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Introduction to Symbolic Logic

Compiled from lectures by Mark Thorsby

Roberto Ruiz

on 6 July 2016

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Transcript of Introduction to Symbolic Logic

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Categorical Propositions
Chapter 4
Introduction to
Symbolic Logic

1.2 Recognizing Arguments
1.3 Deduction & Induction
1.1 Arguments, Premises, & Conclusions
1.5 Argument Forms: Proving Invalidity
1.6 Diagramming Arguments
1.4 Truth, Validity, Soundness, Strength, Cogency
4.2 Quantity, Quality, & Distribution
4.3 Venn Diagrams & The Modern Square of Opposition
4.1 The Components of Categorical Propositions
4.5 The Traditional Square of Opposition
4.6 Venn Diagrams and the Traditional Standpoint
4.4 Conversion, Obversion, and Contraposition
5.2 Venn Diagrams
5.3 Rules and Fallacies
5.1 Standard Form, Mood, and Figure
5.7 Sorites
5.6 Enthymemes
6.2 Truth Functions
6.3 Truth Tables for Propositions
6.1 Symbols & Translation
6.5 Indirect Truth Tables
6.4 Truth Tables for Arguments
7.2 Rules of Implication II
7.3 Rules of Replacement I
7.1 Rules of Implication I
7.5 Conditional Proof
7.6 Indirect Proof
7.4 Rules of Replacement II
8.2 Using the Rules of Inference
8.3 Change of Quantifier Rule
8.1 Symbols & Translation
8.5 Proving Invalidity: Finite Universe Method
8.4 Conditional & Indirect Proof
Predicate Logic
Chapter 8
Natural Deduction
Propositional Logic
Chapter 6
Categorical Syllogisms
Chapter 5
Basic Concepts
On the History of Philosophical Logic
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