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Family Tree

No description

Alexandra Dayton

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Family Tree

My Family Tree Great great
great great
Anna (1851 Germany)
and Jason Bailey
(1845 Germany)
Married 18
Born in Germany,
Later moved to U.S.A.
Had 18 children Great great
great great grandparents
George Dresel
(1838 Germany) and
Barbara McCann
(1844 Ireland)
Married on 18
Had 15 children Great great
great great
Thomas Barker (1833)
Grace Williams (1828)
Married 1848
Born in England
Later moved to U.S.A.
Had 7 children Great great great Grandparents
Fredrick Elmer Bailey
(1878 North Dakota) and Zilphia Cordelia Dresel
(1879 Wisconsin)
Married 7-4-1899
Had 6 children Great great great
Thomas Henry Barker and
Anne Bowden
Married 4-24-1888
Had 5 children
Born in Cornwall, England
later moved to U.s.A. Great great great
Adam Rauch (Germany)
and Alice Reid (1867
Canada, parents full Scottish)
Married 1885? U.S.A.?
Had 11 children Great great grandparents
George Leslie Barker
(1901 Butte, Montana) and Isobel Florence Bailey
(1905 Wisconsin)
Married 7-4-1899
Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Had 3 children Great
Robert LaVerne McComas
(1923 Bellingham, Washington) and
Barbara Louise Barker
(1926 Stevensville Montana)
Married 1943
Had 3 Children Great grandparents
Thorrol Johan Roll
(1910 Leeds, North Dakota) and
Tillie Sveum
(1916 Sweet Grass, Montana)
Married 1933?
Had 5 children Great great
Peder Sveum
(1880 Norway)
and Thora?
(1885 Norway)
Moved to United States in
early 1900's
Had 8 children Great great grandparents
Bernard Roll
(1880 Norway)
and ?
(about 1885 Norway)
Moved to United States in
early 1900's
Had 3 children Great great great
Alexander McComas
(1848 Virginia, parents came from Scotland) and
Mary Ellen Cox
(1857 Parents came from England, Germany, or Scotland)
Had 4 children Great great
Robert LeRoy McComas
(1891 Missouri)
Gertrude Ethel Rauch
(1899 South Dakota)
Had 4 Children Grand parents
James (Jim) Thorroll Roll(1945) (and Lesley Anne McComas (1949) Married 1967 Anacortes, Washington
Had 2 children Grandparents
Donald (Don)Lee Dayton (Butte, Montana) and Madelaine (Sam) Isler (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Had 2 children Great
Paul C Dayton
(1899 Montana) and Margaret Adelia Bailey
(1901? Wisconsin)
Married 6-23-1920?
Had 2 children Great great grandparents
D.J. Dayton
(1899 Montana)
and ?
Married 1919?
Had 5 children Parents
Erik Carl Dayton
(1962 Las Vegas, Nevada)
and Christina Marie Dayton
(1968 Anacortes, Washington)
Married 1994
Had 3 children
adopted 3 children
Christina later had
Cory with Greg Sources:
Mom, Dad,
great grandparents,
World Atlas Rand Mcnally
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