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Physical Geography of Southwest Asia

Physical Geo of Southwest Asia

Hillary Pustka

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Physical Geography of Southwest Asia

Physical Geography of
Southwest Asia When you hear the news referring to the Middle East, that is the region of Southwest Asia Because of the location between 3 continents this area has been a crossroads.
It is the crossroads between Asia, Africa, and Europe The area of Southwest Asia can
be divided into 3 subregions 1st is Arabian Peninsula- this area is
bordered by the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and Persian Gulf. Deserts cover most of this area. 2nd region is the Anatolian
Peninsula, it is the home of
Turkey. The Black Sea is to the north and Mediterranean to the south. 3rd region is the Plateau of Iran.
The Persian Gulf is to the southwest and Caspian Sea to the north. Southwest Asia is an arid region with many deserts. It is a dry region b/c of the terrain. The mountains along the Mediterranean and Black Sea coast of Anatolia keep rain from reaching inland area, also known as rainshadow effect. Mountains also affect the climate around the Plateau of Iran, stops moist air from the Casipian Sea. Rivers are the major freshwater sources. The Tigris and Euphrates River both flow from the Anatolian peninsula to the Persian gulf. To the southwest of this area,
the Jordan River borders parts of
Syria, Jordan, the West Bank, and Israel.
The river flows into the Dead Sea. Most people in Southwest Asia are crowded into coastal areas, where water can be found.

Some live near an oasis, which is a fertile or green spot in the desert where water comes to the surface. Because of the dry conditions, there is a competition for water in some areas. Tension has been stirred between Syria and Jordan. Also in Turkey they have been working on a large water project, building dams to create hydroelectricity and irrigation systems. Syria and Iraq are down river and fear Turkey is going to use all the water, and they will not receive any for their needs. Southwest Asia is also known for

This area is a place where several
of the great plates meet, resulting in deadly

Bad construction of buildings
results in more deaths than what should be though.
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