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Katy Zarate

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Candidate

Josephine Oakley for President 2014
Reduce student college debt. Josephine Oakley supports Obama’s 2010 legislation, which provided an infusion of money to the Pell grant program and offered new help to lower-income graduates in getting out from under crushing student debt. She also fights to force commercial banks out of the federal student loan market. She also demands that education debt be treated the same as all other debt, since it is currently not wiped out by bankruptcy.
Salaries and pensions. Oakley supports increased federal spending on teacher’s salaries, but a limit on the current pension system for teachers. She promises to increase salaries by 10% but decrease pensions by 10%.
Broader school choices for minorities and the poor. Oakley suggests that for every $15,000 per year spent for a student in a better neighborhood, the federal government supply $20,000 per year per student in a worse neighborhood. In addition, she will back development of trade education and career prep programs in certain neighborhoods.
Path to citizenship. Oakley supports the DREAM Act, which gives conditional permanent residency for immigrants with moral character who graduate from a US high school and who arrived as a minor (child) and lived in the US for 5 years continuously prior to the bill’s enactment. This is strongly supported in her home state of Oregon, where is garnered 59% of the votes in 2012.
Shelters. She also holds that the United States should not break up immigrant families who are in good standing. This means continued housing for single mothers and their children from South America, though she will continue President Obama’s legacy of deporting those stopped at the border who attempt to gain entry illegally.
Women’s rights
Equal pay. Josephine Oakley will fight for equality in the workplace, especially for equal pay and opportunities. She believes that women should have the same benefits as their male counterparts.
Sexual consent. Oakley believes that “Yes means Yes” should be a national decision instead of just one that affects California college campuses, in order to better protect young women nationwide.
Birth control. Oakley would also legislate greater access to birth control to reduce unplanned or unwanted pregnancies.


No Chance: TX-38, AL-9, MS-6, LA-8, AR-6, KS-6, UT-6, OK-7, WY-3, NE-5, KY-8, GA-16, TN-11, SC-9
Pretty bad: AZ-11, ND-3, SD-3, MT-3, MO-10, IN-11, NC-15, WV-5, AK-3, ID-4, NM-5
For Sure: CA-55, OR-7, WA-12, MN-10, NY-29, NJ-14, HI-4, MA-11, VT-13, CT-7, DE-3, RI-4, IL-20, DC-3, MD-10
Pretty good: MI-16, PA-20, ME-4
NV-6, CO-9, FL-29, NH-4, VA-13, OH-18, WI-10, IA-6
This adds up to:
For sure: 202
Pretty good: 40
Total for us: 242 electoral votes
No chance: 138
Pretty bad: 73
Total: 211 electoral votes
And 95 votes from the swing states
Swing states + For Sure + Pretty good = 337 electoral votes > 305

Josephine Oakley
Liberal Democrat

A 45-year-old Caucasian female, Oakley is a Methodist Christian and is married with two daughters, ages 6 and 8.

Raised in Eugene, Oregon, Oakley holds a dual degree in education and political science from the University of Pennsylvania. Her political involvement grew from participation in the PTSA at her children's elementary school, to the district school board, to city council, to state assembly, and finally to the Senate as a Democrat representing Oregon.

Swing State Strategy
NEVADA- Has high numbers of immigrants. Hispanics and Latinos make up 26.5% of the state’s population. Ranked 12th in the country in education.
COLORADO- Colorado also has a large immigration presence all throughout the state, which has led to Colorado cities being referred to as "Sanctuary Cities" for illegal immigrants as well. Colorado has the 4th highest percentage of undocumented people in the U.S., only behind Nevada, Arizona, California, and tied with Texas. An estimated 5.5–6.0% of the state's population is composed of illegal immigrants. Ranked 5th in the country in education.
FLORIDA- Focus on education and women’s rights, lots of immigrants from places like Cuba. ranked 10th in the country in education.
NEW HAMPSHIRE- The 2008 elections resulted in women holding a majority, 13 of the 24 seats, in the New Hampshire Senate, a first for any legislative body in the United States. They don’t get a lot of immigrants, the demographic is 94% white. Ranked 9th in the country in education.
VIRGINIA- public schools run by counties and cities not state, ranked 26th in education
OHIO- In 2008, the population began leaning Democrat rather than Republican. Since Ohio is located towards the center of the US, immigration is not a huge problem, or one that many people feel strongly about. Focus on education since it has one of the top 5 largest state university systems in America. Ranked 29th in the country in education.
WISCONSIN- previously republican, now democrat-leaning in presidential elections. Ranked 15th in the country in education.
IOWA- previously republican, now democrat-leaning. Ranked 31th in the country in education.

Stump Speech
The United States’ constitution is the oldest in the world. While other countries seem to go through a constant cycle of overhaul, the United States of America has stood strong against the test of time. How is this possible?
I’m Josephine Oakley, and I know why: it’s because we look to the future.
The natural inclination of humankind is to look out for its own self-interest without considering the repercussions, but we know how damaging short-sightedness can be. There are too many leaders who would do anything to satisfy their own concerns for the moment, but this has inhibited the way of progress and the future-minded definition of America.
When I was growing up in my small (?) town in Oregon, I learned that the best decisions were the ones that would have beneficial effects a long way down the road. I wanted my choices to have a positive ripple effect on my future, instead of jeopardizing it.
So when my two daughters began elementary school, I quickly learned that how we treat our youth now will change America tomorrow. Through climbing the ranks from school board to city council to state assembly to senator, I realized that short-sightedness is the primary obstacle keeping America from growing as it once did.
We need to look the future instead of to our own self-interest. And, in fact, caring for the education of our youth; making fair decisions about our stance on immigration; and broadening the equal opportunities and treatment of women; can have an effect that benefits everyone in our communities.
It’s crucial to keep in mind the next generation of Americans--our children--and their education. As Nelson Mandela once said, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We cannot hope for the future of the United States to be any brighter without bright minds to lead it. This means we must make war against restrictive student loans, rearrange the teacher pension plans, and open enrollment for minorities and needier students, so that we can ensure the youth of our nation are receiving the best education possible. Without making these plans, America cannot have any hope of continuing in its strength.
Similarly, we need to make changes in how women are treated. Even in these times of change (we know that it’s… no longer true… we’re coming out of the kitchen… because there’s something we forgot to say to you… SISTAHS are doin’ it for themselves!!) half of our population is still facing an oppressive mindset that tells them that they do not have as much worth as they deserve. I seek to make the California’s revolutionary “yes means yes” decision a national law in order to better protect women, as well as increasing access to birth control. Then we need to change treatment of women in the workplace--studies are continually showing that females are being paid less than their male counterparts. This is simply unacceptable for a country that seeks equality in every sense of the word, and this can only hold us back from reaching our potential as a unified nation.
Finally, we cannot overlook the consistently undermined of our communities. Immigrants, especially single mothers and their children, need our help fully integrating into the American system. Building shelters and expanding the DREAM Act, we can make America a country in which anyone and everyone can prosper, when supplied with the proper resources.
If we create legislation without thinking of the long-term effects, we sabotage our future. But on the contrary, by helping each other, we help ourselves. Make sure that all Americans have equal opportunities and thereby cement a successful, cooperative, flourishing nation. I’m Josephine Oakley, and this is our future.

Josephine Oakley is the President that America needs.

Education-wise, Oakley promises to fight student debt and broaden school choices for minorities and the poor. She also vows to raise salaries for teachers who are crucial in educating and shaping America’s future leaders.
Immigration is a rising concern in America and needs to be reformed. Oakley plans on expanding the DREAM Act, which allows immigrants to become citizens easier.
Focusing on women’s rights, Oakley will create a workplace fair for both genders, expanding accessibility to birth control, and making “Yes Means Yes” a national decision.

Josephine Oakley is the President that America needs now to create a better future for all.
Swing States- Education
Ohio and Iowa- ranked 29th and 31st in the nation, respectively. We would offer to provide these states with more money to spend on education costs. Oakley will also cut down on student loans and limit the companies or banks that can offer loans.
Swing States- Immigration
Nevada, Colorado, and Florida- Provide more opportunities and options to immigrants.
Swing States- Women's Rights
Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and
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