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Gender Roles in the 16th Century

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jacklyn clark

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Gender Roles in the 16th Century

Gender Roles in the 16th
Century By: Jacklyn Clark Gender roles are a set of social expectations and behavioral norms, they determine how males and females should think, speak, dress, and interact within the context of society. Gender roles have differed throughout different time periods, since the 1600's women have made a lot of progress during the fight for their rights. Men and Women are now considered equal. What are gender roles? In the 1600's women were treated differently then they are today. Back then It was a woman's job to cook, clean, and bear children. Often women didn't continue going to school once they were old enough to be married and have children. In the 1600's it was typical for girls to get married at the age of thirteen and raise a family. When they were married the wife was considered her husband's property, before they are married they are considered their fathers property. Wives were supposed to be subservient to their men in their lives and do as ever they wished. A woman could not get divorces, the man must be the one to ask, a divorced woman she was stripped of all property and frowned upon in society. Woman's Roles in the 16th Century In the 1600's it was a man's job to provide for his family. Men typically were supposed to be masculine and powerful, and defend the honor. Legally everything his wife had before and after marriage was owned by him. A poor man in the 16th century began working to support his family before he even finished school. Mens Gender Roles Gender Roles in Romeo and Juliet QuestionsQuestionsQuestions -What is one example of female gender roles in Romeo and Juliet?
-What is one reason you think women would get punished?
-What is one way you think women would get punished in the 1600's ?
-What is the difference between divorces now and divorces in the 1600's?
-What is the difference between marriage now and marriage in the 1600's?
-What is the difference between a woman's responsibility in the 16th century and now?
- What is the difference between men in the 16th century and now?
(how they worked, and how now they don't have to hinthint)
-What would happen if parents still arranged marriages ? In Romeo and Juliet there are quite a few examples of gender roles. When Paris had asked Lord Capulet if he could marry Juliet and he said no, you must woo her and see if she likes you, it was completely out of the norm. In Act III scene v when Juliet finds out that her father has arranged for her to marry Paris is was considered inappropriate to act out against it. Technically Lord Capulet would have the last say. Then when Lady Capulet and Nurse made their comments in Lord Capulet got angry and lashed out because they were not supposed to contradict him. In act IV scene i Juliet walks into Friar Lawrences cell and Paris is there, Paris tells Juliet not to cry and ruin his beautiful face. This is demonstrating how once they were married her face would be considered his, showing his possession.
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