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Online Grocery Shopping

No description

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Online Grocery Shopping

We plan to have a fully stocked warehouse in prime locations where we can quickly get groceries delivered to customers by our delivery personnel.
We will be in both the online food service and food distribution markets. For example Pizza Delivery and Standard Grocery Stores.
Demographics Market
-Laid back lifestyle
-Socially and physically inclined people who are shy
-Introverted Personalities

Direct and Indirect

Walmart, Zehrs, Loblaws, Sobey's, etc.
In 2012 $86 billion was spent on groceries in almost 7,000 stores around Canada. The grocery market is very competitive however the delivery service we offer will give us an edge over major competitors such as Walmart, Loblaw's and Zehrs.
Target Income
Our target income is disposable. We plan to offer those who want to add convenience into their lives. We want to offer those who want the benefit of delivered groceries.
Online Grocery

Our Plan:
Our mission is to evolve online shopping and offer all people the service of purchasing groceries online, and having them delivered to their door in a matter of an hour.
Engaging in The Market
To gain a market share we plan to start small and continue to attract busy city goers with our convenient service of door step groceries. This will help us compete with the competitive market due to our major benefits and convenience to consumers.
-Ages 50+ (Elderly)
-Male and Female
-Married or Single
-Middle to Upper Class Income
-Within the center of a major city

Direct: Other major grocery stores.
Indirect: Other food delivery services.
Pizzaville, Boston Pizza Delivery, Swiss Chalet Delivery, etc.
Getting into the Market
In order to compete against the other top companies in the market, we expect our benefit of doorstep groceries to give consumers a reason to purchase from us. Essentially we offer a service none of the competitors offer, therefore giving us an advantage.
Company Image
We incorporate convenience and ease with our company. We also associate the word "Pronto" to emphasize how quickly and conveniently we can supply consumers groceries without them needing to leave the comfort of their home.
Brand Name
"Pronto Produce"
Pronto Produce is a very effective name because it gives a clear image to consumers about the quick, easy and carefree service we offer. Essentially, we get produce to customers pronto!
This is an effective logo because it shows consumers the freshness of our product and also ensures customers that they are making a smart choice
Company Slogan
Advertising Strategy
In order to evolve our company into a major global company, we need to first initiate a strong foundation in our beginning location. We plan to advertise online on popular websites such as YouTube and Facebook. Also, to bring in customers, we plan to offer free delivery for our first month as a promotional activity
This is an effective slogan because it ensures consumers that they are taking part in a fast, easy and smart service that will help improve their life by giving them back the wasted time spent grocery shopping.
Pronto Produce offers:

Our Company
-Quick and convenient grocery delivery.

-Fresh groceries

-More time to do what you want to do
Thank you
For listening to our product pitch. We hope we ave enlightened you on the service of online grocery shopping.
The Growing Market
Online shopping is currently the worlds largest and fastest growing industry.
Secondary Market
Our secondary market is those who may have extremely busy lifestyles and cannot find the time in their lives to go to the grocery store.
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