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Centres for online learning

No description

Veronika Klimesova

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Centres for online learning

Centres for online learning
The centre is run by community volunteers, in turn it provides them with free Internet access. The rest of the community benefits from Internet at below market price.

But that's not all!
How does the Centre operate?
The fully operating centre runs 7 days a week, 12 hrs a day. This way, the fixed cost per session is kept low.

Schedule and operation of the centers is designed around the needs of the volunteers, tasks are kept simple and workload light.
What does it take to open a centre?
The concept of the centres has been developed over time. Volunteer selection, training and operating procedures have been refined to overcome initial issues.
Our inspiration comes from centres which were set up by Canadian volunteer David in Haiti, just a few months after the earthquake in 2010.
They provide Internet access to a poor rural community and connect them to the rest of the world.
What is Centre for online learning?
Location and Equipment
A centre is provided with:

Internet connectivity
Laptops or tablets
Tables & chairs
Lockable cabinet to store
the laptops and cash box
at night
Why Rio?
Learning centre goals closely align with those of the UNESCO programme for communication and information in Brazil.
(Source: UNESCO Programme in Brazil 2013)

Major projects supporting online education have been launched:
Fundação Lemann - Khan Academy em português
Veduca - free university courses

Centres can become true learning places
for the community, supporting various
activities and projects.
Volunteers are trained and gain valuable experience in administration and IT by assisting users of the centre to access the Internet and to learn installed software.
Enforce the center rules
Register participants
Take payment
Account for the money in the cash box
Fill out the punctuality sheet for other volunteers
Work 2, 3 hr shifts per week with two volunteers per shift.
Volunteer-based social business
The Center for online learning has been developed with an emphasis on sustainability.

Centres are not dependent on donations but generate income from the sale of Internet service to members of the community at below-market prices.
...and yet more!
Once set up, the centres can also be used for online learning and to train community volunteers in the areas of healthcare, personal finances and other practical programs to benefit the community as a whole.
The Centre for online learning model benefits communities as a whole. Programs offered by the centres can be tailored to the specific needs of each community.
With the help of local partners, we can start real change in communities today!
Centre Manager is the only paid position.
Manager is fully involved in:
Site selection
Volunteer selection
Trainings and setup
Supervision of the centers.

To employ one manager full time, it's optimal to setup 3 centres.
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