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Using Clickers for Engagement and Assessment (SACS)

Presentation by Derek Bruff at 2010 SACS Conference

Derek Bruff

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of Using Clickers for Engagement and Assessment (SACS)

Peer Instruction Engagement Instructor poses question. Students answer independently. Instructor views results. If most answer correctly, briefly discuss question. If most answer incorrectly, backtrack. If students are split, have them discuss in pairs and revote. Instructor leads classwide discussion. Conceptual Understanding "Mentos + Diet Coke," the Cobras, Flickr Times for Telling Schwartz & Bransford (1998) Critical Thinking "Something's Gotta Give," Cyron, Flickr Absolutist "m i n i mnms," inajeep, Flickr Relativist "Bronze Age Balance," diffendale, Flickr Evaluative Kuhn (1992) Kuhn (1992) Kuhn (1992) Ethical Development "Hold Fast," edwardfilms, Flickr (CC) Commitment Perry (1968) A. B. C. Assessment "Nose Slide," B.A.D., Flickr (CC) Agile Teaching Course Course Course Course Course Course Course Program Faculty Students Mike Garver
Central Mich. Univ. How would you assess your work on this task?
Have you done this task in previous courses?
How well could you do it for a future boss? "Zoe's Color Histogram," Tony Crider, Flickr (CC) Teaching with Clickers Using Classroom Response Systems for Engagement and Assessment Derek Bruff derekbruff.com@derekbruff Demonstration What is your experience with clickers?
A. I've only heard about them.
B. I've seen them demonstrated.
C. I've used them as a student.
D. I've used them a little as a teacher.
E. I've used them a lot as a teacher. How widespread is clicker use on your campus?
A. No one is using clickers.
B. We have a few early adopters.
C. Clickers are just starting to go mainstream.
D. Many instructors are using clickers. Your sister calls to say she's having twins. Which of the following is more likely? (Assume she's not having identical twins.)

A. Twin boys
B. Twin girls
C. One boy & one girl
D. All are equally likely. Who Are You? Who Are Your Students? "Drew & Katie," TheNickers, Flickr (CC) According to 2010 CIRP data, which of the following was most frequently cited as a "very important" or "essential" personal value?
A. Improving my understanding of other cultures
B. Adopting "green" practices for the environment
C. Raising a family
D. Helping others who are in difficulty
E. Developing a meaningful philosophy of life What percent of first-year undergrads reported falling asleep in class at least occasionally?
A. 15%
B. 20%
C. 25%
D. 30%
E. 35% More Info... derekbruff.com Which of these uses of clickers seems most promising to you?
A. Collecting data at the course level
B. Collecting data at the program level
C. Sharing data with faculty
D. Sharing data with students
E. Something else... ResponseWare ResponseCard NXT http://turningtechnologies.com Technology
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