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TP5025 RWS

Find problems and make improvement proposals on RWS public transport

Dongliang GE

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of TP5025 RWS

Public transport
in Resort World Sentosa Foreword Thank you ! Monorail Problem Analysis Proposals - Improvements
of the existing infrastructure Ferry Proposal - new schemes Group 6 Group 6
Raphael Baudoin, Ge Dongliang, Yang Xiao less environmental impact
less investment
less business impact Bus: RWS8 Boardwalk Monorail Bus: RWS8 Boardwalk Awareness Monorail At peak hour (7pm - 8pm)
average occupancy of monorail arriving at Water Front Station = 70%* Boardwalk Boardwalk
8000 Capacity (per hour-direction) Demand Bus: RWS8 Root cause: radical demand increase
39800 people/hour per direction Capacity Demand Capacity vs. Is this "capacity" really true? Theoretically, yes. Then, why do we still have this? We want to find the reason. Demand Radical increase Proposals: RWS8 Awareness Comfort Awareness - Signage Entering Exiting Highlight routes inside MRT station

Highlight RWS 8 signage
clearer and bigger signs
specify RWS as a destination Highlight bus service by posters & signage

Improve directional guidance

emphasize "FREE" Awareness - ITS/VMS Queuing time indicator Provide queuing time indicator at Harbourfront MRT station to redirect flux of people to the transportation that has the least queue.

Include waiting time and/or colour code Monorail Bus Boardwalk Awareness - special bus Current buses are standard SMRT buses. Increase visibility of bus service by painting them Better comfort, better experience Air-conditioned bus stop Proposals: Boardwalk Awareness Experience Awareness Signage Sentosa claims: For convenience and user comfort build a closed and air-conditioned between Vivocity mall and the bus stops. Monorail MRT Availability
30% vs. Demand
80% Number of visitor 2011:
16 M to RWS
19 M to Sentosa** Source:
*Data colleted
**http://www.blooloop.com/PressReleases/Resorts-World-Sentosa-and-Universal-Studios-Singapore-emerge-winners-at-IAAPA-s-Asian-Attractions-Awards-2011/2912 Ferry from Vivocity to RWS Running parallel with the boardwalk and monorail
Capacity: 2400p/hr/direction
Headway: 10min This is not the end of the story... Water Bus Service for Sentosa Nothing.
Why? Big impact on business: shut down... Cruise service running around Sentosa Island
Stops: Vivocity -> RWS -> Siloso Beach -> Palawan Beach
Capacity: 4800p/hr
Headway: 5min Conclusion: expansion of monorail is unfeasible $$$ ! Expensive ! Increase frequency ? Impossible. Current RWS8 signage is very poor !!! Extend the current service into Sentosa Analysis Optimisation New Scheme 79% have no idea! Usage vs. Capacity This country weather so hot one lah ! It is unpleasant and not user friendly Guide people to Boardwalk from Harbourfront

Include queuing time indicator Emphasize on the "fun part" of boardwalk (shops, activities, theme gardens) Target families with children Organize activities aimed at children (games, mascots, etc.) Sell a "family ticket" at a preferential price to divert this group Main aim : Distribute flux of people ! Boardwalk has the highest capacity Occupancy
<40% in most time ! What Has Been Doing? Cable car Tunnel 2nd cable car service in Sentosa
Proposed capacity: 1600p/hr/direction
Price: TBD London Emirates Air-Line
Capacity: 2500p/hr/direction Expected Completion: 2015 vs. Monorail
4000 Increase carriage capacity? sun, heat, noisy and polluted street Experience More fun and activities. Seasonal activites...
Sales booth... Monorail 4000 Bus: 1200 Boardwalk: 8000 Divert people from Monorail will work !
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