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Sales Team Meeting

School Sales and ideas

Kaniela Kalama

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Sales Team Meeting

What is our ultimate Goal? Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,
How do we get people to follow
us and give their input? Social Media?
Junior Guides
School Visits Special Events Dances: Proms, Class parties or Banquets
Leadership Conferences
Cultural Events: May Day, We are Samoa,
Te Manahua Have each school create
minivideos of their experiences at PCC? Have competitions where they create cultural snip-its ?
Use Technology to our advantage? Create contests between schools
Use the rivalries that already exist,
for something other than Sports. Where does our treasure lie?
DO we want to make money?
DO we want people to feel the spirit of these
DO we want them to come back?
What is going to make us happy?
Are these things we could feasibly accomplish?
How can we get
more schools to
be more interested in
coming to the Center? School Sales
Ideas and Proposals New ideas? Leadership Conferences or Workshops?
State Lip Sync Competition
Bring Brown Bags Talent Show to PCC
Faculty Staff Appreciation Dinners
Drummers Competition
Mr./Miss Polynesia Scholarship pageant (utilize our Mrs. America)
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