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No description

Sue Barney

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of RTI

DIFFERENTIATE INSTRUCTION FREQUENCY MONITOR SCREENING Five Pillars: comprehension, fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary

Focus on up to 3 foundational skills

Systematic, intensive instruction Monitor progress 8 times per year
Weekly assessment checks
Teach to mastery (foundation skills)
Regroup students every 6 weeks Intensive daily Tier 3 instruction

Individual learning progress

Instruction focused on fewer high priority reading skills Screen all students for potential reading problems
Create site-based RTI team
Select efficient, accurate screening measures
Use benchmarks or growth rate to identify at-risk
Assess at beginning and middle of year Professional development
Data-driven decisions
Differentiate in time, content, and degree of support
Small groups 3-5 times/week for 20-40 minutes/session

Small Groups (3 - 4 students) or one-on-one Multiple and extended reading instruction
One-on-one or small group
Teaching students to mastery
Students progress monitored regularly TARGETED Explicit instruction

High student-teacher interaction One Size Fits All??? ~Conclusion~ ". . . A coordinated multi-tier instruction program that
screens and monitors students accurately and
addresses the core components of reading instruction
can prevent struggling beginning readers
from becoming struggling adolescent readers. . ." (IES Practice Guide, February 2009)
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