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5 Years

No description

Sherry Schneider

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of 5 Years

10 Years
15 Years
5 Years
20 Years
Where Will I Be?
In 5 Years....
I'll be just over halfway done my bachelor's degree in psychology.
In 10 Years...
-Finish BA
-Work on master's degree
~5 MA level credits
-To receive master's I must create and defend a thesis in an oral exam
In 10 Years...
-10 credits to qualify
-Years of research
-Work with mentor
- Learning skills
-Potential Learning Opportunities
-External forces against my goals
In 15 Years...
-Receive PhD
-Move to New York
-License to practice
-The steps to becoming a criminal psychologist in New York:
1. Receive a bachelor’s degree.
2. Earn master’s degree in psychology or forensic psychology.
3. Get a PhD.
4. Two years of supervised work experience.
5. Apply for license.
6. Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP).
In 15 Years...
Places I can get a job:
1.Courthouse- evaluate behaviour
2.Law enforcement- criminal profiler
-select, train or evaluate police officers
3.Government agency- give profiles on criminals and killers
4.Crime scene/laboratory- evaluate the scene and evidence
5.Child law- investigate child abuse cases
-help with custody battles
6.Prison/Mental health centre- evaluate and create treatment plans 7.Education- teach children and adults about dangers regarding threats to their wellbeing.
In 20 Years...
-Worked in many settings
-Want to work with F.B.I.
-Giving profiles
-Prove myself to be a good addition
In 20 Years...
-Generating profiles
-5 steps in generating a profile:
1.An analysis of the type/nature of the crime, then comparing it to types of people who have committed similar crimes.
2.Thorough analysis of the crime scene.
3.Victims background and activities get analysed to find if there is a possible motive or connection.
4.Possible motivation factors for the crime are analysed.
5.A description of a possible offender is made, founded by the characteristics realized.

In 5 Years...
-20 course credits
-PSYC 1001 or PSYC 1002 introduction to psychology
-Potential learning opportunities

Choices now that will affect my future pathways.
Research EVERYTHING just like I've been doing
-Work on my learning skills and work habits
-Academic classes on my resume
-Take required classes for university program
-Get good grades
-Get accepted into university program
4 Year Honours Program
I'll be halfway done my PhD in Criminal Psychology.
My PhD
I'll be searching for employment.
I'll have a job as a Criminal Psychologist in a federal government setting.
Already Licensed
While working with the F.B.I.
These Are My Future Prospects....
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