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Everyday or Work-related Situations where the Analysis of Un

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Thiviyaa Mohanaraj

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Everyday or Work-related Situations where the Analysis of Un

Everyday or Work-related Situations where the Analysis of Unknown Substances is Important
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Lets start off with a description!
-A substance that consists of an unknown chemical composition
-Analysis of substance properties
-Requires a series of tests & based solely on comparison
-Chemists determine unknown chemical substances
-The process can range from 10 minutes to several days
Course Relation
Scenario #2 - The Environment
unknown substances are hazardous to wildlife and plantation.

Spectroscopic method is used to determine unknown substances found in wildlife waters.

To control the quality of fish.
Scenario #1 - The Society
- To determine the presence of sport-enhancing drugs within the body

Blood or urine tests are used for analysis
Gas chromatography
is the most common method of chemical analysis

to avoid cheating in sports

What: millions of fish dead and rose up to shore
When: December 11 2012
Where: Okinawa Japan
Why: UFO crash released an unknown oozing substance
How: theroy 1 - belived that the chemical caused the water to boil
theory 2 - noxious fumes cause fish to rise to surface, also made it hard for crew to breathe
This relates because:
We will learn how to conduct test to see if substances are present such as :
-flaming splint test
-glowing split test
-pop test
-chloride paper test
During the course we also learn chemical and physical characteristics of substances and there characteristics when undergoing a chemical reaction, which helps to identify the substance.
Knowing how analysis of substances work in everyday situations relate to the course because we must know the basics ( how to identify the unknown substance) in order to use them in our everyday lives. This course helps us to learn the basic skills which will then help us to apply them to real life situations.
Gas Chromatography

Method of determining an unknown substance within a chemical solution
Is the physical separation of a mixture into its individual components
Computerized machines, including the Simens MAXUM Edition II execute the process
Use a microSAM module slotted into machine for analysis

Pros & Cons
Accurate, which increases its reliability
Efficient process, taking a matter of minutes
Machines cost a significant amount of money
Traditional process of chromatography does not
allow the separation of complex methods

Spectroscopic Method is a method of identifying a unknown substance by using a light method.
( experiment )
Scenario #3 - Forensic
Forensic Drug Testing
Forensic labs are called to identify unknown powders, chemicals, pills that may be illegal drugs
Go through confirmatory tests to identify substance
Confirmatory test – A test that affirms a certain substance in a chemical reaction

Drug Smuggling
90% of Cocaine found on the streets of North America is smuggled in from different countries
Cobalt thiocyanate is the testing type done to determine if cocaine is present
Cocaine will turn the liquid blue
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