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The Hidden Depths of Video Game Use

Video games are not as bad as they may seem.

Melanie Dickenson

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of The Hidden Depths of Video Game Use

The Hidden Depths of Video Game Use New studies prove that video games can greatly influence a childs' progression at a very early age. The National Assesment of Educational progress released data to the public to "show that by fourth grade nearlly 40% of children, most of them not learning disabled, read below grade level"(Fischman). To remedy this, over 2,000 schools have turned to a reading program called Fast Foreward to help students excel. Games can teach a multiple of skills such as Cognitive, Problem solving, and language skills Strategic thinking Multi-tasking Parallel processing Daphne Bavelier determined through studies that Video games do not ruin eyesight...
Get this... It can actually improve it!!! Having a bad day? Stressed out? Angry? Play a video game!
It helps! Studies have shown that video game use can be an outlet for children to vent their anger and stress from the day and violence in youths has actually declined!!! Extened stays at hospitals are a miserable experience, especially for a child. Not only do video games help pass the time, but the uplift in the childrens spirits actually aid in their recovery!!! Studies have also shown evidence that, "supports previous research that video games can improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual attention, depth pereption, and computer competency,"(eWeek). Great bonding time for friends and siblings "Targeted video games can help improve the lives of young people with cancer, most importantly improve their adherence to their treatment"
-Dr. Pamela M. Kato
University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands "Children say that playing violent video games is a way for them to get rid of their frustrations, they get rid of their anger and take things out of the characters in the computer games rather than people on the playground,"(BBC News). Video games are also a great tool for job training!! Military Medical students Law enforcement hi :) The developement of online gaming has encouraged gamers to develope and learn how to utilize their communication teamwork skills with other players all over the world to complete the goal. Service Hours I volunteered for the family literacy center twice a week, helping children develope their reading and math skills. I enjoyed the experience so much that I still tutor at Turril for the Literacy Center 4 days a week! Though there are many positives to video game use, there are still some negatives. Too much video game use can lead to a lack in socail life Realistic violence may desnsitize childrewn to violence Can induce laziness Video can be a great benifit for the learning and developement of children if used in the right way! Limit childrens use of video games each day! Buy age appropriate games Promote healthy competitiveness when child playing in a group or loses. Works Cited
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Playing "Gears of War," "Lost Planet," "Halo" and other action video games that involve firing guns can improve your eyesight, new research claims. The End!!!!
Any Questions??? By: Melanie Dickenson
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