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The Hypnotist

No description

Joshua Walker

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of The Hypnotist

The Hypnotist
The Hypnotist is written by Gordon Korman and this Prezi is brought to you by Joshua Walker Period Two Language Arts Class.
Some main characters in this book are:
Jax Opus, Jax's parents, Wilson, Dr. Mako,
Tommy, and Axel Braintree
Main Characters

This story mainly portrays a young boy named Jax Opus who can mind bend using his eyes that change color. It all starts out when Jax and his best friend Tommy play at a basketball game against a very competitive team. Jax looks at the player and the opponent gets confused and surrenders the ball. Next in this book Jax finds out about Dr. Mako, a well known hypnotist. Jax starts working with Dr. Mako to practice his hypnotism. He practices so hard that he is able to mind bend people even through broadcasting,which means he can do it through video.
Wilson, a crabby worker who works at Sentia the Institute for Hypnotist starts acting strange. Like kind of a I have a plan strange. Jax and Tommy decide to follow Wilson home. However it doesn't look like Wilson was headed home. Wilson and his friend Deron end up stealing all the campaign materials from the guy running against Trey Douglass a major colleague of Dr. Mako and the whole Sentia Institute. Eventually Jax found out that Dr. Mako was using his hypnotist abilities for no good. With Axel Braintree's help they ended up making everything okay and back to normal
Another way this story could have gone is that Jax would have told the authorities about Dr. Mako. If that were to happen Dr. Mako would have gotten his revenge by saying the trigger word. If he says the trigger word, Jax's parents will walk in front of a subway train to their unsightly death.
A Different Ending
Below is a list of interesting vocabluary words I found in the text of the Hypnotist by Gordan Korman

1. Juggernaut- any large, overpowering, destructive force or object, as war, a giant battleship, or a powerful football team

2. Abruptly- Sudden or Unexpected

3. Pandemonium- Wild Uproar or unrestrained disorder, tumult or chaos
Vocabulary Words
Disembarked- to leave an aircraft of other vehicle

Ricocheted- the motion of an object or a projectile in rebounding or deflecting one or more times from the surface over which it is passing or against which it hits a glancing bow.
Gordan Korman is a Canandian American author, who writes primarily for children and young adults. He lives in Long Island's Great Neck, New York with his wife and three children. He has written more than 75 books and wrote his first book when he was twleve years old. Popular books written my Gordan Korman are Radio 5th Grade, The Chicken Doesn't Skate, The Island Series, and The Swindle Series. Below is a picture of him.
Gordan Korman
Thanks For Watching my Book Report Prezi!
I hope you enjoyed it

Thanks For Watching
The Hypnotist
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