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Great Entrepreneur Karl Benz

No description

Karmel Abufarha

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Great Entrepreneur Karl Benz

Founder of Mercedes Benz Karl Benz Born November 25th, 1844
Karlsruhe, Germany His Life Grammer school
Science achademy
Locksmithing at Polytechnikum University
Mechanical Engineering Karlsruhe University Education Mechanical Engineer Finding a job Benz Patent Motor wagon Ambitious
Always thought of the next step
Self starter
Creative ideas
Had a going concern
Knew how to keep a business running
Had experience Entrepreneurship Qualities Why? Invented the automobile... At least everything that is inside one.
Ignition from a battery
Spark plugs
Gear shift
Boxer engine
Axle pivot steering system This is who started the automotive industry! A child prodigy Graduated college age 19! 1885 Draftsman Designer Bridge Builder Moved to Manheim Becoming an Entrepreneur Karl Benz & August Ritter Iron Foundry Mechanical Workshop Started with Bikes Joined with Max Rose and Friedrich Wilhelm
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