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How we had fun Then And Now

This prezi Will show you how we describe fun then and now

Erick Bonilla

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of How we had fun Then And Now

By: Erick Bonilla How we Had Fun then and now. How we had Fun then and now Intro In the 1970's the Vietnam war started and playing soldier was all kids played from soldier to nurse. Step 1 Step 2 Find a great hiding spot near a tree or something and or count. Step 3 Count to any number (ex: 20, 30) By: Erick Bonilla Step 5 Highlight game section then highlight UMD and press start. Hide and seek was turning to a well played game since it went from hide and seek to an army themed hide and seek. The evolution of games and entertainment has changed compared to the games kids played in the 1970's. Now we have video games T.V. and other media's. Get game you desire. Grab some friends. open back of PSP. Place UMD in the back of the PSP. Find your friends and repeat the steps. Terminology UMD- Stands for Universal Media Disk
is used for PSP and other media devices to play games or movies. PSP- the playstation portable is a hand held gaming device developed by Sony in 2004. Vietnam war- in the 1970's and partial 60's the U.S. became involved in the struggle between south Vietnam and the Vietcong or north Vietnam. Conclusion Comparing now and then we have really redefined how we had fun then and now from simple hide and seek to now iPad and iPhone. I think we would be better off in a much more simpler world instead of complicating our self's with all this technology. Why has it changed? Well i say maybe we got bored of the same old thing as always so we have invented new types of entertainment. Where did it come from? Well you might be asking where did this come from so here it is: "Stick close to me," I said, suddenly feeling like a big brother for once.
It made me think of this because it first lead to what where brothers like then? after to what where brothers like to they're little bros? Then to how did big and little bros have fun? lastly to How did kids in general have fun then and now? which goes back to the brother thing making me think from one topic to this one last one and i chose hide and seek because it was easier to explain.
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