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Spanish Armada

No description

Samantha Pinon

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Spanish Armada

. The Spanish Armada When did the Spanish Armada happen? How many people were in the Spanish Armada? The Spanish Armada would nearly carried up to 30,000 men The leaders of the Spanish
Armada Generals:The Duke of Medina Sidonia and the Duke of Parma (Spain)against Lord Howard of Effingham, High Admiral of England, Sir John Hawkins, Sir Martin Frobisher, Sir Francis Drake, Lord Henry Seymour and Sir William Winter.(England) What is the Spanish Armada? The Spanish Armada
was a fleet assembled and dispatched by King Phillip II of Spain in attempt to invade England in 1588. How many ships were involved in the battle? on May 19th. On July19th the Spanish Armada was sighted off the southern England coast near Cornwall. On July 18th the Spanish Armada retreated back to Calias, France. Where the English sent ships full of explosives to the harbor which took a heavy toll on the Armada. The next day, an attempt to reach Netherlands was thwarted by a small dutch fleet, and the Spanish were forced to face the pursuing English fleet. The Spanish Armada set sail to England The Spanish Armada sailed around with 160 ships. The English mobilised up to 200 ships in the Channel. What were the names of the ships in the Spanish Armada? The Portuguese Galleons
The Biscayan Ships
Castillian Ships
Andalusian Ships
Guipuzcoan Ships
Levantine Ships
Galleys of Portugal under Don Diego de Medrano
Squadron of Xebecg and other ships under Don Antonio de Medoza(including pinnaces) . . How many people were in the British
Army? The English fleet carried between 16,000-17,000 of whom the large majority were sailors What were the names of the British ships? Ark(flag ship of Lord Charles Howard of Effingham)
Elizabeth Bonaventure
Golden Lion
White Bear
Charles Antelope
Mary Rose
Gallery Bonaviola
Tiger Moon
Sun(pinnance) . . The Fire Ships British Bark Talbot
Bark Bond
Bear Yonge
Angel Cure's Ship Who won the Battle? In the English channel, the Spanish were suffering a humiliating defeat. The weather was dreadful, with the wind and rain against them, and they were not able to compete with the superior English ships and war tactics. They fled in terror when fire ships were aimed at them. The only way back to Spain was the perilous journey around the coast of Scotland, and many of Spaniards never saw his home country again. The battle was over, the English had won.

http://www.elizabethi.org/contents/armada/ How many people died in the Spanish Armada? Spanish: Of the 30,000 soldiers and crew in the Armada probably 20,000 died during the voyage; of wounds, by execution (by the English in Ireland), but mostly of starvation and disease. English: lost only 100 men in battle. However, over 7,000 English sailors died from disease during the time the Armada was in English water. http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/spanish_armada.htm
http://www.britishbattles.com/spanish-war/spanish-armada.htm How many ships were lost in the Spanish Armada? The contemporary Spanish record stated that 65 ships survived the Armada and 65 were lost. Of the lost, 41 were major ships. No ship was lost other than the eight fire ships for the English. http://www.britishbattles.com/spanish-war/spanish-armada.htm How did the Spanish Armada effect the Ecosystem? The construction of The Armada in the 1580’s left large parts of Spain devoid of trees and heralded the decline of Spanish supremacy at sea.

http://www.eh-resources.org/wood.html What was the Spanish Armada's nickname? "Invincible Armada"was a nickname for the powerful Spanish fleet http://quizlet.com/13217850/print/ http://www.britishbattles.com/spanish-war/spanish-armada.htm www.luminarium.org/encyclopedia/armada.htm http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/spanish-armada-sets-sail www.britishbattles.com/spanish-war/spanish-armada.htm www.britishbattles.com/spanish-war/spanish-armada.htm www.britishbattles.com/spanish-war/spanish-armada.htm www.britishbattles.com/spanish-war/spanish-armada.htm Causes of the Spanish Armada England wanted to break the foundations of the Roman Catholic Church. Spain at that time was committed to safeguarding the rights of the Catholic Church and was thus angered over the protestant faith of the English Empire.
Another act that fueled the resentment of the Spanish towards the English was King Henry VII divorcing his first wife to marry Anne Boleyn who happened to be Elizabeth's mother.They believed that the king didn't have the right to remarry. http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/articles/spain/Defeat-of-the-Spanish-Armada/1191 How was the Spanish Armada important to England? The defeat of the Spanish Armada is a very important historical event in British history. The Armada was a large fleet of ships that the Spanish had prepared in 1588 with the attempt to attack England and conquer it. Much to the Spaniards dismay they were faced with a horrible defeat that established England as a renowned power. England was lucky to escape this onslaught from the Spanish as they were hardly prepared to cope with the Spanish Armada. Nonetheless a series of unfortunate events for the Spanish resulted in the defeat of the Armada. http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/articles/spain/Defeat-of-the-Spanish-Armada/1191 How did England defeat Spain? 1. They were near to their naval ports and did not have to travel far to fight the Armada.
2. The English had many advantages with regards to the ships they used. The Spanish put their hope in the power of the galleons. The English used smaller but faster ships. However, they could do little to penetrate the crescent shape of the Armada even though they had powerful cannons on board.
3. The Spanish had different tactics to the English. The English wanted to sink the Spanish ships whereas the Spanish wanted to board our ships and then capture them. To do this they would have to come up alongside our ships leaving them exposed to a broadside from English cannons on our ships.
4. Our ships, being smaller than the Spanish galleons, were more manoeuvrable which was a valuable advantage.
5. The biggest reason for the victory of the English, was the fatal error in the plan of the Spanish. While it sailed in a crescent shape, the Armada was relatively safe. But part of its plan was to stop, pick up sailors and then sail to England. The simple fact that the plan involved stopping the Armada, meant that it was fatally flawed. Warships on the move and in formation gave the Armada protection. Once the ships were still, they were open to attack. http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/spanish-armada-defeated
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