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Computer Technology

No description

Silvana Huang

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Computer Technology

Computer Technology
Q# 1: What Does It Fill?
Computers can be used for entertainment, research, and social interaction. It has been and is being used for banking, finances, medical science, media sports, computer animation, education and much more.
Q# 3: How Did it Look When it Was first Invented?
The computer looked like a very big machine you had to have one room just for it. It looked like office cabinets and the computer had very slow processing information. They used vacuum tubes also called
electronic valves
, but it wouldn't transport things very easily.
Q# 6: How has it impacted on the lives of people over time?
It all came from an idea
Computers are machines that perform tasks or calculations according to a set of directions or programs, like processors.
All kinds of computers work through the interaction with software and hardware. Hardware means the part of the computers that is visible, touchable, including everything inside it. The most important part of the hardware is the central precessing unit (CPU) or microprocessor which is considered the computer's brain which translates and performs calculations.
Your keyboard, mouse, and monitor are usually called Hardware Devices. The Software on the other hand, are instructions and programs that tell your computer what do do. The Operating System (OS) is the software that manages your computer and the devices attached to it. Two popular and well known processing systems are Windows and Macintosh Operating System. Different kinds of computers rang from Desktop computers, laptop computers, hand held computers, and Tablet PC's.
Introduction of Computers
Q# 5: Is it still an important invention?
Computers are very important inventions because it is being used in almost all the fields of today’s modern world.
Computers have impacted people personally, peoples community, nationally, globally, and for the future. Computers impacted people personally by enabling them to access to internet, data, etc. Computers have impacted the community by employments, law enforcement and other things to keep the community running fluently. Computers have nationally impacted by communication media, broadcasting and radios, national data banks, etc. Computers have also globally impacted the world by enabling them to access to internet, data, etc.
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