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Copy of How to Change Education

The "EdPrezi" primer on options for education change

Oscar Rosales

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of How to Change Education

Education is Students and Teachers spending Time in a Place for Learning with the Right Stuff and a System that $upports Success Industria Aérea education environment global
opportunity Help!
I'm Lost in the Weeds! How do I even think about education change? The topic is too big!!! We thought, "Hey, let's make it easier for
Full Circle members to
learn about education change ideas! Hey, let's make it easier for

Full Circle members to

learn about education change ideas! anyone ...and where to look for more!
...and how to get involved!
...and invite readers
to comment/contribute! Musical inspiration! Ed100.org Education
is Students... and Teachers... spending Time... ...in a Place
for learning... ...with the
right Stuff... and a System... ...that $upports... ...Success. Some other
people liked it,

So... Education
Matters. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 education 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Yeah!
...so... how're we doing at it? 1.1 Are California's Students
Really Behind? Yes. Overall and in
nearly every subgroup,
California kids score lower. "Eat my dust!"
-Massachussetts kids are already 1/3 grade ahead by grade 4. California kids never catch up. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/behind-2 .org 1.2 Yeah, but
Does it Matter? Yes. Educate kids well and the economy grows. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/intnl .org 1.3 What Does It Mean to Have a "Knowledge Based" Economy? The assets of our economy are mostly no longer tangible Knowledge-based jobs are some of the best-paying jobs. They require education. But less than a fifth of California’s students earn a college degree on a timely basis after high school. About a third of California’s students fail to complete high school at all! Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/knowldg .org 1.4 Should It Matter To Me That Others' Kids Fail? Educated people tend to support themselves, pay taxes, and avoid expensive trouble. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/failr .org 1.5 Hey, My Kids Will Be Fine. Won't They? #denial Most parents think their kids will go to college. Spoiler alert:

Ed100.org section 9.9 shows that only 16 out of 100 students graduate from college. Low income or minority? It gets worse. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/wshful .org 1.6 Yep, California Schools Really ARE improving. Slowly. Scores have risen.
For thousands of kids.
Apparently not everything is broken! But: at this rate...
But: the gaps are still huge...

Still: improvement is good! Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/imprvng .org 1.7 What is Education For, Anyway? It's more than a philosophical question. Is it for the individual? For the economy? For a good society? Add your comment on Ed100! Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/purps .org When a black male graduates rather than dropping out of high school, RAND estimates that on average taxpayers benefit to the tune of about $294,000 $294,000 4.1 Start in Early Childhood
(Yes, It Matters!) California is WAY behind
on preschools. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/erlychldhd .org 2.2 For Students, What Does
It Mean To Be Poor? Poverty correlates with test scores depressingly well. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/pvrrti .org 2.4 Parents: Can We Get
Some Better Ones?
(Please?) Teachers are NOT the biggest influence on student learning. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/prntt .org 2.3 Are Health and Learning
Related Issues? Yes. Start with obesity, stress, nutrition... Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/heall .org 2.5 "Inputs" create "Outcomes"
(We think. Usually.) Spend: Money, time, books, security, computers, safety...

Get: educated kids! Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/inpuut .org 2.6 What Motivates Us?
Are Bribes Bad? "extrinsic motivation"

"intrinsic" motivation Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/motivn .org 2.7 Does Special Education
Work? About 10% of students

About 20% of spending

Up from 4% forty years ago

Massively complicated Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/splneds .org 2.8 Race Correlates With
Outcomes. Now What? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/racce .org Half of California kids begin their education in kindergarten, already behind. But not perfectly!
Researchers are learning from the outliers. Richard Rothstein's comments on Ed100 are a useful primer on this topic. Follow the link and weep... What role should schools play in health? Community health clinic? David Berliner, an influential writer and researcher on the role of poverty in student learning, calls poverty “the unexamined 600 pound gorilla in the classroom.” He suggests that poverty is tremendously disruptive to parents’ capacity to support their children’s education, and that education reform, standing alone, is fated always to fall short of true success. Inputs are easier to measure than outcomes.

Which input caused the outcome? Great teachers motivate students mostly by way of their intrinsic drive for:

1. Autonomy – the desire to direct our own lives.
2. Mastery — the urge to get better and better at something that matters.
3. Purpose — the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves. Do X, get Y as a reward!
Do A, get B as punishment. Country test rankings resemble ethnic score rankings. Scholars try to learn what it means. 3.1 Teacher Talent Great Schools
Great Teachers Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/talentt .org ...but top college graduates tend not to go into teaching. Teach for America recruits top talent from top schools, offering a shortened path to a credential 3.2 How Are Teachers Prepared? Do Credentials Matter? Credentials are earned in teaching colleges at great expense in time and tuition.
They seem to make
little difference in student learning. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/preep .org Credentials are like the points in "Whose Line Is It, Anyway." 3.3 Is It Bad That Teachers Quit? "Retention" 6% Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/retaiin .org Averages always conceal variations. Turnover tends to be higher in low-income, high-minority schools. Many of the best teachers don't stay with teaching. 3.4 Which Teacher Teaches Where? Who Decides? Teachers work for districts, not schools.
Districts place teachers in schools.
The placement rules are negotiated. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/diistr .org In many districts, teachers can "bump" teachers with fewer years of service. 3.6 Should Teachers be Paid to Collaborate? Faculty meetings and time for prep are paid time for teachers Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/cllabrt .org This use of time is often discussed in contract negotiations. In "down budget years" it often is negotiated away to preserve classroom time. 3.5 Develop teachers on the job
(and off...) Ed-sector jargon:
"Professional Development" Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/dvlpp .org Professional Development ("PD") is work that teachers do to improve their skills. Districts require some of it. Teachers propose some of it. 3.7 Benefits Health care and other benefits are a key attraction of the teaching profession. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/gTbqDc .org ...but California districts' total unfunded liabilities add up to billions. 3.8 Pay Teacher pay is relatively low in the USA. But California pay tends to be on the "higher end of low." Ed100 more on http://www.ed100.org/teacherpay .org There ARE alternatives to old-fashioned salary schedules. Full Circle has helped districts and theacher unions examine the options. 3.9 Evaluation Teachers are not all the same. Evaluation is hard. But how else do you get better? Ed100 more on http://www.ed100.org/evaluation .org Different subjects

Different students

Different circumstances

Same salary schedule... 3.10 Seniority Does it make sense that teachers who got there first get first pick? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/hc3vsw .org Teachers can be hard to lay off, even for cause. Davis Guggenheim illustrated the "Dance of the Lemons" in Waiting for Superman. 3.11 Pensions Teachers receive a HUGE part of their compensation in retirement Ed100 more on http://ed100.org/pensions .org The STRS system depends on increases in the number of teachers paying in, and on capital gains. Quit before 5 years? You get zero from the teacher pension system. No Social Security, either. 4.2 Time per Student
(aka class size...) If class sizes were 10% bigger, would kids learn 10% less? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/tmprstdnt .org No, but you can't repeat the "10% bigger" gambit each year! 4.3 School Hours.
Is more time better? Yes, and a few hours a day
can add up. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/sclhrs .org Ed-Trust West has studied the "time" issue extensively, quantifying the time left for instruction after subtracting holidays, prep days, testing days, holidays, school performances... http://www.aypf.org/documents/edtrustwest.pdf 4.4 Is School Time
Well Spent? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/qltytm .org In "Teach Like a Champion," Doug Lemov describes ways that teachers squeeze more learning from every instructional classroomminute. 4.5 Get a Tutor Tutoring saves lives,
one by one, one-on-one.
It's expensive, though. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/ttrng .org 4.6 Summer! Summer is an educational black
hole if you spend it with the TV.
Poor kids lose a month of learning
every summer. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/ssmmrr .org 4.7 After School What do kids do after school? Is it helpful? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/aftrschl .org 4.8 Don't Miss Class! Skipping school is a very bad sign. It starts early. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/truanc .org 5.1 Your Destiny, by
Zip Code Where you go to school
really, really matters. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/wheruliv .org 5.2 School Choice Different schools approach teaching differently. Increasingly, parents have some options. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/chooice .org 5.3 Is Diversity Good
in the Classroom? Sometimes. Teaching to multiple levels and styles at once is hard. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/selecti .org Boys-only
Girls only
Gifted only
Fast readers
Slow readers
... 5.4 When "Regular" School
Isn't Working... Continuation Schools
provide an alternative
to keep kids engaged. Ed100 more on http://ed100.org/continuation .org ~ 500 schools, 115,000 students 5.5 Charter Public schools with fewer
regulations, and often non-
unionized teachers. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/chrtscls .org 4% of California's students attend charter schools 5.6 2/3 of private schools are
affiliated with a church or
religion. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/prvscls .org 5.7 Health Services
in Schools Some schools are
adding health services,
usually for parents and
community members Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/hlthscvs .org 5.8 School Leadership Leadership creates the conditions for teaching and learning. A leader can make or break a school. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/lidshp .org 5.9 Facilities Where's the playground?
Under the portable classroom... Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/fclits .org 5.10 Uniforms Should public school kids wear uniforms? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/unfrmss .org The research is thin.

But some school leaders swear by them as a way to build school culture.

Links to both sides of the debate on Ed100. 5.11 Small Schools Bill Gates pushed for small schools, then backed off. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/smlscl .org "Portables" are the state flower of California's school system. 5.12 Home as School "Homeschooling" is shifting from a mostly religious concern to an alternative form of virtual schooling, mostly online. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/hmscl .org 6.1 Standards Until recently, standards were very uneven for what students should know and be able to do for each subject at every grade level. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/stndrds .org 6.2 Is School Hard Enough?
"Rigor" Employers and colleges complain that California students need remedial instruction. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/rigorr .org 6.3 Do You Speak
English? More than 40% of California students speak a language other than English at home. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/englls .org 6.4 Science, Technology,
Math and Engineering From Sputnik to Foxconn,
schools are expected to prepare students for a technical future. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/sttmm .org 6.5 Tests Tests have become a central feature of education in America. They are useful, and also limited. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/assmnt .org 6.6 Technology in Education
"EdTech" Technology has changed every industry. At last, it will also change education. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/eddtc .org The way schools work is being disrupted (for the better) by technology tools that fill important gaps. 6.7 Relevance:
Why Care About School? What is it that grabs your interest?
Great teachers tune in to what drives you. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/relevnc .org 6.8 Arts Attention to aesthetics helped make Apple great. But art is a nice-to-have in California schools. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/aaart .org 6.9 Athletics and P.E. Will somebody please run the wiggles out of these kids?! Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/athltcs .org 6.10 Field Trips Remember field trips? They are less common now. That's a loss. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/fldtrps .org 6.11 Career Education,
Vocational Ed Remember "shop" classes?
Gone, gone...
What does school offer for students who want to earn sooner than later? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/Cteee .org 6.12 Internships Occasionally, high school students land an internship that opens doors for their future. It usually seems to happen through a connection. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/intrnshp .org 6.13 Service Learning Structured school activities that benefit others while connecting with school in an intentional way Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/svcslrng .org 6.14 Values and Habits,
Character Education Honesty. Grit. Integrity.
How much can be taught?
How? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/vlshbts .org 6.15 Geography & Civics Can you name the three branches of government?
Can you name the three Stooges? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/gergrph .org 6.16 World Languages,
Or Just English? It takes an English speaker: 480 hours to learn Spanish 1,320 hours to learn Mandarin Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/langgs .org Better get started!
(Estimates from the Foreign Service Institute) 6.17 Financial Literacy Financial literacy is more than just math. Education should prepare students to make good choices. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/ghAjpR .org 7.1 The State Role in the
Education System The state has a lot of power, but state-level governance is fragmented. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/statte .org 7.2 The Local Role School boards, Mayors and Counties all play minor roles in California education. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/loocal .org 7.3 Decentralization:
Giving More Power to Schools When principals are supplicants for district funds, they spend time working the bureaucracy. Give them the money and let them innovate. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/decntrl .org Inspirational example: Oakland, California 7.4 Site Councils An official forum for parents and teachers to petition the principal. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/stcncls .org Sometimes these work. Often they are time-wasters. Depends on... wait for it... the people involved. 7.5 Charter Schools (2) Yes, they are part of the system. See 5.5 Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/chrtschl .org 7.6 Interventions If a school is terrible, should it remain open? What can be done? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/Interventions .org 7.7 Teacher Unions Are they good or evil?
No, they represent their members.
And pack some serious power. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/tchunn .org 7.8 Blow It Up! If you could design a school system from scratch... Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/bblwp .org A few things to think about before you push that plunger... 8.1 California Skimps
on Education California is WAY out of line with the rest of the US. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/clfskmps .org 8.2 Why Does California
Fall So Short Demographics, taxation,
and costs. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/lowspnd .org 8.3 Would More Spending Fix Education? Money affects learning only indirectly, and at a delay.
Good thing, too. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/spnmore .org California education budgets boom and bust with the stock market. 8.4 Local Funding Voters say they care a lot about education, but don't trust the state with their money.
Political will is local.
There is a way. Ed100 more on http://ed100.org/localfunding .org 8.5 Where Does The
Money Go? Virtually all education dollars are used to employ staff, mostly teachers (especially in California). Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/whritgoes .org 8.6 "Categorical" Funding Districts sometimes spend too much on the wrong things. Shall we make some more rules? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/ctgrcls .org 9.1 Do Tests Work? Yes, and they should
work better. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/mezrmnt .org 9.2 Exit Tests Too easy for most.
Too hard and too late for some.
Not worth it. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/exttests .org Some ideas sound really good, don't they? 9.3 Keep Track!
(Where Did the Kids Go?) California's data systems for education are a wreck. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/kptrck .org 9.4 Can "Success" Depend on Context? "Value Added" metrics compare learning results in dissimilar conditions. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/fcsimpr .org 9.5 Should Tests Be All
That Counts? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/mltpmsrs .org The movement toward
"multiple measures" has
some pitfalls. How many tests do you really want? Does using multiple measures really just lower the bar for graduation? 9.6 Graduation! Or GED... Nearly half of black and Latino students don't graduate from high school Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/gradn .org The economic consequences are major, as described in Ed100 section 1.4 9.7 Ready for College? The Early Assessment Program (EAP) helps students gear up for college. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/cllgrdn .org 9.8 Yes. Go to College. Students don't automatically go to college. Many need help to take the right steps to apply for admission, financial aid, and loans. They need encouragement to GO. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/gtcolge .org 9.9 Finish College A very leaky bucket carries students through their years of education. Most don't finish. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/grdfclg .org 9.10 Change the World Which matters more to our future: Education or Climate Change? Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/chngwrld .org  "The education of teachers in the United States needs to be turned upside down. To prepare effective teachers for 21st century classrooms, teacher education must shift away from a norm which emphasizes academic preparation and course work loosely linked to school-based experiences. Rather, it must move to programs that are fully grounded in clinical practice and interwoven with academic content and professional courses."

--Report of the National Councile for Accreditation of Teacher Education Average teacher turnover, about 6%, is similar to other professions. You're in a coffee shop.
Bill Gates walks in.
The average patron of the
coffee shop is a billionnaire! Bump! Pay: Years + credits + degrees Most teacher salary schedules provide salary incentives for continuing education credits. This underwrites some of the demand for continuing education for teachers. Many districts offer a salary "bump" for a Master's Degree. Teacher pay is a complex topic. Full Circle Fund has worked on this issue for years. TIF, SIF, TAP...
There's an alphabet full of
programs related to teacher pay! Stayed on for five? Welcome to the ranks of pension earners! Here's credit for your first four years. You'll get it when you retire. Each year, your STRS pension commitment goes up. Stay with it! Welcome to the long-timers' league!
Remember when you were a young teacher? Time to go now! Schools Private Schools 1/2 Overall? Very.
At the school level? Depends.
Many are not diverse at all. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/dvrsti .org Growth in California's Latino population accounts for roughly all enrollment growth in California since 1980. How Diverse Are
California's Schools? 2.1 Perhaps 10% of California's students are undocumented. 10%? Obviously, accurate statistics are a little hard to come by. Obviously, accurate statistics are a little hard to come by. 43% speak a language other than English at home. Research on the benefits of preschool is solid. But the payback is very long-term. Check the Ed100 link for more. Should classes be the same size, no matter what?
Some teachers manage large classes rather well.
Should they be paid more? "Snow day" research provides evidence that less time in school comes at a cost to learning. New research is finding ways to improve time students' "time on task" Technology for individualized learning may be transformative Technology offers some
possible ways to make tutoring
scale up a bit better. http://www.rand.org/pubs/monographs/MG1037.html Why is it so hard for cities, schools and local programs to get their act together? http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/journals/3306301.html Poverty rate by county, 2010 "Regular" schools
Magnet schools
Charter schools
Private schools
Online schools Community Day Schools
serve kids in trouble
with the law Each year in California:
~200,000 students have a brush with the law.
Half of those end up in court.
About 10,000 are incarcerated. 4% Charter schools have been important "laboratories" for school innovations. Follow the link to Ed100.org for links to information about performance research, as well as policies like "Parent Trigger" 8% 8% of California's students attend private schools Too bad so few
great people want
the job! Many schools were refurbished after passage of Proposition 39 It kinda worked,
but not at scale. "Homeschooling" overlaps with private schools, charter schools and "Private Satellite Programs" If states follow through
on the "common core," the
standards will become more
even. California has recently made algebra part of the standards for all students. How many languages can you teach in? California does no better than most states at teaching these subjects Teaching these subjects pays far less than working in these fields. "Formative" tests guide instruction along the way. "Summative" tests grade the end result. Ed100 includes links to research and organizations! School works better and kids learn better with physical activity. The counterargument: the college track is for everyone now. Do some good.
Learn something. http://www.casel.org The main thinkers
on this subject http://www.ed100.org/?p=1861 Lots of great insight in TWO posts on ed100.org! *sigh*
Where are our priorities? The real power is at the ballot box. School boards receive money according to state rules and have limited discretion about how to spend it. We heard about your troubles! How can we help? And you think YOUR organization is complicated? Whew! Education is Really Big
Change is Inevitable
Productivity Must Improve
More tech, less staff
Faster learning options
Make Success Rewarding
Political Will is Local 1: States with high wages for college-educated employees need to pay high teacher salaries. 2: Those states tend to have strong funding per student, like NY, NJ, MA... 3: California is an outlier. In real terms, California is about 30% below the norm in resources per student. in funding schools? California:
collects state taxes at an average level per taxpayer
has more students per taxpayer than the rest of the US;
puts less of its taxes toward schools; and
blocks local school taxes. More Kids Higher Costs Low taxes http://fullcirclefund.org/eachcommunity.php http://fullcirclefund.org/eachcommunity.php http://player.vimeo.com/video/19633910?title=0&amp Got 30 minutes? Seth Rosenblatt
explains how it works... Categorical funds may only be spent in certain ways. This makes for challenging accounting, but keeps the dollars from being lumped into teacher salaries at the bargaining table... Do they predict future success? One-size-fits-all tests? Waiting months for results? Really? Smarter, adaptive tests will be quicker, better, and more interesting. “California is incapable of effective system learning and continuous improvement… It is almost impossible to think of systemic performance improvement in California without dramatic changes in the state’s approach to information.”

- Key finding from California's "Getting Down to Facts" study. Confusing?
Yes, it is. Passing the (rather easy) GED exam doesn't, on its own, seem to confer economic benefits. But 2/3 of those who pass it apply to college. 60% More than 60% of freshmen in the California State University system require remedial math and/or English training before they are eligible to earn credit, based on their placement exam results. Earning a passing score on the EAP tests exempts students from taking the placement exam. As usual, averages don't really tell the story. It is tragically easy to predict which students will earn a degree and which will not. Averages Lie! In a speech to Full Circle Fund members, Ted Mitchell, president of the New Schools Venture Fund, made the point powerfully: “Imagine a hundred African-American boys in kindergarten. Based on current college-going and college-completion rates, would you care to guess how many of them will graduate from college? The answer is ... ...two The challenges of the world’s future will not be solved in a single generation. Education is the key to our collective ability to chip away at the hardest problems in the world. 10.1 No Magic No investment (or reform, or book, or website...) on its own can magically make education work. Sorry! more on http://ed100.org .org Education is easy to mess up.

It's probably the kids' fault, right?
Or maybe the parents?
Or the teachers?
Or the neighbors?

...or maybe it's the nature of human work
to be complex and wiggly. 10.2 Learning
Is What Counts Changes that don't improve learning can save money, or whatever, but be clear about the purpose. Ed100 more on http://ed100.org .org 10.3 The "Razor" - Will It
Change Use of Time? An education reform or investment can have no effect on learning unless it changes how students and/or teachers spend their time. Ed100 more on http://ed100.org .org Learning is what YOU do.
Education is what's done TO you. Ed100 10.5 Who's With You? Think you're going to change things on your own? Good luck with that. Maybe with a few talented friends, though?

Ahh, thought you'd never ask! education Full Circle Fund Together Do More Full Circle Fund members do more than just donate to the fund. They also contribute their skills and connections in support of amazing organizations and individuals that are making a difference in the world. Along the way, we learn a lot, meet great people, and have a pretty good time, too. So... What Can I do? Whom Should I Help? Interested in improving state education policy?
Think smaller. Think EACH. http://www.fullcirclefund.org/educationplatform.php Policy
Advice The Unit of Change is EACH http://www.fullcirclefund.org/khanacademy.php education Full Circle Fund
Investment http://www.fullcirclefund.org/lps.php education Full Circle Fund
Investment http://www.fullcirclefund.org/teacherevaluation.php http://www.fullcirclefund.org/acd.php http://www.fullcirclefund.org/piqe.php http://www.fullcirclefund.org/niroga.php http://www.fullcirclefund.org/jumpstart.php http://www.fullcirclefund.org/revolutionfoods.php http://www.fullcirclefund.org/beyond12.php http://www.fullcirclefund.org/ntc.php http://www.fullcirclefund.org/ousd.php http://www.fullcirclefund.org/equitablelocalfunding.php http://www.fullcirclefund.org/systemicchange.php education Full Circle Fund
Investment Leadership High School education Full Circle Fund
Investment education Full Circle Fund
Investment education Full Circle Fund
Investment education Full Circle Fund
Investment education Full Circle Fund
Investment education Full Circle Fund
Investment 7.9 Constituency for Smart Change What If More Constituents Helped Demand GOOD Changes in Education? Ed100 more on http://ed100.org/schedule .org Yes, that IS a core reason for Ed100.org's existence. Ed100.org education Full Circle Fund
Investment education Full Circle Fund
Investment education Full Circle Fund
Investment education Full Circle Fund
Investment education Full Circle Fund
Investment education Full Circle Fund
Investment education Full Circle Fund
Investment http://www.fullcirclefund.org/wy5.php education Full Circle Fund
Investment Many people have opinions about that. mostrar el como opera la industria aeronáutica mexicana; en ella aparecen las principales aerolíneas, así como las consecuencias económicas que han sufrido algunas de ellas, y el tipo de mercado que manejan. Dentro de ésta se maneja la discriminación de precios, ya que es una de las industrias en donde esta claramente representado esta estrategia de venta. We call it the
"EdPrezi" Most of Ed100 is not prescriptive. It helps you understand many points of view.

We do have some opinions about state policy priorities for California, though. You can find those at the end, in the section titled "EACH." Economía de la Empresa This Prezi summarizes the core facts and the competing ideas. Here's how it works. ...in a structured, orderly way
...AND with depth Each circle in the EdPrezi is connected to an article in Ed100.org 8.1 California Skimps
on Education California is WAY out of line with the rest of the US. Ed100 more on http://bit.ly/clfskmps .org 1: States with high wages for college-educated employees need to pay high teacher salaries. 2: Those states tend to have strong funding per student, like NY, NJ, MA... 3: California is an outlier. In real terms, California provides education resources about 30% below the norm per student. To learn more about a topic, follow its link to Ed100! Click to
Zoom in
on details! Add your own comments, links and insights!
(Ed100 also announces significant developments in education on Facebook and Twitter, so please follow/Like us!) Ed100.org articles are usually about 500 jargon-free words or less, and include carefully chosen links. About Ed100.org 10.4 Learning Education is what's done TO you.
Learning is what YOU do. Juan Alejandro Butanda
Marlen Reyes Murillo
Oscar Rosales Not everything is on the path. Go rogue! Click around.
To rejoin the "path," use the arrow keys. Tip: Are you viewing this Prezi full screen?
Use the "More" button below, on the right side.
"Ahhh, that's better!"
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