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20170825 Visit EP PRES EURTF

No description

Marc Millner

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of 20170825 Visit EP PRES EURTF

European regional task force active since 2015
Foreseen in European Agenda on Migration 2015
What happened until 2017?
Snapshot Central Mediterranean route
Hotspots - concept and situation in Italy
Snapshot Central Med
The context

2015 and the EU Agenda on Migration
EU and IT tasks

Stabilise Libya

Progress in return of irregular migrants

Improve arrival situation - increase Hotspot capacity

Reform Dublin system/Solidarity?

Tackling root causes
in countries of origin

arrivals thru 24.08.2017, minus
7 %
compared to same period in 2016

no ongoing SAR event on 24.08.2017

95914 asylum applications (24.08.)
3813 forced returns (20.08.)
+ 500 AVR since July 2016
8197 relocations (20 UAM) (22.08.)

Italian hotspots
Italian authorities

+ EU agencies
+ IOs

A) Identification/registration
B) Information provision
C) Pre-definition of the legal status

(1) Asylum seeker
(2) Relocation candidate
(3) UAM/victim of trafficking/vulnerable categories
(4) Subject to return decision
What ?

05/2015 European Agenda on Migration (13.05.)

06/2015 EURTF Catania

09/2015 Relocation decisions IT e EL (40.000+120.000)

11/2015 DG HOME migration support team Italy starts in Rome

05/2016 Publication Standard Operating Procedures IT hotspots

10/2016 Distribution agreement MOI - ANCI

10/2016 EBCG launched - Regulation (UE) 2016/1624

02/2017 First Europol GOs in Italia (Pozzallo,Trapani)

03/2017 Commission presents measures for credible and efficient return

04/2017 law no. 46 ("legge Minniti") e law no. 47 ("legge Zampa")

06/2017 Commission approves other 58.21 millioni EUR (fondo FAMI) for Italy

07/2017 Commsion presents action plan to support Italy, reduce pressure and
increase solidariety (04.07)
Main developments
Some myths/truths

1. Italy is only a transit country

2. The reception system is full

3. All migrants arrving in Italy are fleeing war and prosecution

4. Italy is alone in this and Europe does not do anything
COM Action plan
04.07.2017 (SEC(2017) 339)
Reception ?
ca. 28.000 places in SPRAR system
ca. 140.000 places in temporary structures
costs ca 2,9 bill. EUR
How the EU helps:

- policy
- laws and regulations
- staff - experts (COM and
- funds

749,27 mill. EUR AMIF+ISF (annual national programme + emergency assistance)

+ ESF, ERDF, ...

Europe ?

Migration management in Italy -
The European regional task force in Catania

Visit of the President of the European Parliament,
Antonio Tajani

European Commission
Migration Support team Italy

Marc Arno Hartwig
Team leader
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