesi Mashita!
Tasuku Yasui.
time to give laptop back. will not be on until at the latest april/may.
YAY!!!! ^_^
waddya mean "yay"?!
u get to keep laptop for bout 4 months...
no i have to give the laptop back tomorrow and wont have one for 4 months. that is what the above statement means ;_;
i wont have one of my own until at least april.
what... ;_;... sorry..i read it wrong..*terry eyed* sorry shade...
yeah it suuucks i has a mega sad... oh well! all the more reason to make the best of it today!!!
if u want we can stay up all night talking....
so cute!!!
yes!!! i shall!!!
teenage girl says no one understands her...
uses cat to express feelings.

i understand i was saying the cat looks cute..
i know it is right?! so sad kitti kat!!!
and now the real challange... finding something to talk about.
O_O didn't think bout that...
hmm... umm.... hehe i annoyed you this morning :)
yes. yes you did...
did you see the mesige i left you on here lastnight?

hay what should i name my cat that folowed me home??( the one that sleeps on my face)
i dont know! it likes you though, name it Clingy :)
hmm...im not sure..wheres frenchee he might know some good names..shes a calico..
I dont know where he is... ill go find him hang on. Gaylord! *walks away*
i responded to it :D
*folows* i can help..
*sitting on ouch* yeah?
do you know any good calico cat names? ninja got a kitti.
hmm... cat names... Sophia?
but SHAAADE... she was texting me while i was doing Gaylord! how was i not suppose to text dirty stuff when i was doing that?!?!?!
aww..thats cute..that might work..i like it thanks.
eep! dont tell people about that!!!!!!!!!!
I was texting mom and somehow u stoled her phone and responded...
youre welcome :D could you go get me a water? i... cant get up. *smiles awkwardly*
sure thing...want an ice pack?
that would be nice! thank you!
hey there. *sits on couch*
yep *walks to kitchen*
umm, hi nameless...
*yawns, leans elbow on side of couch*
*returns with 2 waters and ick pack*
yay ice pack! thank you so much ninja!! *takes water and ice pack*
yep *crackes open a water*
*takes ice pack, sits on it* cold! but better!
lol...sorry..*slight blush*
heh. *looks away, smiles*
dont be sorry! it wasnt your fault ninja! if anything it was mine. *opens water, drinks*
whered shade go?
and wheres raggy?
i dont know... she came to get me then got a weird look and walked away. kind of strange... and i dont know where Ragnorok is.
*turns on tv*
ok...well i ges ill go feed the fish and water the plants...*walks away*
*sighs* Ninjas such a good person. thats usually my job.
youve got a new job now.
new job?
*pulls into lap, hugs* being my lover is a full time job Gaylord.
*flustered* huh?! l-lover?!
*Meanwhile, in the master bedroom* do you like this?
*in trance* Hn, feels good...
text mesige to nameless: hay umm..did we have 1 snake or 20?? ~Ninja
maybe i should do this for you more often...
1. Y u ask? some shit going down?
Yes.... definitely....
well i walked in the door and there were snakes everywhere...should i tell shade? ~Ninja
yeah shell wanna no bout snakes out of control. she in the bedroom i think.
thats what i thought...hedin that way alredy
k let me no if snakes get out gaylord trrified of dem.
sorry i didnt mean to do that.
*trance* S'okay don't stop please.
*opens bedroom door* hay shade....
O_O...wow raggys hair is supper long...
*shade has a brush in her hand and is sitting behind Ragnorok. Ragnorok's hair is down and appears to be being brushed by Shade*
oh Ninja you scared me!!! what is it? *puts brush down*
*Hastily ties hair back up*
(u had me thinking it was somthing else...)
yeah, its a little longer than mine. And no one is allowed to brush it accept for me!!!
good, thats what i was going for >:)
ok...well i dont really lik mesing with other peoples hair anyway..but i just thought you should know ur snake multiplyed by 20...
wh- WHAT?!?!?!?! WHEN?!?!?
more importantly, HOW?!?!!?
not sure wen but there are like 20 plus snakes all over the green house...
*rolls up sleeves* okay. ragnorok you come too. *walks out*
*follows awkwardly after*
*follows*and i think how is well someone broke a tak wen e were at the pet stor it apeard empty but there could have been a snake n it..my best ges it one got in the bag and made it home..
*Ragnorok seems to be walking strangely*
you ok rag.?
Fine, fine. *stops* You know, Shade, I think I'll sit this one out.
are you afraid of snakes??
What? waddya mean sit this one out? i need you for backup dammit!
No. I'm part reptile, I'm not afraid of snakes. It's just... *whispers something to Shade*
you know ill help right..im notafrid of snakes..
*blush spreads across cheeks* oh... oh! okay you stay here then!!
*confused look*...
Thank you, Shade. *walks back to bedroom, closes door*
*wispers to shade* does he have a boner or somthin????
*blushes* Umm... well when i was brushing his hair he umm... anyway lets go!! *starts toward green house hastily*
ok i weln't say anything...*follows* but what r we going to do with the snakes...i mean i could fry some of them up but im not sure how youd take that and gaylord might faint...
actually i love snake meat... but your right about the Gaylord thing. lets just round them up and release them.
u want to put them in the snow...id rather eat them and just give gaylord chickin..
knowing him he'll kick up a fuss about it. i wanna keep a few but we'll take the majority of them and just put them under that pile of rocks outside so they can hibernate there. then theyll wake up in the spring and be totally fine.
ok *pikes up a snake*
come to me, my children of the darkness... *snakes gather around shade's boots*
thats kinda creepy...
yeah but it works right? *picks up a few, they crawl around shade's shoulders and neck* I want to keep these ones. *walks over to tank*
the rest will go in here. *has a burlap sack*
ok...*startes puting snakes in sack*
*puts bunch in sack* this would be easier if theyd just crawl in it themselves...
well never hurts to try right? hehe lets see if this works! *puts sack on ground* hiss hiss hiss hiss-ee hiss!
O_o ...u. speek... snake...
no i was just messing with- *snakes start crawling toward sack* oh, would you look at that, i speak snake 0_0
lol...well if i ever have trouble with one ill call you...
lol i really didnt mean to... :D cool so weve got all the snakes now. lets go outside and show them their new home.
sounds good *pikes up sack and walks out door*
i just hope we got them all..
*walks outside* aaack its friggin cold out here!!! okay the pile of rocks should be that snow bank over there. there should be an overhang we can just safely tuck them under.
i hope we got them all too... who knows what would happen if gaylord ran afoul of one...
ok..should we leave the sack so they have a little extra wormth?..
yeah definetly. wouldnt want them to die of coldness... ;_;
okay it should be here. throw it in there. *points*
okay lets go inside now im gonna freeze to death >.<
i agree..its frakin cold..=_=..i think a blizerds comin in..
you sense it too? well lets hurry up then. *goes running back to house*
*runs after*
*bursts dramatically into room* i survived!!
thats great shade! *smiles under nameless on couch*
*smiles pervertedly* cold shade?
*pushes past* thats it im bilding a fire tonight *heads to fire place*
thanks ninja! *looks around* im assuming Ragnorok's still in the room...
*lights fire* im going to try my luck again with the cold and bring in more wood..
*comes out of bedroom* I have found a snake. *snake crawling across bare shoulders and wrapping tail around waist*
hay raggy..want me to take that little guy out side with his famliy??
I think he likes me. *pats snake's head on shoulder* I was laying down for a nap and felt something slithering around. Turns out it was this.
*pushes ninja out of the way, grabs rags hand, leads* Bedroom. Now. *walks fast to bedroom door*
i think that was a python. did we buy any of those? that thing was freaking big for a snake.
*fainted a long time ago*
....ok then...*walks out door* im going to get wood be back in a few..
*being led along by shade* Wait, Shade shouldn't we help Ninja???
Ninja dont need no help! *goes into bedroom, closes door*
... snake fetish...
* returns with arms full of wood and a bag on back full* i think this will do for the night..*drops pile near fireplace*
door opens slightly, hand slips out and puts a "do not disturb" sign on door knob.
and i dont think its all just the snake...
hay on the bright side we might be getting a younger sibling...lol
huh. cant stand seeing him shirtless with a snake crawling on him eh? what a weird kink.
huh? what? is the monster gone?!
wasnt a monster you little sissy. it was just rag with a big ass snake crawlin on him.
now thats not a nice way to talk bout ur lover...
that was a SNAKE? jeez! since when has a gigantic snake?!
nameless isint a monster...hes just really weard...lol
hes always had a big snake >:)
he thought rag was a monster. he didnt recognise him cuz of the snake and the lack of a shirt. did you see the tatoos on his back?
ya they were kool..
i have a big snake too gaylord...
eep! i actually know what your TALKING about!! my poor mind!
new u were going to say somthin ike that...lol
couldnt help myself >:)
i feel bad for ninja...
because we all have someone to cuddle with in a snow storm but your a loner... it makes me sad!
come on gaylord shes not that fragile...
wouldnt you be sad if everyone around you was doing it and you just sat in the other room listening to music?!?
i have my cat * pulls kitten out of pocket* see.. Sophia
i wouldnt be sad, id be pised.
mew mew mew...
sides i like the music
aww! thats sophia?! shes adorable!!
*sound of a vase breaking*
wow... that kat is pretty cute...
can i pet sophia?!
sure *points to gaylord* i alredy started traning her...she knows comands without me saying anything...
*pets kitty cat* aww shes so soft!!
mew mew!
*looks up* huh, guess shades not cooking tonight...
yay! does that mean i get to cook finally?!
i guess... unless ninja wants to cook.
ill cook..
can i help?! i havent cooked in a long time!!
ok what u want to cook? im really good at making home made lazania..
you make lasagna and i will make salads and other side stuff okay?
and Nameless gets to be lazy. *puts feet up on coffee table, turns on tv*
ok but it takes a little while to make the lasagna so you can relax for a bit. *get up and heads to kitchen*
hmm... well i have time to spare... what to do what to do...
i told you being my lover is a full time job.
*Ninja hears X-rated sounds coming from the living room soon after*
sophia sound like its dinner for two..weal leave plats for them in the mikerwave...
*a while later*
*door to bedroom slowly opens* do i smell lasagna...?
*In kitchen dishing up plates with lasagna and salid*
How can you still stand after all that...?
i smell food. i is hungry. *steps out* food?
*Nameless and Gaylord sleep innocently on couch*
*sound of a mowntan dew opening*
^ ^
*runs in direction of sound*
in cat form i still enjoy mountain dew. face.
shade's paw print signature ^^
*skids into kitchen* MOUNTAIN DEW???
Hay shade..didnt think id see u till morning..
cans are in the pantry
GIB MIR MOUNTAIN DEW BITTE. *runs to get one*
want some lasagna?
Yesh ;_; i am so starving right now!! thank you for food!
*hands a plate full of food* i can make one for raggy so u can take it to him if you want...
nah, hang on. Ragnorok! put on your pants and come here!
Itadakimasu!! *eats ravenously*
*comes into kitchen* You yelled?
nom nom food nom nom eat it nom nom nom
im glad i made to mutch noodles and end up making tow big platers of pasta...
I see. Thank you, Ninja. *takes plate*
*yawns as comes into kitchen* what was that "lol" i heard about? food!
yep and theres moutin dew in the pantry
hay..sorry but u were sleeping so i went ahead and made the salin..sorry
nom nom nom *grabs moutnain dew* MINE nom slurp nom
thats fine! thank you for the meal ninja :) also, what were you lol-ing about earlier? *gets food*
Curb your enthusiasm, Shade. You aren't starving... *eats*
shade u realise i went shoping yesterday an bot like a months worth of MD right...
i LOVE mountain dew!! MINE!!!
Ignore her, she'll be more... understanding, once she's fed.
and to answer u gaylord i was loling at shade for just yelling at raggy...
*stretches, walks in* food?
oh the pants thing? i thought that was funny too :) "put on your pants and get over here!" eeheehee!
mew. mew.
o ya ill get you some milk..
Another animal? We're becoming a zoo...
*walkes to frig and pulls out milk...pors some in a dish*
Its cuz you attract the animals in the first place mr i get along fine with snakes and possums!
no we dont have any zebras so its not a zoo ... yet..lol
lol no zebras please... or horses. or anything with hoofs!!
no unicorns? ;_;
no. just- no. *belches loudly*
Excuse you, Shade.
gochisosama deshita! i is so full...
wheres the other cat?? ill get it some milk to..*pors in another bowl*
That is what the Japanese say after eating. The first part, not the "i is so full..." part.
Rose! Come here, girl!
mew mew mew!!! *comes running over*
here you go *sets bowl on floor near raggys feet*
Mew! mew mew mew mew mew! (itadakimasu in cat) *laps up milk*
Shade's been obsessed with Japan lately, so we've all been taught things like how to use chopsticks and such.
thats cuz Japan rocks! and that means I rock! so nyeh!
and we are having a meating coming up with some of the other country's..
or whatever you call them..
Hetalia World Meeting!! im so excited for saturday :)
hey can we take a break so i can go find something to eat and put on my chocolate mud mask?
we dont have to if you dont want to!
its fine im going threw my closit anyway...go find somthin to eat..
and put ru mask on...
ive been using these clay masks lately and i really like them! whoda thought someone like me would like somthing like that. anyway, see ya in like twenty minutes k?
ok ill stay on incase someone else gets on..
haha! i am back on!
shade... *holding back laughter* what happened to your face...? *snorts*
its called a mud mask and its awesome. my face feels nice and cool and it smells like chocolate! i love it :D
huh. you... do know what mud looks like, right?
yes but that isnt the case here and your sick for thinking that >: |
well... sorry i guess...
its okay actually this one is way better than the Goji Berry mask.
why? what was wrong with that one?
well, for starters it was really really sticky. like, i put it on my face and it made spider webs of gel when i tried to take my fingers away again.
huh. thats crazy, was there honey in it?
nope. and thats not even the worst part. do you know what color it was?
white. milky white.
oh god!!
so i had sticky white stuff stuck to my face and even worse when it dried it got clear but some of it clumped and wouldnt dry out all the way so there were little beads of sticky white stuff all over my face...
lol and it looked like someone came on your face. what did rag think about that?
exactly what you just said!! he blamed you at first and was about to go kill you but i showed him the package and explained and he wasnt mad at me anymore... he laughed at me.
oh poor shade!
LOL at that whole story thats funny shit...
oh, my mask is hardening...
why do we care?
because i wont be able to smile when the mask hardens or it will break. so dont make me laugh!
hey i wonder where ragnorok is...
hes in the bedroom dozing. hes in lazy mode right now.
and how do you know this?
he has a lazy mode...?
he always gets super lazy after we... well, you know...
icky... but that reminds me of nameless! :D
*puts hand on gaylords butt* you shouldnt say stuff like that...
eep! get your hand away from there! *walks to stand by shade instead*
i'd lol at that but i cant smile anymore. *clay mask is hard*
then go wash it off!
its not ready to be washed off yet, some parts are still soft.
sorry was snoozing...
seriously? or as in the cabin snoozing?
took a cat nap *yawn, stretch*
aww cat nap... im gonna turn into a cat after this!
oh... i feel bad for waking you up! sorry!
lol...opps sorry..trying not to make u "lol"..
ur fine.. i sed id stay up didn't i.
oh yeah... meh! its hard not to smile! you never realize how much you smile until you cant!
lol shade never smiles...
oh all my new black tetras died by the way. i have no idea why either.
the N'th degree. but i can get a refund since they didnt last thirty days so... im going to trade for a sucker fish instead.
look what i got!!
those. are. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
i know...
we can match now! we will both wear bows... :D
hey my hairs black, your bows are black
your hairs red, my bows are red...
opposites o_o
I like it! :D
lol...didnt think of that...kool XD
this. is. awesome.
hey by the way can you give me a hint on what arya got me? pretty please?! :D
I LOVE THOSE........ BLOOD!!! >:D
also have some like this but they have handprints..
cute. i love bows :)
she said id faint when i saw it and the curiosity is killing me ...
there is a lot of diffrent ones i wanted to get that were at hot topic
sorry...and shes not the only one who sed that..we got a bet going on...lol
you can never go wrong at hot topic :)
oh by the way i got a $20 clairs giftcard... im gonna get that cat mask we saw once! ich bin Katze!!!
a bet...?
where was that..i forget...
ya..i bet ud faint she bet ud hug her...lol
or both o_o
at the mall? we were walking around wasting time once and we went to clairs and saw the kitti ears and you held up the black cat mask to my face and we both said "Win." it was awesome.
not sayin
DAMMIT! you made me smile :) :) :)
its so funny though! thats amazing!
don't know if its still there...
win if it is..
i hope it is. if its not i'll just get some new hoop earings and call it good.
kool...you could even go to hot topic and get some new bows..i payed 2.99 each for mine..
is it a shirt? i bet its a shirt...
i cant use a clairs giftcard at hot topic silly! :)
im looking at the site on another tab. i already know its zelda, its from hot topic and that it was $25. that narrows it down pretty good.
o...well u just sed u had 20 bucks..not a gift card...
im not saying...eather way u cant make me talk...
meh it'd be no fun if i knew anyway. you are free to go... for now... >:)
i can out run u anyday...almost..
Shade, calm down.
lol..ur wiped..
I think she may mean "whipped"
ya it is..lol
its a saying...means ur trained...
Shade, what is so bad about being mine?
its not about being yours! its about not being myself because of you! and that, sir, has not happened.
Then what do you call taking every suggestion I make to heart?
umm... well- i...
I actually have trained you to some extent, Shade. I am sorry that I didn't tell you explicitly that I was training you.
training? since when?! i think i would know if i was being trained.
that was just something you said...
You don't even fight me anymore when I approach you.
well i can explain that!!
*gets up and puts popcorn in mikerwave*
i can explain it! just not here!!
eeheehee! isnt this lovers quarrel cute?
Why not?
... cuz its EMBARRASSING...
popcorns don..want some *shoves some in mouth while offering bag to gaylord*
thankyou! *eats*
Also, if you were not trained, you would not have even considered... attacking me... like you did just a few hours ago.
when did i attack you?!
The snake I found?
oh... well thats your fault!!
because how the hell am i supposed to ignore this great god of hotness who comes out of the room shirtless with a freaking snake draped around his shoulders like a freaking deity of lust?!?!!?
*surprised look*
so its YOUR fault i attacked you!
wow did anyone else hear all that?
*jaw drops*...wow...
... A deity of lust?
thats what went through my head. a demon from my own personal hell sent to make me sin...
... I am that... desired by you?
well duh.
nameless..50 bucks says theres a kid on the way..
I had no idea...
you 'tard, you havent been training me...
lol 100 says they make out at the end of this.
deal *shakes hands*
youve been teaching me.
teaching. O_o
teaching me what you like, teaching me what I like... teaching me what... *blushes* love, is like...
you retard! *runs, hugs* I hate you!
You hate me?
I hate you for making me fall for you! stupid stupid stupid. *beats on his chest*
*ignores being hit* ... You've fallen for me?
yeah you idiot!
So.. that means...
your gonna make me say it arent you?
AWW!!! <3 <3 <3
*stunned silence* ...Really? You... love me, Shade?
*muffled* im not gonna say it again.
... I love you too, Shade. *wraps arms around Shade*
bravo. this is gonna get an emmy for sure.
*jaw droped* here * gives nameless $200*
And yet here you are...
is this what they mean by facing your demons?
Perhaps it is. *holds*
i get the feeling were being watched...
Ignore it for a moment. *lifts Shade's chin*
Just ignore the world for a moment, Shade. *kiss*
AWWWW!!!! *fangasm*
*surprised, but doesnt fight* (dammit this is embarrassing...)
thats it im movin out...i cant stand this amount ov lovy dovy crap in one house...
*walks out of kitchen heading to livingroom*
*ends kiss*
*blushes* goddammit whats wrong with you?!
You scared ninja away! ninja! come back! *runs after*
*sitting in highest tree branch*
LOL I made easy 200 dollars just now... didnt even have to take my shirt off! hell ya!
NINJA!!! was machts du in den uhh... TREE?!?!?
you could if you wanted too...
oh thats dirty... lets see what happens with ninja and shade first.
packe meinen Sachen.
packing your stuff? why?!?!
this house is too crouded...to many harts flowting around and too squiky beds..
Kono saiteida!
what does that mean???
too many floting hearts...i think ill buy the cabin next door...
ya...i saw it on my way home one day and it had a for sale sign on it...
id make fun of the sail thing but theres no time for that.
how far away is it?!
mile and a half at most..why u so intrested?
i thought you were leaving my mind entirely! but if you just buy the other cabin we can still see eachother and i can drop in unexpectedly and steal your mountain dew :D
i dont want to be alone in this mind, ninja. im outnumbered by two! who knows what will happen without you to watch over me?!?
sounds good to me...better than having to lisin to all of you at night....* glares around*
i know..i just finaly snaped..sorry...
maybe we could invite someone for you? actually you wouldnt like that forget it. so when you get the place then you should give me a map so i can get there and say hi!
well i have to stay here till they aprove my application..
(o and the little girl disiperaed finly...)
you have to register to buy...
damn! i wanted to eat her! x(
FUCK NO! this is my mind and we do things my way! *whips out i phone*
*dials number* hello? let me speak to Yourichi-san please.
Because i need to thats why!
Oh? my name? you may have heard of it, its Tiana. most people know me as Shade?
she sounds pissed..
ooooh! excuse me Kaoru-Chan! you can speak to him immidiately.
thats what i thought.
Yourichi San! so nice to talk to you!
Oh, Kaoru blah blah blah...
yeah yeah whatever hey ive got a situation on my hands.
yeah so my room mate ninja wants to move out.
yeah shes tired of me. i know impossible right?!
so anyways i need that house a little bit over a mile from here.
the cabin.
well i need it.
well tell them i bought it.
im the master of this world. if you dont give me that house-
thats what i thought.
make sure its sent to me in 15 minutes.
bye. *hangs up*
i got you the house.
and all that in what 5 minits...but im still buying it off you i ges...i refuse free living..
i dont need your money. perhaps we can agree on something... other, than money to pay me back...
ill buy your food saply for the animals.
no... i was thinking more along the lines of... something you could do for me...
i don't do THAT shade....
do what? you havent heard what i want yet <3
if its choping wood or somthing im ok with it but if it involves anything to do in bed the answer is no.
bring me a case of mountain dew every week for two months. thats what i want.
what were YOU thinking?!
my name is Kaoru, ninja, not Usami. though i do like to write things like that... and i do have a lot of money here...
o thank god...well you do have nameless there too... one never knows... but ya ill bring you two if you want..
just one will suffice. hmm, actually come to think of it- HOLY SHIT ITS HOT IN HERE!!!
^^ my future occupation ^^
???? ur overheated...u...the one who wheard black from head to toe in the middle of summer... O_O THE WORLDS ENDING *runs*
okay nevermind... whew that was one hell of a hot flash...
ur what 16 years old and alredy have hot flashes...wow.
i just made myself think of it :D
i am an author you know...
wheres MY Misaki?!
i know ur an author..lol
eeew sweat dripping down my friggin back... eeeeeww... what the hell causes hot flashes anyway?
so who is my metaphorical Misaki? i hope i meet him/her at some point that would be AWESOME :)
well thats not it. maybe ill look it up. right now.
whats "Misaki"?
could also be lack of sleep......
^^^Takahashi Misaki-kun^^^
the top 3 answers: so im either menopausal, have a tumor, or am pregnant. i think ill just go with crazy!
thats a dude.. ive read the anime..that i dont thike i ever finished it...been a while thow..
ya u r crazy...
i know its a dude, you READ manga and i have finished that manga.
no. no younger siblings for you.
aww come on shade!
its 4 A.M. andim not used to staying up this late so leavemebe...
if me and Ragnorok had a baby it would be the death of everyone!!! thats my job!
oh look at that, it is four a.m. huh, usually i would get a LITTLE sleepy by now...
lol..but it would be so cute to have a baby sister..or brother...
shall we call it a night?? up to you.
not to mention it would be the cutest baby ever!! with your big dark eyes and Rags muscles... all the girls at school would die for him!
and if it was a girl itd beat the shit out of everyone dumb enough to grope her. cool id be a big bro...
i dont want to, but i dont mind if you want to sleep. your not a panther spirit like i am so i understand your need for this thing called "sleep" :)
ya and id have to teach her to stay away form werdos like you nameless..
hay...i took a cat nap and all its just i is a lazy panther..
hey hey hey... id be the scary big brother threatening the life of her boyfriend if they try anything stupid >:)
true...and id be cute to see raggy in protective dady mode...lol
you should look up your spirit animal like i did! i always get the black panther for some reason -_-
what websight did you use?
lol i could just imagine...
"Stay away from my daughter you son of a bitch I will curse your family and kill your dog."
could totally see him saying that right?!
and gaylord would have to mutch fun putting her in cute cloths...
i would have a fantastic time dressing her up for prom... :)
im not sure how, but i sense that this will not end well for me...
im going to the pharmacist. ill be back in a minute.
what ya doin?
gonna go get something for my hot flashes... and maybe a mountain dew...
u realise theres like 10 cases of mountain dew in the pantry right.
i do... i just thought id get myself one while i was there. bye bye. *door closes softly*
hmm... some part of me thinks shes lyin.
no duh einstein
but why would she lie? what is there to lie about?
maby shes getting birthcontrol..it also helps with hotflashes...i think...
huh. because we started talking about how awesome it would be if we had a little sister?
birth control helps acne too.
should we tell raggy??
why would he care?
maybe he wants a baby?
i dont think so. hes not exactly the fatherly type...
*knock knock*
*opens* hello?
package for a Ninja?
oh cool thanks! *takes*
sign here.
*signs, closes door* ninja you got a package!!! *holds little envelope*
i think he could be. and it would be funny to see shade walking around like that :D
like what?
pregnant. it would be so funny :)
ya..it would be...lol
is it making any ticking noises?
yah but shed be pissed off and sick all the time... it wouldnt be fun for us at all...
kind of! here you go! *hands over*
crap...um do we have any safes... i think its a bome..i pissed off a mob bass last week and he may have found me...
but we could feel her belly! oh that would be sooo cool ^_^
fine, ill open it! *opens, dumps out contents*
*enters room, looks around* Where's Shade?
frenchee be carfule
*key drops into hand with note* umm... its to shade from Yourichi but the keys for you.
... that would be kind of cool...
she sed she was going to the pharmacy to get somthing for her hot flashes but were saspicious about it...
Hmm... this is the first I'm hearing of hot flashes.
then wheres the tiking coming from??
*gives key* ill hang onto the note for shade okay?
*pushes gaylord in front of raggy* frenchee thinks she might me prego...
the key was clinking against the key chain thingy. its got the house number and the phone number too.
what? no i dont! i said it would be awesome if she had a baby girl so i could have a sister!
... Well I can guarantee you she isn't pregnant.
how so?
Absolutely. I do not want children. I have my ways.
sorry frenchee no little sister for you..*pats head*
No. I don't alter myself in such ways.
sad. but you have to admit it raggy, if she walked around like that it would be sooo cute <3
Cute? It would be horrifying...
no it wouldnt! it would be adorable! waddling around like a marshmallow on stilts! and we could rub her belly for good luck <3
that only works with buda and bald people...
lol and you could rub coco butter on her... thats hot...
in france we thought it was lucky.
*hits upsidt the head* per
whaaat come on man... *rubs back of head* you know thats a kink for some people.
i didnt have the fortune to live in france :( theres a lot of traditions i missed out on.
Shade will NEVER bear my child. I won't allow it.
so ur saying that you will have a child but someone else has to bear it...
I refuse to be with any woman but Shade.
I'm saying that I will never have children! I hate children!
*gasp* i love babies... ;_;
tell shade i went to my new place to check it out...*walkd to front door* raggys being to negative for my personality.
Just because I refuse to kill Shade by letting her bear a child of mine? Fine. See you whenever.
*sings* ooooh oooh sweet child of miiiine....
how would yu kill her????
I am a demon. A human couldn't handle my child.
hey you refuse to be with any other women...
M-preg in the hoooose...
ur only half demon....
I became full demon by undergoing a ritual back when I was alive. I am one hundred percent demon.
*realises what nameless sed* what???
M-preg in the hooooose... lets knock up gaylord.
o dear lord *face palm*
just kidding. just kidding. *hugs*
*to raggy* thats ur own falut isint it
okay... whew i was worried there for a minute...
what hapined to "i love babys"
I know. I like being full demon. Even if I could create offspring with Shade I wouldn't. Children are so noisy and dirty...
u realise u were a kid once too...right.
Well im a guy! thats not even possible and ive heard how painful labor is!
Yes I do. But, unlike the other children, I had no one so I didn't really have the option of being a child. I didn't even cry when I was born. You could say I was the one exception.
itd be funny to see a pregnant gaylord... lol.
so how do u know ur kid wouldent be quiet like you...
*door opens* im baaack...
Shade... *walks over*
don't tell me you cant get pregnet.
*extremely nervous* wha wha wha wha!!!!
Because he'd be half crazy, wild, obnoxious Shade.
hi there. so... did ninja get her key?
ya i has it here *shows key* im just on my way out to check out the place..be back later *walkes out door closing it behind me*
yeah she got it! this is from yourichi san.
and its not all that bad of pain i hear..
Bye ninja! come to visit often!! and come back when your done looking too and tell me about it!!
no. we are not making my lover a mommy. not yet and definetly not for rag.
you suck! anyway what happened while i was gone?
They were trying to convince me to impregnate you.
no one sed it was for rag.
WHAT?! no freaking--
Yes I know, that is more or less how I reacted.
oh... okay then. i got stuff for my hot flashes. *holds up bag* im gonna go put them in the medicine cabinet.
huh? then who?
you and gaylord...
Fine then. I'm glad we agree on the child argument.
i am too! *walks to bedroom to put medicine away*
*waves hands in front of face* oh nonono i am not daddy material ask anyone. plus i like kids usually but i never really wanted one of my own.
up to you..
... (Didn't she and Ninja joke about us having a child once? Ragnashade... was it?)
nope nope nope
nope nope.
Text to Shade: hay i is going to bed ill come back to ur place in the morning and get my things
okay good night ninja! dont have that nightmare again without rags presence!
Gaylord. tonight, we initiate operation sabotage.
okay! this is going to be so fun <3
hey are you left brained or right brained? i wondered this myself so i took a couple quizzes and got left brained every time!
lol.. and something tells me u would try to put skychild in that...lol
0_0 Sky Child in a- a- FRENCH MAID OUTFIT?!?!?
*passes out from nose bleed*
Ninja!!! housewarming party time! *waltzes in ninjas house like she owns the place*
we come bearing gifts! :D *follows*
*follows* we came to trash the place and make it livable.
*follows, closes door* I had no idea this place existed to tell the truth...
i brought you something cool ninja... just for the ninjas house. *holds up box* open it!!
no take mine! mines easy and you dont even have to open it! *holds up bouquet of flowers*
mines pretty simple. *holds up bottle of Sake*
This charm works as evil spirit repellent and a dream catcher. *holds out*
*lifts head from nap* hu...sorry hay guys.....umm..whats going on? *looks at everyone*
open my friggin present! its a housewarming party!!! here you go :D
ok *takes gift, opens*...
tada!!! bonzai! :D
hear you go deb.. a semi. in a maid outfit
kool..thanks everyone. :)
i spent all day moving in the frunituer and unpacking...so tired *yawn*
well im sorry we didnt help. i probably could have gotten rag to do it for you...
its ok..some of my clan came and helped..then they just dissipered..lol...
lol ninja clan... IN MY MOUNTAINS?!?!?!?!?
wow they are amazing ninjas if I dont know about them...
That explains the tea house....
O..and hear *hands shade a key* thats for the back door i made a copy cor you to get in with
ya they travel a lot thow...
i wonder what sky child will think about that...
yay i has a key! expect me to just walk in whenever from now on :)
*pikes up bonzai tree and takes coffee table* ill put this near my other pants
*looks over at nameless* nameless why did you bring a minor sake >: |
whatever. i was doing way worse things at her age. *puts on table*
thanks ill put it in the celer and save it aperintly whoever lived hear last forgot to empty it out..its full of really old wine and other things that get better with age..its pretty kool.. *pikes up sake and heads to celer*
alcohol is baaaad! D: whatever. ill just go to megs when you guys are drinking :) she understands.
im just saving it for later besids some of the dates on the botals i could get really good money for.
nice. sell it! sell it all!! huh, but i wonder who lived here...
*holds out bouquet* do you like the flowers?
no clue i asked the housing agent that stoped by today and he started freaking out and just ran off..his cars still out front by the mailbox...weard right...
good thing rag gave you that charm then.
ya there so cute i think ill put them in the kitchen windo so i see them everyday :) thanks gaylord...
ya but i not afraid.
nameless what year were you born again i forget...
theyre everlasting blossoms! theyll keep blooming for the rest of your life <3
ok i have a botal of wine thats that year consider it a late birthday presint..i forgot to get you somthing last time i think...
has my birthday passed already? huh, when IS my birthday anyway? its been so long ive forgotten...
i dont know..but i still get everyone a present ..maby its raggy im thinking bout...
*nok nok*
Who could that be at this time of night????
derp? who is it?!??!
i not sure...someone want to get the door.?
... ur house....
im afraid!! *jumps into nameless's arms*
o ya...still not used to that..*opens door* uh...its the housing guy...
what does he want?
* grabs keys of counter* his keys... he droped them wen he took off...
*closes door* that was weard..
oh. well that was an ordeal! god here we are freaking out over nothing...
any reason to freak out is a good reason. *holds gaylord* and this is why.
Strange... something doesn't feel right...
* to nameless*lol.. so shal i make dinner?
what what?
what are you what-ting about?
not sure...
*to ninja* why did you say what a minute ago?
*goes to window, looks*
*goes with* somethin wrong, rag?
I'm not sure, but I think I feel something approaching about 20 miles from here...
i was asking rag whats strange...thats what..
dammit the day i want to have a party and theres something afoot...
could be the clan moving...
This presence... isn't human. And it doesn't have the same spirit energy as you, Ninja. I think it may be a wandering spirit or something to that effect...
is it safe to go outside?
For now... but I think we should head home soon to lock up and make sure we aren't robbed.
is it safe to leave ninja here alone?!
O_O...spirit...ahh... *jumps to beam on cealing*
Like I said, it doesn't seem to be an overly dangerous spirit force at the moment. But you should definitely use that charm tonight as you sleep, Ninja.
its a bad dream spirit i know it...>-<
The charm I gave you doubles as a dream catcher. You should be fine.
your so nice ragnorok <3 keeping ninja safe from spirits...
*looks at rag from spot on beam* where do i hang it?
Favorably, you should hang it over your bed.
ok.. ;_;.. so you guys are going to leave me hear by myself?
i will stay with ninja! you guys go home and make sure everything is nailed down.
waddya mean no?!
*grabs hand* You just confessed your love to me yesterday. Do you really think I'm going to leave your side when there is a possible threat lurking in the forest outside these walls?
oh let go already... *shakes off* okay, then you stay here with us and the other two go.
no way im going out there without someone strong like raggy to protect me!
hey hey im strong too dammit...
oh sorry Namey... its just hes the strongest out of all of us!
namey... :D
awww..pet names...lol
shut up. anyway i kind of agree with gaylord tho. he is the strongest of all of us. if were gonna stand a chance we gotta stay with the demon.
*hops down* SLEEPOVER!!!
I said the spirit was only a minor threat. In fact, I could be totally wrong and it could just be a rotting animal...
SLEEPOVER! so excited :D
i thought that was tomorrow!
mental sleepover!!
okay, first thing: RULES.
rule #1: no humping!
nicely put...
*all the g
uys* AAA
rule #2: dont trash the place.
i will TRY to control myself...
rule #3: anime. lots and lots of anime.
were gonna watch a shit ton of anime to pass the time and you guys arent going to bother us, fuck each other, or trash the place while we do. end of story bye bye!
YES!!!!!! WIN!!
KAKASHI SENSEI! lets watch naruto <3
i wanna watch bleach, inuyasha, naruto, and oddly enough, sailor moon.
dont make fun of me i was thinking about my childhood and that popped into mind :D
ok. *walkes to tv. opens cuberd* what season *shows shelfs full of anime*
i like sailor moon and hamtaro.
o and dragon balls Z
its hamtaro time! lets watch that one too! lets watch all the anime 0_0
i dont like dragon ball z i think its dumb sorry :|
YES!! and i has dem all... *opens more shelfs full of difrent anime* and theres another lode of bokes still in storage!!! O_O i need to get rid of some stuff...i has a lot of things..lol
its ok everyone has there own opinion...
she dont like dragon ball z cuz she can see dragon ballz whenever she wants to ;P
nameless thats gross... eeheehee... :)
i thought it was funny...but seariously..wrong kind of balls...lol
hay if you dont wipe that look off your faces ill refuse to play naruto.
lol they changed their expressions.
good enouph for me...lol
okay now lets watch anime!! lets watch hamtaro first just for the hell of it :D
ohhh there sooo cuuuute <3 <3 <3 *cuteness overload*
i wish you could see youtube vidios.. -_-
i know, then we really COULD just sit here and watch it! waaah my internet suuucks! ;_;
yeah im so sure all the other countries wanna sit around and watch hamtaro :)
i am totally watching sailor moon on another tab right now... :D
lol...im reading yaoi....lol
happy peoplez in da house... :D
sorry listening to happy people as well :)
i wish i was reading yaoi... i feel like ive read everything good.
click happy people near the bottom... its a good listen :)
what are you reading at the moment?
now its Ichirin no Hana... JAPANESE DEATH METAL... 0_0
finished reading...it was a yaoi version of fullmetal alchemist
PPPPTTHFF seriously? lol :D
whats that??
its an awesome song! its metal but japanese with a lot of screaming and yelling and guitar and its AWESOME.
ill check it out..
i LOVE it :D want the link?
i has youtube..
oh yeah... i forgets... :)
lol one of my favorite yaois got updated! so excited! :D
i like....
thats kool..
its called Hua Hua You Long and i love it <3
ill look it up later.
warning: i prefer my yaoi rated M for a reason. im sure its nothing new to you, but i figured i would at least warn you just in case...
thats ok.. :) thanks for the warning..lol
well i didnt want you to get there and be all like:
0_0 so. much. anatomy.
or something :)
i worry about stupid shit like that :)
by the way, is the party tomorrow with everyone a sleepover?
okay i was half asleep when arya called so i couldnt remember :)
i dont know why, but im a little nervous about the whole thing. maybe ill bring a bunch of mountain dew with me :D
got that covered.. i has a 24 pack but thats also going to be shared between 8 girls and my mom...
8?! lets see, arya, you, america, me, russia.... um.... who else?????
sealand and ucarain
THATS who i was missing! i simply couldnt think of it -_-
its ok...japans aloud her mistaks to..italy will still love you..
oh gawd... i have to be molested by italy hugs tomorrow... itll be okay though, i havent seen her in a while :)
and i get to see you and sealand too! break is sooo long...
ya.. and russia..maby shell yell vodka and nameless will come out...lol
vodka! wait, around 8 teenage girls...?
0_0 no no no no no no no no no no no
O_O ur right..thad be horible...
i dont think she will..unless italy brings it up...
okay, we should be fine then... but just in case... *gets hand cuffs*
shade... what are you doing with those handcuffs???
aaaah! no no no shade im not into this kind of stuff!! and what about gaylord?!
what are you talking about? *handcuffs to side of bed*
shut up nameless..* stuffs hankerchif in mouth*
knew it i knew it *muffled* m mph ym lmh s mph mm!
what was that last part?
m mph ym lmph ss mph mm!
shade what do we do i raggy or gaylord sees this???
theyll be fine and i have the key so they cant help mwahahaha...
*smiles through hankerchief* mph, mph mh. mph mm msph mph mmph m?
perv. *slaps*
ugh, i cant understand what the hell hes trying to say.
mph. *smiles* mph m m mph mph?
do you understand him?
mph! mps pspsh mph m mph!!
seriously what the fuck is he trying to say?
no but hes thinking s and m...i know it.. -_-
whats that?
*smiles* mm hmm. mph mm mph?
u dont want to know *smakes nameless*
okay im tired of this thing. *pulls out of mouth*
pleh thanks shade. oh by the way let me up for a minute i gotta go get something.
no way im letting you up!
im gesing he likes being hit...wonder if gaylord knows..?
fine then you go get it for me. its in my room have rag teleport you there for a minute. its in a black bag ext to my dresser.
he doesnt like being hit silly i hit him all the time! fine ill go get your thing. ninja watch him for a minute. *goes*
dear lord *grabs hankerchif from shade*
whate up *folows* hes just being the perv he is..
no, you have to stay here and make sure he dont escape! dont be shy hes handcuffed after all. *pushes back in* ill be back in a minute.
*closes door*
... so. im handcuffed. to a bed.
*glares at* dont even think bout it... -_-
think about what? your the one in charge...
*stuffs hankerchif in mouth* that'll keep u quiet...for now..
*puts headphones in* and this is for me..to keep from hearing you...
mph, mph MPH MMMMPH!!! *sexy moans*
...DAM...baterys dead on my mp3.. :( why??
shade hurry up....
*spreads legs, puts on a show* MMMPH!!!!!
im baaa- what the hell?
*muffled* LOL.
O_O i have no clue...he did that himself...
*spits out gag* so you got the bag?
*takals shade* hes being groes...
right here! *holds up* whats in it anyway?
im afraid to look...
youll love it. its for you.
for me? a late christmas present or something?
*looks at shade* its probably somthing for you to wear...
cool! *opens* what... is this...?
hold it up for everyone to see >:)
... *holds up black leather bondage outfit*
told you....
what the hell...?
*teleports away holding nose*
why... would you get me something like this...? *didnt notice ragnoroks reaction*
i say we put him *points at nameless* at the bottom of the nearist river...
lol i like that idea but i like him too much for that. *to nameless* you, do know i will NEVER wear this... right?
unless rag makes you...lol
why would he want me to wear something this... this, immodest?! besides i think hes too shy for that.
well judging by his reaction behind you just now just seeing you HOLD the thing.......
*wispers to nameless* thats why he had a noes bleed and ran out..
*whispers back* he loves it, you think?
wait till you see the other half... it comes as a set.
*looking at outfit, not paying attention*
other half????
one is for her the others for him <3
*face palm* o dear lord.. ur killing me hear...lol
wanna see it? his is even worse.
*looks* (im almost half tempted to go home and try this on...)
shade is there anything else in the bag??
... oh sorry what? ill check... oh hey, there is. its not more for me is it? T_T
hold it up...
well itd look pretty wierd on you... nope.
*holds up*
what the shit is this..........??????
wow..nameless u sure rag would wear that....
its called bondage shade.
s and m is another term used...lol
you want HIM TO WEAR THIS?!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!
one would think that YOU would know all about this kind of stuff shade.
dfuq you think i am?!?! some kind of pervert?!
*texting on phone*
who you be texting?
mesage to raggy: raggy u might want to come get shade...
Reply: Why? What happened?
wait, why are you texting ragnorok???
N: she might kill nameless and me..
told him nameless gave you a present in bed...
R: Why? What did you guys do now? T_T
N: nameless gave her a "present" and somehow i got in the middle of it all...
no. he can NOT know about this dirty outfit! he would never ever wear it and i would never ask! *to nameless* here, take these back we dont want them!
N: and hes in bed...
R: What?! I'm on my way.
N: ok :)
*appears* What the hell is going on here?
damn ur fast.
no kiding i just finished responding to ur last mesage..
*shoves things in bag* nothing! i was just keeping nameless here so he wouldnt pop up at the party tomorrow!
*pocket vibrates* ... That's funny. But what's really going on here?
aww..shade arnt you going to show rag ur present?? they are for both of you...lol
no presents!!!
What could possibly be so embarrassing you won't even show me? *walks over* Hand over the bag, Shade.
lying is bad for the soul shade
i dont wanna! you dont wanna know whats in here rag, lets just pretend this never happened. *blushes*
Oh it can't be that bad... *takes*
no dammit!!
*to nameless* awww. this is so cute
i dont see whats cute about it, but its hot.
*slap* perv.
whats so cute about embarrassing me dammit?!
*takes out his outfit* Well... this is different.
maby i should tell gaylore u bot that kind of thing for them...
* to rag* shade has a matching one..
*blushes intensely!!* put that back moron! put it back and give it back to that perv!!
*holds out of Shade's reach* I've already seen Shade's. I haven't reacted like that in... never.
why would you tell gaylord?
they seem like they would enjoy that kind of thing immensely >:)
im just qurious if hed get jelious that u got them somthing and not him...
youve SEEN it?!? oh gawd... ill never ever wear it. and youll never wear this! so lets just give it back okay??
*talking to nameless yet still lisining*
ive given him everything. if he wants something all he has to do is ask.
*holds out of reach* Who says I'll never wear it?
ya..however some peopel are to shy *points at shade* like her..
wh- whaaaa????!!!
yeah... but he doesnt have any real kinks. that i know of...
ok i welnt tell..
Maybe I like things like this. Or maybe you do and won't tell me out of embarrassment.
of course i would never ask for you to wear something like this!! and i DONT like that stuff!!
How can you know if you've never tried?
what the- are you suggesting--!?
o come on shade u were thinking of wearing it and i know it...
I think this is just about my size too... *holds up to self*
*nose starts bleeding* dont do that! put that down!!
Shades nose says it looks hot >:)
lol...i think she loves it..
That's exactly how I reacted when I saw yours.
im not reacting! the air is dry in here!
theres a humidifier in hear *points to it in corner*
I think I'll go home and try this on...
DONT! *blood gushes from nose* DONT YOU DARE PUT THAT ON OR ILL--!
shell ravish you with kisses... >:)
Die of blood loss?
To which one?
both! neither! i dont know! just dont put that friggin thing on!
comes with a ball gag too if she wont shut up rag.
*takes key form shade* i think weal leave you in peace ur free to the gest room *points out room, unlickes nameless, leaving handcufs conected to bed* see ya later *shuts door*
I have other things I'd rather gag her with.
lol lol lol lol LOL good one rag.
wait you cant just leave me-! take your freaking dirty clothes!!!
How sad for Ninja. She moved because there was too much love at our house... now we're making love at her house...
*blushes, nosebleed* WE ARE NOT MAKING LOVE DAMMIT!!!!
*hears muffled yelling* what the heck is going on in there?
Would you prefer to teleport to our room to change?
i am NOT wearing that skimpy outfit. you cant make me.
Oh really? What if I put on mine first? *holds up*
there fighting *heads to kitchen*
no. we are not wearing these things. not here! what if someone comes in?!
oh i dont like it when they fight... are mom and dad going to get divorced if they keep fighting?
No one will come in, Shade. *slips off tunic* I wonder how he knew my measurements anyway...
N: hay rag the door locks from the inside..i know shes going to worry bout someone coming in...
See? Problem solved. *clicks lock*
dont worry bot it..its not that kind of fight..*grabs mountin dew from frig* they'll be fine in the morning..
but were in ninjas house rag... it feels rude! you dont just DO IT in someone elses house!!
oh... i dont understand them, they fight then they hit each other and in the morning theyre hugging. what the heck.
She insisted. It would be rude NOT to do this.
but but but!!!
No more talking for you. *teleports thing onto self* What do you think?
*pats head* its ok u'll understand one day.
..... hay gaylord..... wheres nameless????
*closet* (LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL)
no no no no no no no dont you dare put that thing on me!
*looks at closet* Enjoying the view Nameless?
*closet* 0_0
nameless? hes not even... IS HE??!?!??!?!?!
i dunno..
*closet* ;_;
i swear he was right behind me...shit...i shut the door behind me..so he must still be... O_O
No, I'm messing around. Now put this on...
what do we do?!?!?!?!
call namelesses cell...
*closet* :D (hes gonna let me watch :D:D:D:D:D:D)
*covers eyes* i really dont want to rag... i cant even look at you with yours on...!
*beep beep beep--* you sure?
ya knowing him its a loud sound and its perverted sounding...
That's the point of bondage, Shade. It's embarrassing for both people and that makes it even more gratifying.
well... okay. *dials*
but rag-!
this'll be good..lol
No more words for you. *teleports on*
*closet* (my crotch is vibrating... oh, its my phone.) *looks* (meh its only gaylord ill call him back later) *hangs up, watches*
is he answering yet???
huh! its so tight... *looks down* and revealing! i want my clothes back!
he hung up on me...
...so we resort to the last thing there is -_-
Nope. Sorry, Shade. They are in a safe place you can't get to.
wana go shoping??
you are SO mean... could you please cover up your- umm, thing?! seriously! *covers eyes*
*closet* (i should record this on my phone... nah my own noises woud make it worthless)
ok ill drive...i ges we should leave a note..never know how long well be.. :D
i <3 shopping XD
This outfit really clings to you doesn't it... *walks over*
(hears the best thing its on namelesses credit card.)...lol ya i know.
you stay away!
*closet* 0_0 (fuck!! my credit card!!! shit, whats more important, saving my credit score or watching rag and shade do it.......)
(i think the answer is obvious)
*plops down in comfortable position*
text to ninja: have fun guys.
hows this even going to work with this strap in the way????
So you admit this is going to happen...
*leaves note for nameless saying*
Dear Nameless.
Took gaylord shoping be back later.
P.S. you need to gaurd ur credit card beter than that...
with all our love
Gaylord and Ninja
N: we will..u want anything?
n-no! im just wondering!!
NL: Kleenex. lots and lots of kleenex.
N: ok...enjoy geting killed by shade after...
NL: dont you worry about me. ragnoroks in on it. i think.
*closet* (now this i can fap to...)
N: pervs.
N: im driving stip texting me..
NL: who knew rag was a perv right? see you guys later.
*fifteen minutes later, (ninja is still driving with gaylord) ninjas phone rings*
*answers* hello?
*panting, moaning, nameless giggling in background*
who is it?
O_o... *pulls over, steps out of car, shuts door with sound proof windows* NAMELESS U ASS U POKET DILED ME IN THE MIDDLE OF UR PEEPSHOW!!!!
*panting* what the hell was that?
who said it was a pocket dial?
*grunts loudly, sighs*
*hangs up*
*tap tap tap*
*signs* who was it???
*opens door, gets in, continus driving*
who was it???
if they call back can u answer i just want to get to town..
okay! was it someone you dont like?
at the moment...ya..kinda...
oh, you just got a text. want me to read it?
whos it from?
umm... nameless.

That was payback for taking my credit card. Oh, btw thanks to your outburst its not a peep show no more THANKYOU.
what does he mean???
could you reply with a "your welcome"
bout what part?
okay... *tap tap tap* but what did he mean by that i wonder?
about the "not a peep show no more"
he was hiding some whear in the gest room and they were...well u thought they were fighting...
he was watching them fight? did he get INVOLVED?! i hope shade didnt beat him up! D:
gaylord..sorry to say this but they were not fighting...they were having sex...
... and nameless was watching...
... that lying cheating dirty bastard...
if it makes you feal beter wear going shoping with his credit card...
yes. yes it does. im going to buy something to make sure he never wants anyone but ME.
texting nameless: You are in HUGE trouble the minute i come home. why would you want to watch them when you have me anyway?! and why did you thank ninja!? what the heck is going on with you!??!?!
hears the funny part i know you were going to respond this way...thats why i sagested shoping...only i was hoping you wouldent figure out what he was doing...
*serious mode* i wanna know what he meant by it not being a peep show anymore so i can determine how severe my "gift" needs to be.
my best ges is shade herd me wen i was yelling at him threw the phone wen he calles me...so hes probably in deep shit...
NL: i thanked ninja cuz im a part of it now i am very very VERY sorry gaylord but as you know i am a lecher and i am turning my phone off after this message i love you.
is it me or did it just get really sleepy in hear *starts drifting to sleep, car starts to swerve*
IF YOU SLEEP I WILL KILL YOU! *slaps ninja repeatedly, throws into back seat, takes driver seat, gets back on road*
*asleep in back seat*ZZZZzzzz
guh, what HAPPENED just now? im not tired at all! oh well, towns not too far off. we can get to a doctor or a starbucks...
*mumbles in sleep* momy why does dady hate medicen??
medicine? huh... thats odd... that reminds me of...
oh crap.
operation sabotage.
nameless is... with shade...
SORRY NINJA NO TIME TO CARE ABOUT YOU! we sabotaged shade and ragnoroks medicine so that we could get a baby brother or sister but now NAMELESS is possibly with shade! shade might end up with NAMELESS'S KID!
*wakes up* WHAT!!! STEP ON IT!!!
there and back ninja! *going 180 mph*
*drives like a pro street racer*
whered you learn to drive *pulls out phone*
well back before i had nameless to bug me i spent my days out in mini tokyo just a few miles from here. street crimes pretty bad there so i learned a few tricks. hang on. *switches gears, engine roars, FASTER!!!!*
ok well im going to call shade...*dialing*
*picks up, panting* hello?
Hay shade um..what u doin?
*out of breath* umm, well i uh...
*background* Put that away Shade I'm not done with you yet.
but-! *dialtone*
....shit...*calls back*
youre call has been forwarded to voicemail...
were almost there brace yourself for a huge stop!
get ready! *brakes*
stop?? *whak*
sorry ninja! *hops out of car, runs to house*
*dizaly folows, hits door* oww..thats going to hurt in the morning...*walkes into house*...
*goes in house, runs to door, pounds on door* Nameless!! stop what your doing!!
..... no
fine then! *kicks down door*
*all motion s
tops, AWKWAR
EEK! *hides under blanket*
...my door...*stumbles to door frame* ...its broke...
sorry ninja ill replace it. *to nameless* nameless you lecher! i will never ever forgive you for this!!!
*covers self*
*doesnt bother covering self* man wayta kill the moment gaylord...
of course i would! you said you didnt want kids dammit im only looking out for you!
kids? i just wanted to fuck....
operation sabotage!
... Could you please take this out there while we dress?
i told you about it in the car ninja.
*walkes to kitchen stars making coffee*
adrenalin rush made me forget...kinda...
get out here nameless.
*grabs clothes* what the hell do you want so freaking bad?
did you put it in?
put what in?
*whispers* your thing. in shade. did you?
oh thank god!!! ninja! we made it on time!
*thrums up, sips coffee*
whew! i was so worried. i almost died when i found out what you were doing and the plan we did yesterday and you would have become a dad with mom and it would have been so wierd!!! *hugs*
what is you talking about...? oh wait...
operation sabo- oh my god i almost-!
oh my god... holy shit that was so close i almost... *turns to gaylord* ... this is what i get for being lecherous, isnt it?
*recolection look, spits out coffee* whait... you messed with moms meds...shit O_O
i suppose it is. luckily heres someone like me to look after you <3
es out*
it was both of us. we want a sibling.
i took the little white ones and replaced them.
whats happening??? *sleepy, hairs messed up*
O_o...u realise you could have done some serious damage...wait what "little white ones"?
the ones in the circular case.
on nevermind.. i put a botle of pils in there to keep you two *points at nameless and gaylord* out of...
so... we DIDNT need to rush over here?
how so? my pills are in a black box.
so tired...going to bed *heads to own room* shade you can put a blanked over the door frame for the night ill fix it tomrow.. sophia bed
mew mew
okay ninja night. *turns with fiery wrath*
uuh u
uh crap!
I will make a new prezi soon! But I finally am writing this, and Prezi has stopped responding 5 times now! >.< -MEG
hi meg :)
hey shade :D
i feel so bad for running out on everyone :(
you shouldn't :) but i missed you :D and prezi just kicked me off for the 9th time or so...
making a new one always solves the problem for me. just make a quick hackjob of one okay?! i just wanna talk to you!!
I love you, you idiot!
Where is the link to the next prezi!?!?!
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