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No description

Gaetano Muoio

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Persepolis

Cover me
We have decided to cover the theme of identity and how it has an effect on Marji in the graphic novel. Throughout the story we see how stark contrasts in panels and Marji’s facial expressions accentuate the theme of identity.

It is clear that Marji has had difficulties when trying to find her identity. She identifies herself as Iranian, yet often searches for Western traditions to adapt in whatever way she can.

Marji refers to Iran as her country, through the good and bad as she begins to find her identity.
pg 10
pg 22
pg 44
There began to be large physical changes too which Marji noticed between the past and present.
pg 75
Throughout the first part of the graphic novel, there were certain aspects included showing the West

pg 91
And here again too.
pg 131
Marji parents send her to a French lycée so she can express herself, as they've noticed change. While this experience was certainly different, her identity was never fully changed.
Persoapolis, by Paulie and Will (Wilp/Wall-E)
pg 163
Marji's roommate Lucia
pg 167
Marji began to bring some habits from Iran home with her

pg 174
Even being welcomed into a new family, something that she couldn't imagine before she left.

pg 199
Yet with all these changes, Marji still remembered her roots. She had many relationships and they turned out to be had a very bad effect on her.

pg 247
And following Marji's mom visit and more disappointment involving love, Marji asked to return and much to her surprise, she was allowed to come home.
After returning 'home', Marji ironically feels alienated. Although she has identified herself as Iranian in Vienna, she feels disconnected from a world razed by war.

pg 6
pg 198
I am Jennifer, I am me.

Personal Connection

pg 252
pg 253
pg 261
pg 272
Social Status

pg 339
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