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sujin hwang

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of hhh

What is Culture? People live in different places and different environment with different practices. During the process of living, “society” is formed by group of people who live in same area and the behavior of group of people is “culture”.
Also, each culture has its specialty and it makes culture can be differentiate from other cultures. For example, specialties of culture are about the language, food, religion, customs and behavior. (sadashivan)

What is Globalisation? Globalisation can be defined as the interconnectedness among countries by global trade, migration and cultural exchange. How does globalisation change culture? Example 1 Language Common language and Extinction of small language Today, English is the second most widely spoken language as common language in the world. Now over 500 million people speak English including 340 million people who use it as their first language. It means over 160 million people can speak or use English as their second language. However, while English became spoken by more and more people as a common language, many small languages die out through changing of generation. (bowneglobal)
Language hotspots The most endangered areas are Central Siberia, Northern Australia, Central South America and Northwest Pacific Plateau.
Extinction of language "Languages are undergoing a global extinction crisis that greatly exceeds the pace of species extinction,“
-David Harrison, a linguistics professor at Pennsylvania's Swarthmore College
“One language dies per a day.”
When 80 major languages such as English, Mandarin and Russian are spoken by 80% of people in the world, other 3500 small languages are being preserved by 0.2% of people in the world. The main reasons of extinction of language are globalisation and migration.(independent) Loss of language = Loss of culture = Loss of identity Why do languages extinct? Language dies when- a culture is diluted

- the trade language becomes the most important

children who speaks small language often grow up learning
the dominant language. In the future 90% of language can be extinct in next century
Projects for saving endangered languages National Geographic Society’s Enduring voices project Saving endangered langauges with Rosetta Project
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