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Sir Galahad

No description

Alice Fergerson

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Sir Galahad

Sir Galahad
By Alice Fergerson
The Hero of the Quest
for the Holy Grail
Who is Sir

Son of Sir Lancelot and Elaine

Lancelot and
Galahad's Childhood
Other Names
English- Galahad
French- Galaad
Name stayed the same because he was named after Lancelot
King David of Israel
Nascien (Saraphe)
Born in Elaine's family's
Raised by his great aunt at a nunnery
Magic Ring
Knighted by Sir
The Sword in the Stone
King Arthur's knights sighted a sword embedded in a stone by a river
The Siege Perilous
The Siege Perilous, or Perilous Seat, was a vacant seat at Arthur's Round Table
The seat was reserved by Merlyn for the best knight at Arthur's table
If anyone other than the best knight at the Round Table were to sit in it, they would die
Soon after pulling the sword from the stone, Galahad takes his seat at the Round Table in the Siege Perilous
Sir Galahad's Knighthood
The Sword in
the Stone
The Siege
An engraving on the sword stated that it could only belong to the greatest knight in the world
Galahad was lead to the sword, and pulled it out with ease, making him the greatest knight in the world
Sir Galahad's Shield
The red cross on Sir Galahad's shield is said to have been painted in the blood of Joseph of Arimathea
Sir Galahad's
Galahad's Purity and Miracles
Galahad's Purity
Galahad was raised in a nunnery with strong religious influence, leading him into a lifetime of chastity
Galahad's shield will only protect him, nobody else
The Castle of Maidens
Repairing a shattered sword with one touch
Galahad's Miracles
Excorsizing a demon from a man
Healing the "Maimed King" with a spear
Galahad's purity allowed him to perform miracles
The Castle of Maidens
In the Castle of Maidens, seven knights guard the Castle which holds a duke's daughter
Galahad defeats the knights without killing any of them
The seven knights are killed later when other knights of the Round Table reach the castle
The Quest
Sir Galahad, Sir Percival, and Sir
Bors were sent on a quest for the
Holy Grail
When they split apart, Galahad encountered the Castle of Maidens
The three knights are

The Grail Ship
The three knights meet Sir Percival's sister who leads them to the Grail Ship
They cross the sea in the Grail Ship
The Death of Sir Percival's Sister
Percival's sister was forced to give her life to save another when they arrive on the shore
The Quest
for the
Holy Grail

Sir Bors leaves the group in order to give his sister a proper burial and funeral
The Castle of
King Pelles
Sir Galahad and Sir Bors go through many adventures until they find the grail
They reach the castle of King Pelles
The Holy Grail
Sir Galahad was allowed to see the Holy Grail because he was chaste and pure
Lancelot had previously been denied sight of the grail
King Pelles and Eliazar bring Galahad and Bors to the Grail
Galahad and the Grail
Sir Galahad stayed at the castle with the grail for a year
A Message from God
King Arthur and his men are told to seek the Holy Grail
The Death of Sir Galahad
Galahad and the other knights at the castle prayed to the grail every night for a year
Galahad is granted one wish
because he found the Holy
Galahad wishes that he is allowed to die when he chooses
The knights begin their journey back to King Arthur's court
On the way back to the king's court, Galahad meets Joseph of Arimathea
Galahad has such a glorious experience that he no longer needs to live
After his entire journey, Galahad finally wishes to die
"The Good Knight"
"The Perfect Knight"
"The Pure Knight"
"The Desired Knight"
Also Known As...
The History
of the Grail

The "New" Grail Hero
Since the 13th century Sir Galahad has
been known as the Grail Hero
Until the 13th century, Sir Perceval was the Grail Hero
The "Old" Grail Hero
Why was
Galahad Introduced?
Galahad added a necessary spiritual element to the quest for a religious artifact
Galahad's relationship with God
Lancelot's relationship with Guinevere
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