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Divergent and 1984

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Joseph Lee

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Divergent and 1984

Analysis between the two novels

By: Chris Burnette, Joseph Lee, Bella Bucheli, Brianna Aguirre
Divergent by Veronica Roth
Divergent analysis
In the distopian society of Chicago, there are
five factions; Abnegation, Dauntless, Erudite, Candor, and Amity.
The main character, Beatrice Prior was from Abnegation, the faction that praised selflessness. During Beatrice's Aptitude test, her actions were far different than her peers. She was labeled Divergent, or one that holds different characteristics from each faction.
According to her results, she was either Dauntless, Abnegation, or Erudite. She was unlike everyone else, having diverse actions.

At the Choosing Ceremony, she made the decision to go with Dauntless, even though it would mean she would be considered a "traitor" to her own faction Abnegation. This showed her will of no longer being selfless, but instead living life for herself.
Entering her new faction Dauntless, she has to go through intiation to her bravery. The friends she meets along the way in faction, signifies her characteristics. Christina and Al helps her be true to herself, wheras Will helps her gain knowledge.
By:George Orwell

The distopian society of 1984 centers
around a thirty-nine year old man, named Winston Smith, residing in the nation of Oceania.
He lives in the type of environment where the government, formally known as the Party, watches your every move.
One wrong move or one wrong thought, and you could be killed.

1984 Comparison
1984 Comparison
Analysis of 1984
In 1984, Winston Smith and his lover Julia,
both want to rebel against the government.
Their thoughts and words foreshadow the
actions "Big Brother" sets for them that are yet to come. The goverment made Winston and Julia set up their own trap; they were always watching their every move when they were in private.
This relates to our world of how the government spies on us through cameras and other sources in public, and questionably, in private.
"Big Brother is
children raised to be attentive of any suspicious activity.
Parents proud if their own children
"Heard what I was saying, and nipped off to the partols the very next day. It shows I brought her up in the right spirit, anyway."
Parents don't marry for love
In 1984, you can't show emotion; considered "thoughtcrime".
"In the end, the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it."
This quote represents the Party's maintnance of control through both fear and ignorance.
Divergent Comparison
Kids and young adults go to a normal highschool, like the one regular teenagers go to today, until they're 16.
Parents in Divergent are devoted to their faction, while adults in 1984 are devoted to their job that were given to them by the government.
Divergent Comparison
In 1984, there consists of a whole government that supervises it's citizens, while in Divergent there's representatives from each faction that comes together to address an issue if there is one.
Both goverments from each book symbolizes a totalariam style of ruling or where a government has absolute control of its citizens.
"Representatives from each of the other factions can speak in the meetings on behalf of a particular issue, but ultimately, the decision is the council's."
Divergent and 1984
The proles in 1984 and the factionless in Divergent both resemble the peasants and outcasts of society.
Each group symbolizes the hope of rebellion.
In 1984, if one gets caught for any thoughtcrime or crime they get sent to room 101. Once present in the room, they get tortured by their biggest fears, making them scared and more vulnerable. In Divergent, initiates from Dauntless, specifically, go through Simulation where they also get tested by their biggest fears to get tougher and to prove their bravery for the final exam.
Harrison Bergeron Relations to each novel
In Harrison Bergeron, the main character, Harrison, shares the same characteristics as Tris Prior in Divergent and Winston Smith in 1984.
He symbolizes uniqueness and difference of his society, just like how Tris is Divergent in her society and how Winston possesses certain thoughts and traits that make him a target for the government of his society.
Concluding with our universal theme of the two novels being...
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