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Emerging Technology


Dylan D

on 30 November 2009

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Transcript of Emerging Technology

The Frostbite Engine! Developed By DICE
(in relation to Electroninc Arts) The engine is featured in the following games: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 The Frostbite engine features A sound portion: When a loud sound occurs in the game.... Noises like the radio get turned down so you can hear yourself getting shot better.... So in short, loud sounds sound like loud sounds...... And quiet sounds sound like loud sounds. It also features: Destructible enviornments When something powerful strikes a building, a crate, the ground, a vehicle etc. The sound of the explosion is impressive And simultaneously portions of those objects are expelled and fly away, sometimes injuring those near enough And now for the engine in action This revolutionary engine delivers a gaming experience like no other Gamers can experience the very BIG and the very small Battlefield 1943 allows gamers to fly period aircraft The Frostbite engine is used in an interesting way here because when the aircraft is destroyed, it explodes and falls back to earth realistically, possibly killing anyone unfourtunate enough to be below it Battlfield: Bad Company One of the main features used in the campaign is the 'underbarrel' grenade launcher included on most guns This allows players to, when there is none, create a door. This allows the game designers to be more creative in their building design, because they don't necessarily have to make sure that the player has a door to get in.... They get to make one Thus ending my super fancy slide show.
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