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Horse Back Riding

No description

Lily VanCleave

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Horse Back Riding

Some Advice
Here is some advice about riding a horse: You might think that when you flick the reigns the horse will move, but actually you put one of your heels into the horse and it will move.
Introduction: What is a Hobby?
Hobbies are somethings that you like to do. You might not be able to do your hobby a lot but it can still be a hobby.
My favorite hobby is riding horses! I love to!!
I don't do my hobby as much, but when ever I get the chance to go to a ranch, that is when I get to do my hobby.
I piked this hobby because I love horses and I love riding them. It is so so so fun!!!
Horse Back Riding
Hi! My name is Lily and I am going to share with you my favorite hobby.
You can ride a horse either on a ranch or you can go on a trail ride.
I hope you can have fun with your hobbies.
Any questions or comments???
Any questions or comments?????
Any Questions or Comments????
By: Lily
Thank you for listening!!!
A Clydesdale is the second biggest horse! They are 16.2- 18 hands!
This is a Clydesdale.
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