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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

No description

Noah Gonzalez

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian SETTING: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian takes place in multiple places through out the story. The story takes place around modern day. For the most part, Junior's story takes place on the Spokane Indian Reservation. That's where he lives, where he attends school for part of the book, and where he spends most of his time. There's also Reardan Highschool. That's where Junior attends school for most of the book, and his decision to go there, instead of the school on the reservation, changes his life. He meets new people, learns many new things since the school's educational system is better, and, the Indians on his reservation turn their backs on him. While there, he also joins the basketball team, and makes a name for himself as one of the best player on the team. CONFLICT: This story is full of multiple conflicts. One of them is the internal conflict that Junior has when he's debating whether or not he should transfer to Reardan High School, or to continue attending the reservation school. If he went to Reardan, Junior had the possibility of actually being successful, and leaving the reservation, but that would also mean leaving his family, and his friends. If he stayed on the reservation, Junior would keep the respect of his friends and family, but never leave and be doomed to be unsuccessful. There's also the external conflict, between Junior and Rowdy, his best friend. When Junior decides to leave the rez to go to a better school, Rowdy feels like Junior is betraying him, and the rez. So, Rowdy shuns Junior, and also gives him a concussion. CHARACTERS: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is full of many interesting and very detailed characters.
1) Arnold Spirit Junior: Junior is the main character of the story, and the narrator. He has a big head, big feet and hands, but a skinny body. Junior is smart, but doubts himself. In the story, he thinks that he's just an average basketball player, possibly below average. But, it turns out that he's one of the bes players on the team.
2) Agnes Adams: She is Juniors mom. Agnes is very smart, and loves to read books. Junior even says that she could read a newspaper in 15 minutes and would know every aspect of it. But, like all the indians on the reservation, she's an alcoholic.
3) Arnold Spirit Senior: He is Juniors father sings country songs, plays the piano, and the saxaphone. He keeps the sax shiny and ready as if he's about to join a band any day. CHARACTERS (CONT.) 4) Rowdy: Rowdy is Juniors best friend, and his only friend for most of the story. When Junior leaves the rez to go to Rearden, Rowdy feels as if he's been betrayed, and he then refuses to talk to Junior. Rowdy even gives Junior a concussion when the rez school goes up against Reardan. At the end, they make up, and realize that their friendship is important.
5) Penelope: She is Juniors white girlfriend, and goes to his school.
6) Mary: Mary is Juniors sister. Once she graduated school, she simple gave up and lived in the basement of Juniors house. She eventually decides to leave, and moves to Montana with her husband. While there, she dies, when her trailer burns down.
7) Mr. P: Mr. P was Juniors geometry teacher, and was the person who convinced him to leave rez. THEME: I think that the theme is just simply "Never give up, even if times are tough." Juniors story is a perfect example of that. Day after day he goes through tough times. Whether it's other indians on the rez, not being able to go to school, or a death in the family, he still continues to achieve his goal, which is to leave the reservation and be successful. And the only way to achieve his goal is to never give up, even if times are tough. CONNECTIONS: Junior's story is full of many real life problems, and connections. He is a Native American. And, like many Native Americans, he lives on a poor Indian reservation, which is full of violence, drunks, and murderers. And that, is a very real world problem, that I think the author tries to express.
Also, the story is about a 14 year-old kid trying to make his way through high school. And that connects to many kids who are bullied, and are just trying to get through life and high school. SUMMARY: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is the story about Arnold Spirit Junior, an Indian who has lived on a very poor, and very violent reservation his whole life. On his first day of high school at the reservation, he receives a text book. And when he looks inside at the names, Junior sees his mothers name. This meant that his book was close to 30 years old. Junior then gets angry, and throws the book at his teacher Mr. P, and is suspended. While at home, Mr. P comes and talks to Junior, telling him that if he wants to be successful, Junior has to leave the reservation. So, he does. Junior goes to Reardan High School, which is a very white school. When Junior goes there, he basically changed his life. Many of the Indians felt as if Junior turned his back on them, so they beat him up, and they shun him. But, Junior makes many new friends, and becomes one of the greatest basketball players in his school. Junior goes through a lot of harship through out the book, like the death of his his Grandmother, his sister, and his father's best friend. But, Junior continues going to Reardan, and continues to show that he can be successful. WHAT I THOUGHT OF THE BOOK I thought that this was one of the best books that I have read. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian was very funny, interesting, and sad. Junior is the perfect narrator for the book, and his character is perfectly written in every single way. But, I did think that the book repeat itself a few times. Like how Junior thinks everything is going good, and then he has a death in the family, or looses a big basketball game. And then he just says something insperational, and how he just wants to stop, but doesn't.
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